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Wednesday, February 3, 2021


"Night Flight" blocks--
30 of them
are up on my wall
waiting to be moved about
into their final places 
and sewn together...

They are in what I like to call

I will be looking at them
a lot as I sit and sew
(they are right above Helga),
and as I take fleeting glances
walking by my sewing room.
Usually this will spark
an idea for final 

I want to decide on border(s).

I am thinking right now
that they need a small 
"Stop Border"
(perhaps echoing the
red in the centers to
bring them out a bit..

I stopped at the 8.5" 
mostly because I totally
ran out of dark navy blues and
those blue-grays...
and also because, 
I got SO tired of adding those
little squares to
the logs!! 
But on the whole,
 I have really
really enjoyed
this piecing

I still have 30 other 
red and cream hourglass
centers awaiting
a new colorway
I may just make them 
into a courthouse steps
sans the cornerstones...

Here is a picture of my granddaughter
out by their firepit enjoying
the snow
[I couldn't figure out how to 
load the entire video he sent me...]
But you get the idea--
Some of us, evidently, look
at snowfall differently

Stay safe, stay warm and stay home
if you can
Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse 


  1. I always wanted to make a log cabin with those little squares added but decided it was too fiddly for me. I think I made a couple potholders out of the sample blocks many years ago. Have fun with the design wall.

  2. Oh I think a red stop border would look great! Such beautiful blocks, Julierose. Cute photo of your granddaughter...ahhh, those were the days.

  3. I love the look of your night flight blocks on the wall all together there! Such a pretty color combination. I sure understand how you could get tired of making the blocks - that often happens to me, too. Love the picture of your granddaughter! Kids remind us to find joy in all kinds of things, don't they? Hope you're staying warm!

  4. Oh,your Night Flight is delightful. I find the cornerstones fiddly too but they are part of why I like those blocks so I don't mind. I'm making mine with cw repros and will go to 10 inches but I'm in no rush to move them along.

    Yes, some people certainly look at snowfall differently!

  5. OH I love it!! Just perfect!! Night flight soars!!

  6. Yes, I agree. A red stop border would be just the thing. "Marination" is an important step in quilting!

  7. I'd say let them marinate a bit more. They will develop an excellent flavor :-) Warm Hugs to you.

  8. They are gorgeous! I love that you are going to leave them there until they speak to you about what they want - such a lovely way to process a quilt!
    Plum x

  9. Your marinating blocks look terrific!

  10. Beautiful quilt blocks! I like your patience in your process! Have a safe and happy week!

  11. I love the quilt on the wall. It looks great just the way it is. Hugs

  12. Love your quilt! It's great to leave your blocks up. You may get new ideas. I love the idea of a red border. Stay warm!

  13. Great progress with your Night Flight blocks and I would keep them just here they are for a little longer and all of a sudden the answer to leave the as they are or put in a narrow stop border will come!

  14. I used to think log cabin quilts did not need borders but I'm not so sure these days. I think red would look great on this quilt.

  15. This is such a fun stage. We all love to play with blocks! And you have more for later. Lucky you.
    A red stop border sounds perfecct.

  16. Your blocks look great. It is a great layout and design.
    what a cutie your granddaughter is.


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