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Monday, July 31, 2017



I am joining DAWNIE and JACKIE (no blog)
for their orange slabfest...
(Take a peek over there for some fun)
Anyone else up for this one--???

Here are the blocks I've begun with--for:

"It Was A Dark and Stormy Night"

I had bought these Fright Night fabrics a while ago and then
asked myself :

W H Y ????

I couldn't see myself ever using them ..
(Sound familiar?? It seems I do this all the time!!)

So, although this is a scrappy slab sew-along,
I am beginning with these planned centers this time, and
then I will add oranges and more oranges
(SMILE ;*}}} ) in "scrapp-euse" fashion..

I have a lot of leftover fabrics from Steven's Going Away to College quilt--
as orange is his favorite color..
so this is the perfect way to use them..
This Gal just about sums up how DH and I are feeling around here,
 angry, frustrated, and forgotten by
the medical community...
no answers--not even a call back from
our MD (specialist--yes,
specialist in making $$$, I am thinking!!) 

moving on
Here are my Frightful Kitties...
Aren't they scarey???

And so, another project hits the design wall...

Julierose, La blageuse (boo-ing-euse--in more ways than one!! ;((() 


  1. Those are a fun beginning to your orange slabs. Dawn has planned another fun slabfest!

  2. love these Julie! fun beginnings to your slabs

  3. I do like your orange, evil kittie, slab, improv thingy blocks.
    Often the creative juices get flowing working in some kind of constraint.
    Hope your medical stuff gets cleared up,
    Thanks for the link.

  4. Love that orange fabric. Hope you can get some answers soon so you can stop feeling like that angry lady!

  5. Such interesting fabrics in the centres, beautiful with the rich orange surrounds. Sorry to read you haven't heard back on the medical side of things, seems to be taking them a long time to come up with an answer for you both.

  6. These are the most fun fabrics! Love them paired with the orange fabric. Slabs are so fun!!

  7. Sweet slabs. Love your Ghastlie fabric. Still no word? OK I am feeling quite the VIP. I had my mammogram on the 25th and by Friday the 28th I had my results.

  8. what a great beginning! Love the kitties and this will be a very timely quilt.

  9. Great start! I like orange anyway and your scary fabric has really made me smile.

  10. I adore the orange slab fest you're working on. I look forward to seeing more. Sorry about the MD issues you're having. Hope you get them resolved quickly. --Andrea

  11. Looks like the beginning of a fun quilt--those fabrics are a hoot!


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