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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I have been able to make two more of my "Sleigh Bells" postage stamp blocks using bits of time here and there.  

one more of "Greylock Mts."

I find that slow going makes me really watch for joinings.  (Sometimes the "rain" blows sideways on my mountain top over the flowers...)

DH is getting better each day that passes; thank you all for your kind concern. 
Today we were able to do a boardwalk stroll--such a glorious Autumn/summer-like day...very hazy but beautiful.  Our trees have such a variety of yellows, pinks, peaches, reds, maroons--you name it.  Amazing colors.  A visual treat at every turn.  

MEANWHILE...back on the design wall......................

Georgie is mumbling again! Every time I pass by my room I can hear his whispers:   "My BACK is cold; I don't have anything there you know!  I need to get a backing before the cold weather comes in... I was out in the coldest cold before and I know what I'm talking about!!"  He is certainly a grumpy George... perhaps the fact that he has wooden teeth makes him testy...ya think?? ;--000

Maybe I had better get busy and back him soon...if only to quiet him down!  

Hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (Nurse-euse)

Saturday, October 25, 2014


                                            "HONEY, HONEY,OOOOH, SUGA SUGA"...

 Grabbing some rays and resting up....For all who sent good wishes and inquired: We're doing well...DH wobbly , but short walks and some nourishing foods will take care of that.  

Tonight an old favorite: ground sirloin browned up nicely and then in-the-pan gravy over noodles was the request.  I will add a petite salad to my meal.  Still soft foods for DH.

Here are my stunning- stil-l blooming "Red Durango" marigolds that I just LOVE: right in front of us ...
My tarragon has faded (in the pot from my friend MAB) . And  few gathered shells from our last beach walk.  Soon, I hope, we will be going there again to stroll.  

Don't you just love the colors in these marigolds--one of my favorite annuals--I am dead heading and saving seed pods for next year to make a border around our seating area.  

My ferns that border our walk are turning from the last hard frost...Winter is surely on its way here.  We are taking advantage of this wonderful weather to sit and relax out here.  

Perhaps a few late butterflies will wander by on their way to South America....

Here's a wider view of our little spot in the sun...by our front doorway...

My  azalea transplants have really come on despite the lack of any significant rainfall this Summer.  I have 9 of them bordering this little area along with some blue rug junipers....(you can see those in the last picture).

I have no sewing progress, but that's okay.. just a big [sigh of] relief......maybe while my sweetie naps I can do a bit more on my postage stamp...I hope you are having as nice a day as we are here on the shoreline of SE CT....hugs and many thanks for all of your kind wishes and prayers 

 Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, October 24, 2014


This has been quite a week starting with my racing my DH to the Emergency Clinic late Monday night and finally bringing him home from hospital this noontime.
He is doing well and I've tucked him in for a nap.  Life sure does come at you sometimes...but all is well so far. 

I think my Guardian Angel was watching over us during his stay and my twice daily drives....

I will be posting progress on my projects soon.  A couple of you asked if I was  ok, so yes, I am...now.  
Hugs and thanks for your continuing interest in my well being and my humble quilty projects.  hugs to all Julierose, La Blageuse.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SATURDAY MEMORIES & Updates on projects

Georgie came for a visit this morning; Next decision: what color border--or no border....(at least he's stopped that annoying muttering!).

Here are the 1st two blocks of Sleigh Bells Ring postage stamp up on my design wall:

The little white repeating blocks are snow drifts.....


Here are the 1st two blocks of my Greylock Mts. piece.  When we were first married we lived in the Berkshires in Massachusetts at the foot of Greylock Mountain--- whose colors changed by the hour. 
 I thought that BH's Scrappy Mts. Majesty pattern would be a good vehicle for a memory quilt of when we lived in the mountains and when I had my first baby, a girl whom we named Candice.

 Something about this block just rang a recall bell in my head--and all those days came flooding back--
And so I have to make this one, too......  

I have never worked with long diagonals before and I find that they require a very delicate hand and slow sewing. .

I had two layer cakes in my stash-- one all grey dotted and spotted fabrics and the other flowers--(we often had huge thunderstorms and blackened skies--what wonderful storms--I used to find myself--- humming "Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky, Stormy Weather..." as I was pushing Candice in her pram up North Street for her afternoon nap. She was safe and toasty deep in her big pram watching her little mobiles bounce along as I donned my rain slicker and floppy rain hat.  What wonderful days those were.  Ah, youth.....Happy Days...) 

I will leave you as we are going up to Candice's this evening to attend my Grandson Steven's (her first born) Jazz Band Concert in which he has TWO solos.  And so more memories are made....

Hugs to all--enjoy your weekends--happy sewing  Julierose, La blageuse

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Here's the start of my Christmas Postage Stamp piece.  I have the right to left  rows sewn together and now for the "matching up" part to sew  horizontally.  I have been collecting these 2.5" mini charm packs for a bit and notice that there are not a lot of greens in there--no hollies, no firs, no pines....lol

(Do ya think that one light green should be replaced?  It kinda sticks out, doesn't it? All the other greens are of that muted [sickey] greenish color...)
I'll just have to GO!Baby cut my own greens to go with all the reds I guess

 I have wanted to make a simple Christmassy quilt for a while and although this is straightforward sewing, all that matching will be a challenge for me.

And here's my favorite little charm:

The bubblegum pinky one---- love that color...

I wanted to join up with the postage stamp swap this year, but I have nowhere near enough to swap.  And also, I seem to get overwhelmed when I  'join" up for things...{sigh}. Trying to stay "REAL" here and not bite off more than I can chew.

Ol' Georgie Peorgie is in the corner sulking while I try to figure out if I should re-do those durn little triple nine-patches (and of course that means taking it all apart !! AGAIN) as they didn't all come out right and I CAN SEE IT!!!! ACK!!!
 I can hear him muttering in that corner...he'll just have to be patient (and he does fib, he says " get on with it, so what if they're uneven".  I hope he holds it down so I can sleep at night!!  )

We have turned on the AC here--can you imagine October 15th and the dewpoint is up to 69!!  Hot hot hot!

Still working on lozenges slowly...
And that's all the news from my very own "Lake WoeBeGone" today..
.hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse

Sunday, October 12, 2014


In my George giveaway :  
the winner is:

From my very own Random Selector (notice the Bosox hat--that's how I got him to do it---- lol!)

                           CARLA-A Few of My Favorite things Wins

If you would send me your mailing address, Carla, I will get these out to you ASAP! 


AND for the second giveaway
The winner is:


                                              KAREN in Breezy Point Wins


I want to thank you all for participating and I truly hope that you will enjoy your winnings....hugs to all

Wednesday, October 8, 2014




ONE:  LOLLIPOP TREES Pattern by Kim McClean with a promise of one completed block back to me...  : here:


Seven precut pieces of George Washington fabric here

I have had a few entries, but these will close at midnight October 11, 2014---

Free gals, I know the GW fabric is hard to find and many of you are making patriotic quilts and may want to use Georgie Peorgie as a backing to stay in that ALL-AMERICAN  mode

and What can I say about Kim McLean's lovely pattern except once you've seen it--you have to make it...I wish I could...


Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse