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Sunday, November 29, 2015


                           L to R: Thanksgiving Day ; Autumn Calm; & Foggy Mind,
 and today

Thinking of days gone by.....
A quiet day.

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Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse

Saturday, November 28, 2015

WINDOWS: Past and Present

Mom and I collected Dad's old ties in 1997 after he died and she made this Cathedral Windows table runner using the ties as the windows in his memory for me.....
                                                   "Je me souviens..."

I began my own take the same year and am now going to continue working on it:

                I have many in process, but want to finish my side of the "bargain" LOL...

                                           Thanksgiving morning dawned early for us...

Here's Willa reading--she carried around a whole stack of my Bird books--she loves to look through them....

Fiona getting re-acquainted with Miss Libby.....

Connor all ready for the football game 
along with his twin....

                                            Gregory, on our reclining sofa and
 their Dad

Steve (who usually ducks out of photos--but
"gotcha" this time!!) LOL

                                      My beautiful daughter-in-law, Lindsay, in a rare quiet moment
                                      she's usually running around--ya think??? 

I missed pix of : my DH and Steven who were jamming on their Saxophones in the living room and my daughter  and son who were out walking les doggies.....will have to "catch " them on Christmas Eve....

                                                 Here is  Miss Libby-- guarding the wine 

And Kota taking a break in the doorway, just so she won't "miss anything"

                  Everything ready for the F E A S T ....and a wonderful day was enjoyed by all!!

                We are so lucky to be able to ALL be together for another Thanksgiving....;---))))
                 I hope you all had wonderful Holidays with you, my loyal followers, and yours....

Hug to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


                                      Orange moon of Thanksgiving's Eve.....right off of our deck....

Tables set and ready for tomorrow--6 children, 6 adults, 2 dogs and a Turkey
                                                                                                  ;--)))) ; 

 butternut squash casserole baked; house cleaned; potatoes peeled and waiting....

                                            Circle of {My} Life  No. 21  "  Jittery"....this morning 

it's been years since I've hosted thanksgiving dinner for everyone...but it's all getting done....and I am feeling better now.....I know Mom is looking down on us .......

All that is left is the enjoyment and gratitude for another year to be together.....

And.........................We now need an x-tra little table -- how lucky are we???

DH and Steven will have a "Battle of the Saxes" concert for us....how often do you have a grandfather and grandson duo??? Love it.....

I hope you are all going to enjoy your day with family and friends....

hugs, Julierose, La blageuse

Monday, November 23, 2015


How lucky am I???? Look what DAWNIE sent me today--Lovely already prepped--or should I say "preened" lol--turkey feathers for my first round of Mr. Turkey Lurkey--gosh aren't these just lovely fabrics  ANd that's not all either

                                                    LOOKY HERE:......

A Whole Batch of oranges for me to add to Steven's Quilt...

thanks so much for your thoughtful gift Dawn..you are such a sweetie.....;--))))

Here is my Slow Stitching handwork; some of you asked what the heck I was going to do with those 9-er patches I hand sewn....

Here's the first one in progress.  I call her "The Heart Sees All...".I am slowly adding 
stitches....from my heart......

It is not fast work,but very calming....and thoughtful.....

And here are the latest in my little Circles of {My} Life project

the left is Tranquility and the right is Darkness Lifting....but I felt I needed more on the 
right one--something more to say and so i added this

An inner moonscape symbolizes time passing and changes.....
Here is another WIP I am determined to finish up:

My "Jouzai"--the lozenges pieces....

A whole stack done and

the rest sewn and ready for the iron......

So with this post, i will sign off until after the Holiday rush here....

I hope all of you followers and commenters have a wonderful Thanksgiving and/or weekend....I just am totally appreciative of all your continuing interest and lovely comments.... 
Julierose, La Blageuse (Thankful-euse)

Friday, November 20, 2015


                            CIRCLES OF {My} LIFE (cont'd) # 16: COUNTING MIND
                                     ( Linking to Nina Marie's blog this week)


I Awakened this morning:
counting :

chairs for Thanksgiving;
6/8 time from my Chopin Ballad (in the background);
Blue sheep jumping over a red fence; +--000
$$$ in my wallet before going shopping;
Months (! not days) since Mom died;
On 12 for dinner;
how far we'll be able to walk this morning (it was a mile ;--)))  );
Days til Christmas--not that many; ;--ooo

Do you ever awaken and find yourself just enumerating hours, plans, minutes left etc.
all day long???

I wonder how many days,  this potted flower I rescued from my parents'  cemetery marker ,
 will bloom??

Still going strong....(by the way, do any of you know what this is?--It has kind of sticky stems--it was a gift from my son and DIL on what would have been Mom's 96th birthday--thanks again guys ).

And here is my lovely Santolina--still going strong...{I -heart- this plant}

I love the way it sprawls over my ledge-rock --and that moss that is starting up.....

                          Sad to see my ferns go....but that pachysandra is still verdant....
so how many days until it snows?? 
How many more blocks will be big enough for Steven's quilt; 
how many times have I tried to get back on a diet and totally failed?

And how many $$ have I spent on this supposedly "no buying fabric" year? 


And so it goes
hugs, from
Julierose, La Blageuse (numerate-euse)

Thursday, November 19, 2015


                                                   CABIN IN THE WOODS

Yesterday's Circle

                                                                         These two  pieces
 illustrate just how different a fabric can appear.   My Autumn wall hanging of a few years ago....(my pix is crooked, sorry...it really hangs straight...) 

"Cabin in the Woods", featured circle tree fabric  and another all gray tree fabric from my small collection.  

{Cabin in the Woods  was a totally hand made piece that I stitched  while taking  one of Jude Hill's classes online....[she liked the top part... but not the bottom--love her honesty]...I enjoyed the making of this small piece which now hangs in my entry way welcoming guests to our home....}

                     Today's circle--#15 illustrates the duality of my state of mind right now

                                                             WITHIN:      CIRCLE OF{My}LIFE 15

The exterior round is the "face" I present to the world; the interior is how I am feeling inside.

the raw edge surrounding the interior symbolizes the shifting from the  thinking inside of your head and how you are perceived as you move through the world

I did both hand applique on the outside exterior (applying the outside circle to the background) ,and machine reverse applique for the reveal of the interior section.

 { I am sure there is most likely an "easier" way to do this, but I --as per usual--just flew by the seat of my pants--again!!} ;--0000



Meanwhile, I am plugging away at Steven's quilt--11 blocks finished; 

I re-ordered the blocks on my design wall into two 5-block columns to see the length that gives me....I plan on two more columns of 5 and then I will check if this will be wide enough .

Gray skies this morning just hanging there...they look full of rain, being held by some unknown force up there....later on today, we are supposed to get heavy downpours, wind and thunder.....

Since I was awake at 3 a.m. (aaargh!!) I am spending the afternoon alternately reading and catching  up on a few of those "z-z-z-z-'s" I missed last night.....

Julierose, La blageuse (drooping-euse)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015