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Monday, February 5, 2018


                                                     Our skies this morning .....
                                         grey, grey clouds and dark brown branches....

                Even more ominous...but beautiful in its smokey blue-grays
                               --it made me pause and look and look...
                                                    AND look again.
Then B A M , SHAZAM...
It led FROM this:



I decided to not fight "City Hall" so to speak....the recipient likes low volume colors--so,
the Red/Gold "in your face" colors were never going to work out...
                                                   this must be why
I couldn't get myself to the machine to work on them...
sometimes there's a reason why you hesitate and balk...

So, I spent the morning using Go! Baby to cut this mess of strips:

             AND: to then work --happily and feeling like I had finally found my direction :

I am using an old, grungy fabric for the base and strip stringing--I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders ;~)))) --I guess you have to follow your instincts and 
listen when you think "Now, why can't I even want to sew at all...on this project??"  
                                            The Heart Knows.....💖💖💓
And because I have chosen to work in these colors, I found that I have only a paltry few 
neutrals in my stash--geeze Louise, I guess I've never made blocks in neutrals....

Soooo, I mean I HAD to go to equilter and order 4 more 1/2 yds of grays and 4 of browns....such a shame--
boo-hoo😂😉 (right, it was such fun after not buying any fabrics for 6 months or so!!).

Hubster (in his weakened condition, lol) agreed that this was the better way to go with neutrals --also his favorite colors or non-colors as I like to think of them--;*)))
and said: 
"Oh sure, go ahead, get what you need.." [Seriously, not that he ever complains, but I do have a closet full of fabrics--just not in these colors...]

And so, I did. 
And so, I'm back on track. 
And so, I'm so EXCITED to be sewing and loving it...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (in neutral-euse )


  1. I've always heard that most quilters never have enough neutrals. I know I never do! So glad you're back on track again! Hope your husband is feeling well.

  2. Thanks for sharing your process/inspiration and excitement.
    Nature has some of the best color combinations for sure!

  3. Oh very nice colours there Julierose...and such beautiful sewing!

  4. I like neutral myself and that second photo is scary!

  5. I love Fall and bare trees, so it's lovely to me.

  6. I think the new track you are on is the way to go for someone that prefers neutrals--very nice!

  7. I think it is very calming and easy on the eyes...neutrals definitely have their place. Nice photos and I look forward to trying that Chop Suey recipe while watching something on Acorn...we like it too.


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