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Monday, July 28, 2014


See that big box in the back of these goodies??? Well, I got this in the mail this afternoon from 
Dawn , my bloggy good friend at "sewyouquilt2.
 Two little dolly quilts : one for Fiona and one for Willa with matching little kitty pillows that they will just love.  (And I love that card--it has a yummy sounding lemom curd recipe on the back.) 

AND--that's not all:

These goodies, too--a Quilt registry book (what a fabulous idea to keep track of all your quilts from AQS) and a little kleenex holder and two really adorable snowmen pins....And, and...

A batik candle mat to die for; and scrapbooking doodads--you can't  really ever have enough of those!

Wait, we're not done yet...see I told you it felt like Christmas:

A Leisure Arts "Easy" (yay!) Applique pattern book and An Easy Summer Star pattern and
blue fabric--which I dearly need.  Did I get it all??? I am just blown away...

Thank you so much, Dawn; how sweet and generous of you to send me all these great items and to take the time out of your busy days to make those cute little quilts and pillows for my girls.
Sylvester the cat says he will be visiting Fiona and Willa along with these  two cuties this coming Monday..

A wonderful surprise -- how lucky am I??  :-)))) (Geeze, I love that cat face)

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Here's a "sneak peek" at my newest project--I've been making little nine patches--two sets at a time and now have 13 positive/negative sets.  
I am using Barb's method and I am loving it--Can you guess what I will be making??  (No fair telling Barb--as you already are in the know ;-)). I have begun to sew a lot more slowly and to measure twice and cut once (hopefully!!).

Here's the latest "Crazee"--As you can see--I removed her headdress--it was TOO BIG! I haven't as yet figured out how to make her face stand out a bit more--but for all intents and purposes, I have finished with Miss Tristesse for now:
Here are some shots of the Slow Saturday evening stitching I did while my DH was out playing a gig...

A few thousand (!) French Knots in variegated Caron thread;

And here I created a leafy bower to surround her and I just love that thread color--DMC 830--it goes with just about anything! 

A scattering of fallen flowers...and for now, I am out of ideas....
I always seem to need to add something more on the right of these blocks--will be pondering this some more--but thinking right now that when I butt them together those areas will yield more embellishing opportunities...we'll see...

I am now going to laze about and read, do a crossword puzzle and I'll leave you with what kept me busy yesterday--a surprise--

Look who came to play with us--Willa and Fiona--what a fun time. 
They just love my deck of "Charlie Brown" playing cards--who knew???  
Hugs, Julierose La blageuse Grand'mere

Friday, July 25, 2014


I have made a start on La belle Dame Tristesse this morning.  .........................

Her headpiece is a lavender silk rosette with small beads and her dress bottom is lace....to me she looks sad, pensive, maybe crying......


CHRIS  made it and had sent it along with her Spirit Doll that I purchased a while back  Isn't it lovely??
thanks so much Chris for your generous gift....I just had to include it in this very special CQ.

I am thinking of surrounding it with french knots in that adobe-ish/salmon-ish color....

Ahhhh, such a lovely afternoon to be knotting away--low temps and lower humidity.
tonight the hubster has a gig so, I will be sewing the binding on my Wonder Woman Woven Wall.....
then, hand sewing it over...hugs and enjoy the blessing of this blue sky day...Julierose, La blageuse

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Good News:  La Belle Dame Tristesse is ready to be embellished and see what I got at Joanne's this morning :

A whole gamut of purples and a new gold and orange--I had a 40% and a 15% off coupon and got 55% off --such a deal!! I am anxious to begin.....

And now how did this happen??  
(aka Baaaad News!!)

See there...the backing doesn't go all the way past my front quilt piece--I have no idea how this one slipped by me (brain games again!!). So I untied just the last row of hand ties and am going to add a long piece of yellow fabric (that pearl bracelet stuff) to the edge and just pretend that I meant to sew it boro-style--who knows it may turn out to be a new way to do backings (LOL).

Here's the hand woven front--do you remember the YEAR it took me to do this all by hand??? From beginning to end--pre-washing all those torn strips so that they would ravel nicely.   I am NOT--repeat--NOT going to totally undo the whole blankety blank thing!!

I worked so hard--but enjoyed thoroughly-- Jude Hill's class online to learn to do this.... I appliqued those flower headpieces as my own twist on those hand stamped images of ladies. 
I seem to be making hats, headpieces etc on my quilt ladies.....

And so goes my week...a mixture of good and bad, and I am thankful that my visit to my Mom's went well --we laughed over her great grandgirls' playing in tubs and at the beach and over the cutest card that Fiona sent her with a picture she drew of her Great Grand'mere---so precious.  And therefore, it went well, she laughed.....gotta love that.....difficult and trying times, but happy for the "little things" .

Hugs from Julierose, La blageuse (upeuse and downeuse)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Noveau Dame Avec Chapeau...this Lady has a headdress and ; I think she may need a few other things, but for right now I am adding her to my design wall and thinking about her...

My good friend MaryHam (LOL) gave me a whole slew of buttons from her past sewing days and here I have used the purples....

Perhaps some falling blossoms scattered about ..but just not really sure what else to add....

Today I also did some CUTTING for my next endeavor:

Four and 1/2" blocks for the nine patches, 3 and 1/2" squares (using my accuquilt die for these) and some 9 1/2" blocks ....

a WHOLE LOT pf these babies to be sewn...
LOTS and Lots.....1/2 dark and 1/2 lighter....to make the mirror image 9-patch blocks using "Fun With Barb"'s technique.....I am liking it.  BUT

Tell me, could it be my eyes (older than dirt as they are!!), my cutting--but I am very careful, my ruler, my 1/4" seam allowance (or what passes for it on Helga)--they sometimes come out perfect and other times.....not so much...aaargh!

Well, hangin' in with them--have 14 little 9 patches made so far--a long way to go.....
Hugs to all, Julierose, La blageuse (not enjoying this incoming humidity!!)

Saturday, July 19, 2014


La belle dame sans Merci--the 1st block of my "Nouveau Ladies" is embroidered.

she is buttoned and be-ribboned and has some lacey things...I am really just learning a lot of these stitches--even though I have embroidered for many years...

a fan





with a ribbon streamer

and here is a lovely piece of lace with french knottings....

I can hear a lute strumming in the distance....

I am working VERY SLOWLY on these for relaxation,,,,,

Now for La belle Dame Deux...picking out threads, ribbons, colors,,,

Today we brought our Libby back to her family--I loved having her here----but
she was a LOT more active than I ever recall doggies being--could that be being in my 70's (yikes :--000)

at any rate...hugs, and hope you are enjoying your weekend...I will be tying Sea glass and looking for a geranium in bloom and lavender...and simply enjoying the quiet.....

Hugs Julierose, La blageuse Embroideuse

Friday, July 18, 2014


 I am trying to learn to "love" machine quilting.  Perhaps drawing on cut out pieces that I have free-drawn-cut with scissors will help me to like these lines....I want to use my own hand-dyed fabrics and make something "FREE"..SOMETHING freed-up, looser, more in keeping with my Wonder Women Woven piece...these are my own hand drawn AND THEN FREE CUT WITHOUT TRACING geranium leaves.I have been trying to sketch a bit these days...


Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse