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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Now..... I really have no idea what I am doing...; 
just know that I want those four star blocks, 
and coins and strips....

and I have only limited amounts of some fabrics--so making do....
Here's the other side of what is on the wall...yikes....total disarray....
(this looks like the day : feels hot --is that what is propelling me this hot,
 humid weather with all that R E D ????and my peonies peeking out? (Which
by the way is the very limited fabric!) 

I sewed 3" blocks together and then free cut them in half =/- or so
These are the first strips...that emerged (above)
...sewn to that mottle-y fabric...

and these, the second group (above)...sewn to the limited strip fabric--
(I had used this fabric mostly up in "Georgie Peorgie"  which is now in our back 'throne' room ;)))) lol)

I like this smaller strip set better..so I have two more set up  for tomorrow's edification/
or not!! ;(((

Here they are next to
their fate......

Another colorway
from two of the other

Here is the mess that hopefully turn into something?
So, this is my start....such as it is....

I feel like the little girl in "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" (by Stephen King)
LOST in the deep dark woods, feeling my way ....seeing all manner of strange things...
Feeling like my brain is on overdrive even when I'm doing something else, it is churning
away at this....

;0000 stay tuned.....

And, just to keep my head  from going totally wack-o, 
I sewed two plain, straight rows on my Star Rise--and now,
it looks so different to me--very regularly spaced (even though it has its moments of off centeredness)...

Could it be the 90 degrees and 71% dewpoint working its hoo-doo
on me??

Hugs from the AC --thank heavens....
Julierose, La Blageuse (improv-ing-euse)


  1. Beautiful fabrics! Love those strips!

  2. have you looked at this thru the red glasses that take away color and let you see value? They all seem about the same value to me, therefore there is less contrast. Except for the bit of cream. And the pattern is mostly the same contributing to a mash up.
    That's the look of Kaffe quilts, so it's a personal like or not. I feel your indecision. What if there were some space built in? Or try removing an element. Remove or add. Such as black.
    On the other hand, design work has a process and I nearly always dislike a piece at some point in the making, then overcome or figure out what it needs eventually. LeeAnna

  3. I think you are having lots of fun with your scraps--love all the pinks and reds!

  4. Love all your fabrics! You always have the best ideas on how to make the best of your stash.


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