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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014


This little Spring birdie flew in and rested on my Easter (Yarn) egg....

Here are a few of the Easter-Ghan squares bordered in that lilac-ey pink; I think I am
going to like it!  I have 24 squares so far and 20 more to border; then I have to decide if I need more...

And....here are a few more butterflies ready to be turned, I found more batiks hiding in my stash....

And so I am flitting from afghan to quilting and back around again...kinda like our up and down weather--warmish to chilly....
And that's where I am on this grey Monday morning....
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse 

Sunday, April 6, 2014


THIS is where I want to be--out on my deck glass table with my cuppa crocheting
BUT--it's waaaay too cold.  I can dream, can't I....

As you can see above, I had a lot of that Monet multi leftover, soooo I decided after gifting my first crochet afghan to Mom for Easter that I'd make myself one with bright Easter Egg
colors around that Monet Multi.  

You can see that my view is still in "Winter Mode"

I decided to move inside.....QUICKLY!!

Here are the colorways closer up....I have another green color, but cannot decide whether I
want to include it or not....and that lovely bowl (from my friend MaryAnn) is holding:

My new tulips --a lovely purpley-roseate color...couldn't resist on my way home from our walk today --our Stop&Shop has lovely plants....now where can I plant these so the deer won't eat them for dessert????

And here they sit.... on my dining table  atop my Chinese tabletopper holding the promise of Springtime .....

I am settling in right now (after eating my GAZILIIONITH (!!) salad for lunch--still holding at between 29-30 lbs lost...but it's H A R D !!) ---watching the Red Sox and crocheting those little 
circles that will turn into my Easter throw squares--just fascinated at how they morph from circles to squares....such fun!! 

Best of Sundays to you all....(gee--2 posts in one day--really???)

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse Crocheteuse


Friday morning's walk on the boardwalk was a bit chilly--yikes! and this is April??
(And who is that??? Nanook of the North??--hahaha--no c'est Moi!!)

Yesterday we decided to try walking on the Connecticut River Boardwalk and we saw that Mother Nature --who knows Spring--has sent the Osprey back to their nests here:

See that little post to the right?
that's an Osprey nesting spot on the island...
Neat, huh??
It was SO COLD and the wind off the water made our eyes water...but, we got our walk in!  YAYA
Have a wonderful Sunday
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Crochet Update (Hi MaryAnn):

I am crocheting the blocks together in rows horizontally now; 4 rows done, three
to go--I am doing one row/day; next time though, I would butt the wrong sides together and have the slightly ridged rows on the FRONT...but this is how you learn, n'est pas???

(and no, it's not an old unfinished one....big surprise...haha!)

Here is the pattern I downloaded from my internet search BUT
I have to thank Cathy for her inspiring posts of her re-make of her Grandmother's old butterfly quilt.  AND my longing for Spring weather...and don't butterflies really mean SPRING???  
And also you may notice that this is an APPLIQUE pattern.  And I am notoriously lacking in applique skills...on which topic I have lamented to you repeatedly!

BUT--I got a new book--by Tonye Belinda Phillips called: "Hand Appliqued Quilts" Beautiful Designs and Simple Techniques" that just told me in no uncertain terms that "You CAN do it!" Her easy, no-nonsense approach and free-form patterns I just am LOVING.

Here are my freezer paper/starch/prepared butterflies:

AND here are my new "best friends" in the applique world:
My Dritz mini iron, my sharp scissors and my stiletto to help me turn these seams over and just a little to the right a snippet of my spray starch....
AND her are the first results
My little work station and the first turned butterflies--oh--I am so excited!  It really works!  I did try glue stick first and needleturn--but they just do not give me the same results.  I know this may be Old News to you applique mavens out there...but this is the first real success I have had with those "pesky" outer curves that have stymied me for so long....

And here is my favorite butterfly so far--they are all batiks and I have no idea how I will set them--but that will be the fun part!  

I guess being a stubborn Taurus has its benefits--as a May birthday gal I just get onto something and stick to it--not always good, but in this case--merveilleux!!

Hugs to all, Julierose, La Blageuse