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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Blues For Greg" is finished--as of this evening.... (the front)

And the reverse (Christmas/Winter ) side...

I did a scrappy binding with many different blues....

Here are the Christmas Santa Doggies--sooo cute!!
And here are the other two fabrics:

this one makes up the bulk of the back


these blue trees fill out the bottom and a bit of the side areas....

I have to tell you that, just pulling this one (over my shoulder) through Helga 
for both the final quilting and the binding...scraped my neck skin raw...

And I have begun to find that I am tearing up and sniffling more and more as I work with ANY fabric--washed or not...
Hopefully, this will calm down as I take a bit of a break from quilting...will hold off on Connor's quilt for a bit....

I will be doing scrapbooking, glue work and watercoloring in a Color Book to relax for the next few weeks.

 And debating about more de-stashing of fabrics...

I have a ready-made postage stamp quilt top with a lot of red in it and bordered in a lovely gold--I think this will become the front of Connor's quilt and I will make just the back...I am a bit concerned about this allergic reaction....

I hope you are cooler where you are--the humidity came in with a vengeance
this afternoon Our dewpoint is in the 70's AGAIN!  UGH!!
 Julierose, La Blageuse (Benito-finito-euse ;)))  )


  1. Oh lovely finish. I hope that you aren't becoming allergic to your hobby. That would be awful. At least you can do your paper crafting.

  2. Congratulations on the finish!

    Do you think it was something about the dyes in the fabric that irritated your skin? I would hate to develop an allergy to fabric. Hope it settles down quickly.

  3. are you sure it is your fabric and not the outdoors? the Fall is just as bad as the Spring for allergies . I know I am not usually allergic and I have the sniffles too. watery eyes the whole bit. feel better soon and hope it is not your hobby! Connors quilt sounds perfect

  4. Well I think the quilt for Greg has turned out beautifully! A great finish, but sorry to her about the allergic reaction, hope it settles down as you take that break and work with other projects.

  5. Greg's quilt turned out really cool. I love both sides.

    I have found that I sniffle a lot when sewing too. Weird because that only started recently. Hope your allergies clear up soon.

    Can't wait to see your scrapbooking.

  6. Great finish--love those Christmas dogs--so fun!

  7. That is a guy quilt. Love the way it turned out. Your choices for backing are great.
    We've got some cooler temps here that have my nose running. Do you have the A/C on? Also, check around for mold or mildew. In the humidity it could be present. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I love this! This quilt is striking! So beautiful!!


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