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Sunday, February 28, 2021


My Sunday Journal page
to be 

Is anyone else feeling 
cut off, 


It is coming up on one full year of 
isolation at Chez Holleran...
and at everyone else's, too..

[to counteract
this bit of wallowing
in rock-bottom-ness]

about that;)))
I am still spider-webbing
and quilting geese
and taking quick visits
to hexagonia...

As my Mom always 
told me:
"This, too, 

I hope this Sunday 
will be a bright spot
in your week.
Hugs to you all
La Blageuse
(climbing out of this valley-euse)


  1. I completely understand how you're feeling, Julierose. You're not alone! Spring is coming, though, and hopefully not much more of the isolation and staying home. Hope you enjoy some stitching time today!

  2. No, you are not alone. I went through a period of this a few weeks ago when it was cold cold and ugly. But, as your mom said- this too shall pass and I'm hanging onto that. Also waiting to be called for the shot.....

  3. Sending a big hug your way. Hopefully once the vaccines are distributed a bit more things will open up in the north a bit and that feeling of isolation will ease up. Hopefully some spring flowers will start popping up soon -that always brightened up my days.

  4. A year ago we got the first Covid 19 case in Norway. Now the infection rates have started to increase again. I understand how you feel, but hope the vaccine will change the situation. Spring is also on its way, and we must persevere and try if we can see the small pleasures in everyday life. Hope you enjoy stitching time!

  5. The 12 months lockdown must be feeling like a lifetime for you all! The longest we had was 4 weeks at the highest level, two and three at levels 2 and 3 and had been clear for some time, however, we now have cases of the new UK variant Covid so all the necessary measures are once again in place and one week Level 3 to try and halt the spread. Can you believe though that positive cases who are meant to be isolating for 14 days and until they have a negative test, decide to have a little meet up with other family members!! Needless to say a few days later one of members ben to feel unwell, visit to doctor and swabbed and told that they too must isolate for 14 days. No contact. One of them decided to go to his work the very day after the test, then to a technical institute and visit places all over the area - his tests came back positive. Major scramble now!!~!

  6. Patient endurance is required for sure! Glad you have your quilting and journaling to help. Your mother was right- this too shall pass. Just not soon enough for us!!

  7. What would we do without our quilting and crafts! I love your journal.

  8. Yes, we’re getting Covid Lockdown Weary. A YEAR!! But we’ve had the first vaccines and spring is coming, so there is some freedom in sight. My saying for times like these (From a friend’s mother) is “This has come to pass, not to stay”.

  9. i feel a bit the same, but I did get a vaccine appt. so that makes me so so hopeful.
    neat journal pages.


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