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Saturday, July 19, 2014


La belle dame sans Merci--the 1st block of my "Nouveau Ladies" is embroidered.

she is buttoned and be-ribboned and has some lacey things...I am really just learning a lot of these stitches--even though I have embroidered for many years...

a fan





with a ribbon streamer

and here is a lovely piece of lace with french knottings....

I can hear a lute strumming in the distance....

I am working VERY SLOWLY on these for relaxation,,,,,

Now for La belle Dame Deux...picking out threads, ribbons, colors,,,

Today we brought our Libby back to her family--I loved having her here----but
she was a LOT more active than I ever recall doggies being--could that be being in my 70's (yikes :--000)

at any rate...hugs, and hope you are enjoying your weekend...I will be tying Sea glass and looking for a geranium in bloom and lavender...and simply enjoying the quiet.....

Hugs Julierose, La blageuse Embroideuse


  1. gorgeous! what lovely details and the beading is so special.

  2. sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

  3. So lovely! The detail you are adding is wonderful! What is your plan for all these belle dames?

  4. Your stitches look wonderful! I think crazy quilts are perfect for relaxation. You can keep adding to your hearts content!

  5. Very beautiful! I love the elaborate stitching, lace and beadwork!
    This will be a very special piece - I look forward to following your progress on this stunning quilt progect.


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