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Sunday, May 31, 2015


I have been slow stitching mostly this week; while visiting Mom; and also to relax.....

My Pomegranates are not even--just like REAL FRUITS!! LOL 
                                                         Or so I'd like to think. 

My biggest problem is getting the base big circles precise....; did some research and have sent for Karen Kay Buckleys Circle templates--hopefully they'll make it easier (ask me how i know about burned finger tips!!) 

here are my two favorite centers:

I like the lilac-ey colors here against the 
deeper maroon....(be kind--I know it's not 
even on the sides)...it is what it is.....


I like that gold/yellow batik...

All these are batiks....
I think for me, for now, the most important reason to continue working on these slowly
is to perfect my template ironing and my stitching.  It's those outer curves that get ME.

I think of Mom while stitching away quietly and slowly.....

I hope she will be able to see them made into little Pom-Pom flowers.....

I am going to hook up with Slow Sunday quilting at Kathy's Quilts. (or try to...)

Hugs on this humid Sunday afternoon from

Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. I love these colours in your Pomegranate flowers I also love batiks as I find them so good to work with because they don't fray but sometimes they can be difficult on curves. Do hope your Mum sees your flowers.

  2. Love the colors of your pom flowers. Let me know how the templates work.

  3. Hi Julierose! Those look really nice! I took a class from Karen Kay a few years back and her circle methos works well. If you don't like that, try my method for EPP Basting, only use it for your Applique. Double layer of freezer paper, paint seams with starch, then iron the seam allowance to the back side. Works quick and perfect every time. If your freezer paper bends, add another layer. Using freezer paper keeps my seam allowances in control. Looks like this will be a really pretty quilt!

  4. Oh, those are neat! I've never seen anything like them before.

  5. I like how each one has its own personality and flair!

  6. Did you design these? So pretty! You work on the neatest projects! Can't wait to see more!!

  7. I like that they are looking like real poms. Sometimes when we are working so close on something we tend to be too self critical. Give yourself a break and just enjoy the stitching. I have never worked with batiks guess I should give them a go sometime.

  8. They look great! I'm interested to see what you think of the circle templates.

  9. Looking great , I have never seen this done before

  10. They are looking so pretty! I love the Karen Kay Buckley circles--so helpful!

  11. I love those templates.. they are awesome for making circles!
    ENjoy your hand stitching!

  12. Your POM's are beautiful! Love the wonderful batik fabrics you chose for this project too!

  13. Really love your pomegranates !!
    Gros bisous Julie ! :)


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