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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


                             HERE'S GEORGIE!!!!

I finally finished Georgie Peorgie --my SECOND finish for 2015--
I am on a ROLL, gals!!  

He will have the place of honor in our bedroom bath....  the colors are perfect
for that space.  (And we cannot hear his mumbling from that spot).

He was to be finished in time for President's Day (see title above--"a month late") and his bill is a "dollar"....hahaha....

I did learn a lot making this piece, and altho it is definitely not my best work,
I am still happy he's finished, finito, over, done, fini!! 

I don't have anything else ready to be bound, so I will have "boundless time" (groan...) to work on whatever strikes my fancy.  Now all I need is boundless energy.....

hugs from Julierose, La Blageuse (waiting for the snow to start..YET AGAIN!!)


  1. NO, not more snow. I am sorry for your troubles... mostly wish the snow would fall in CA instead of CT. They need the moisture.
    Georgie looks great. Sort of shows his feminine side - all the flowers. I love it.

  2. Georgie looks GREAT! Congrats on a terrific finish!

  3. Yay for you and your very fun finish! It looks right at home there.:)

  4. That is great! George in a quilt in the bathroom! Perfect!

  5. love Georgie- I need to work on my lozenge quilt. trying to use all blues and greens in it. so many projects. so little time. and time for shovelling soon. ggggrrrrrr......... we can ship some to CA right?

  6. Are you sure you want mumbling Georgie in your bathroom? No good can come of that! He looks fabulous and I am sure he will be honored to be placed near the throne.

  7. He looks good,love the fabric choice.x

  8. Congratulations on the finish! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to see what 50 degrees and an inch of rain does to six inches of snow/ice.

  9. And a handsome George he is. Congratulations on another finish.

    Spring is allegedly just around the corner...hang in there!

  10. Georgie looks wonderful. Look at you finishing and binding stuff. Great job.

  11. Congrats on the finish ! I have enjoyed seeing your progress on him over time :)

  12. George should be very pleased with his surroundings. Nice job!

  13. This is the first I've seen of this project; I love it! Kudos on the finish. :- )
    I'm having a little trouble with having "boundless time" too. More energy would also help!

  14. Oh oh ! Comme il est beau !! Ton Georgie est entouré de fleurs et j'adore !!
    Si en France, nous pouvions faire pareil ...mais nous n'avons pas la même histoire ! Je ne vois pas Louis XVI au milieu d'un quilt LOL ! ....peut être Louis XIV ??
    Bonne journée Julie et encore bravo !!!

  15. Well, your all ready for next year. Great finish.

  16. You are on a roll! Congratulations on your second finish.

  17. Congrats, now you can go me down and help me and get warm

  18. he looks great! congrats on the finish.


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