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Saturday, August 1, 2020


Look what I got in the mail today...
From Dawn at 
"RelaxingRobin.blogspot.com "

{I cannot figure out the linky on this new blogger  s i g h }

What a little surprise treat..
Dawn knows I am 
Zipper challenged ;000

and so,,,, she sent me this adorable little pouch 

With French Chefs deciding what to cook on this side and

Happy chefs here...
I will be using this to house my little scissors, thread, 
needle minder, and thimble.

And two lovely fabrics were in the package, too..

Looks like a Tula Pink
A summer-ey lovely here.

I love these text and illustrated dictionary prints...

I have finished hand quilting 
"He's A' Comin' "
[aka Santa]

I did two rows of hand quilting around all the appliques...
I may be adding beads--haven't decided as yet...

Now,  I am starting on "O Holy Night"
the second of my Christmas 
applique pieces

Working the center Angel first..

I had planned on using red thread, but it really didn't show up on the
dark background and, after all,
why do all that stitching if it won't show??

I am hoping that the cream color will help to lighten up the whole piece as
I feel that my choice of colors was too dark overall...
This is the first of this type of quilt I have tried
to make...and choosing colors was a huge

Hope you are all healthy and staying safe
Julierose, La Blageuse 
(hand quilting-euse) 


  1. Love your Christmas projects. So cute. Glad your package arrived safely

  2. Have you clicked on the little question mark that appears next to your Blogger profile image on the page where you create posts? There are any number of helpful mini-tutorials on "how to" with the new Blogger.

  3. Sweet goodies from Dawn! Your Santa and angel are both adorable and the hand stitching looks great!

  4. I love your quilted blocks! What a neat surprise package. Hugs,

  5. Love the squishy goodies especially the chefs! And the xmas project looks great!

  6. Lucky you, a wonderful package in the mail! Your Christmas stitching is coming along well.

  7. Great mail - isn't it fun to get something other than bills and junk!!
    As for the linkie issue...here goes....
    1. In the toolbar across the top you should see a thing that looks like 2 brackets with a dash in the middle...click on it
    2. You'll see a thing that says 'Create/Edit URL' - click on it
    3. You'll see 'Edit Link'
    4. Make sure 'Link to Web Address' is highlighted
    5. Type in web address you want where it says 'URL to link to'
    6. Click 'Open this link in a new window'
    7. Click on 'Test this link' (that should take you to the web site you're linking to).
    8. Exit the link and return to 'Edit Link' and click ok
    Done. Hopefully.

  8. Fun squishy package. Love your hand quilting.

  9. Dawn is such a sweetheart. I wish I had the patience and could be consistent enough to hand quilt. You are soooo good at it. I enjoy seeing your stitches.


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