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Friday, July 1, 2016


I am so happy that I took these pictures yesterday--
as of this morning the

deer have E A T E N all my lilies..even the buds have been chewed off....

This beautifully colored tigerlily hadn't even opened all the way    

thank heavens they don't like my Santolina--it is bursting with blooms...
it is very fragrant so perhaps that keeps them away...G O O D !!!!!

they also have given my basil a miss
I have pinched off the tops and
am drying the leaves inside--hopefully this will make the plants bushier...

As I haven't finished ANY quilts in June  :0, 
but rather  have been wrestling with 
Cassidy's quilt in progress...

(I have both long strips of 10 blocks each sewn together-
finally!!  And I also cut the batting and am ready to pin 
baste so that I can machine
Quilt As You Go those two sections.... 
And we have company coming this weekend, so I will have to wait
until I can use my dining table to do this first step....)

Today, I just thought I'd at least show you my 
flower "memories"...

I will be scrapbooking these pictures in my 2016
 Garden Journal.. 
I did some work  on that Tigerlily photo 
on a 12 x 12 page this afternoon....I had it enlarged to 5x7 and
I love how my new lens totally blurred the background...

I hope you will be having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend....

Julierose, La blageuse ( sans fleurs-euse)


  1. I love wildlife, but it is a pain when they snack on your garden!

    Beautiful flower memories, anyway.

  2. Deer feast on your flowers? I seem to be fortunate we have fox, coyote, rabbits, but no deer lately. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Oh no! Your flowers were beautiful and at least you got a picture before the deer got in there. The photo of your santolina is really good.

  4. your photography skills are awesome girl. love that lily photo. it is funny you say that about the deer. there must be a lot of hungry deer as the neighbor cant keep her blooms on her pretty pink petunias. we laugh when we see them bud out, bloom for a few hours then POUF. gone. so far I have been lucky. I think it is my sage that is keeping them away.

  5. Oh nooooo! I have a Star Gazer lily that I have never seen bloom--the deer get it every year. So far, I have beautiful buds and have been applying deer repellent faithfully--maybe this year I'll get to see an opened flower!

  6. Since some eat my new rose, I don't like them

  7. You do have a beautiful picture out of it all. I love the blurring, too. Thanks for sharing it. Mine haven't started blooming yet.

  8. Dare I say it??? Oh Dear, your poor lilies! You basil looks wonderfully healthy, such a lovely rich green. Enjoy the photography with your new lens. Happy Holiday!

  9. oh on! the squirrels and chipmunks are digging all my potted plants up!
    I should take some photos before it happens here!

  10. I didn't know lilies were edible & I didn't know that deer ate them!
    I don't know santolina, how would you describe their scent?
    I continue to struggle with my mostly-Tula quilt as well. Our recipients will love our efforts, right?

  11. Beautiful flowers! The deer have ruined 2 of my shrubs. I found 4 of them munching away. Took awhile to figure out what was wrong with them! Got some deer proof shrubs to replace them. Have a Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the gorgeous weather too!


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