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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Here is my ironing board--did I press too hard or ...wait, NOoooo, wait wait... it's
No darn wonder....I kept thinking that the board was metal (it came with cover on and , yup, I didn't
check--) and that it had warped from my PRESSING too hard..yikes!!

any suggestions out there for a new board--brand? Type? that doesn't cost
an arm and a leg??? I would be willing to go up to $100....to be sure that it would last --at age 73 I don't need one to last too long, after all hahaha....

so now I am using my Mother's tabletop ironing board--on top of my cutting table...good thing I finished up the 4 big quilts for my grands....
Maybe the Luck O' the Irish --being 3/4's French and 1/4 Irish....hmmmm
Begorra and all that jazz!

Julierose, La Blageuse..(boardless-euse ;(((  )


  1. Too funny, I've never seen a DESTROYED ironing board before! I use an antique wood one.

  2. I'm on my third ironing board. The first one lasted 20+ years, then I gave it to my daughter when we moved. The second one lasted less time, and part of that time I had to prop it up with furniture and boxes because the legs bent. Threw that one away. Did without for a couple of years only using the tabletop one. Newest one is only a year old.... we shall see how it does. (Got it at WalMart for about $80.)
    My Mom's was wooden, she used it for over 40 years, and at a time when you ironed everything... sheets, pillowcases - stuff I have never ironed.
    Plastic is not good for longevity... think new windows.
    Love your blog!

  3. I have an ironing board from IKEA and price/vlue is really good. At least here in Germany don't know about the prices in USA and if there's an IKEA close to you.

  4. I think my ironing board is an old metal one. I didn't know there were plastic ones out there. I'm surprised they don't melt!! Watch out for the snowstorm!!

  5. Never seen a plastic one before!

    Not much point me making a recommendation. My board is 35 years old, made in Australia by a company that doesn't make stuff here any more. I hope it lasts another 35 years, because by then I won't need to buy another.

  6. Living in a small apartment, I just have a table top, folding leg, hang in the closet ironing board. I miss the floor standing one I had in the US, but I don't know what brand it was.

  7. I "think" mine is metal but now I gotta check LOL. You are a STRONG woman to break that ironing board LOL try places online like Wayfair.com. they have had some reasonable prices for things I have gotten and I am happy with them. hope you are hunkered down and safe my friend.

  8. Whoa--why would anyone manufacture a plastic ironing board--crazy!?!? I'm pretty sure my metal one came from Target or Walmart, but I also have two vintage wooden ones. The legs on the metal one are off-set. It's more comfortable to use as the legs don't get in the way. I haven't purchased one in years, but I'm sure you can get a pretty nice one for less than $100!

  9. ROFL you don't know your own strength or were you trying to hang 10 while listening to surfin Safari? I think my ironing board is metal. I bought it about 10 years ago, but it isn't very sturdy. My favorite was up in the attic this old black metal one, Jeff made a rectangular board to fit over it and I covered it. It is so lovely to iron fabric on.


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