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Saturday, August 17, 2019


First off: my legos quilting is forging ahead...three strips done and
two to go....

Three days ago, my computer went "wack-a-doodle" (that's a secret
computer lingo term) and I couldn't even get to Google or to my 
gmail or
anywhere...;((( Sooo frustrating....

We figured a new computer ($$$) was going to have to be bought)--
We tried everything...nothing seemed to work....

BUT.........my computer genius of a husband, worked tirelessly for the
past two days almost 24/7 trying to figure out: 

what happened
and how to fix it......
and this afternoon he got it working again..Hurrah!!!!

[and he also backed up all my stuff on his computer so that if it should
happen again (praying not!!) I won't have lost everything...]

I baked him some french bread as a thank you (and yes, I had a piece too.)
He and my daughter and son are all computer whizzes...

ME, not so much.. 
so sad tale/happy ending--so far at least...phew...

EDITED at 8:22 p.m.:  the dang thing went down once again!!So
will need a good replacement...;((((

Third on the list:

Here is my a picture new diamond painting 
                                                                 Isn't she gorgeous???

this is as far as I've gotten:
                      Lots of dark background to be filled as she is obviously a night owl--hahaha
like us lately...

I finished Nefertiti two days ago...and am deciding how to frame her or hang her
or what....she is a "big" gal.....

Last on my list today:

Still sewing a few snowballs:

                            And that is about it for this rainy Saturday (the last weather reporter
"Don't cancel your plans, it won't be a washout"--
right-- and it's been pouring here
all day long...
but I don't mind as we really need it....

hugs from Julierose, La blageuse (grateful-euse)

Thursday, August 15, 2019


                                                    I Like this quilt from the 
                                      "U & U" book which is on its
                                         way to me from Amazon...
Can't wait to read it and look at the quilts....................


I am liking how these first two rows of my Legos are looking...
All crinkly and soft.....
Every evening while watching the Red Sox,
I do a bit of hand quilting on a row; I am on the
two outer green and central blue row now (Row 3).....
This week has seen many issues of a familial nature, so just a few
pictures were taken...
I am also in a blue funk--my Mom's and Dad's birthdays
were both in August--so lots of thinking about them is going on...

Plus my granddaughter is now at her college faraway from home for
the first time for her
freshman year....

Being a mother and Grand-mere is always about letting-go--
isn't it?


Longing for cooler temps and pure, white snows.....a bit enervated
with all this heat and humidity....

A little respite and some reading...This new to me series is really
Join our little "I like " group at Lee Anna's Not Afraid of Color blog

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (pondering-euse)

Saturday, August 10, 2019


                        Welcome to my scrap bags....yellows, greens and 
                     neutrals....and the really old border fabric...

Since there was no pattern for this one, I tried to fly by the seat of
my pants...which is why the leaves aren't wide enough at the base;
but, hey, this is my own flowering prim style...;))))

I have been dithering (driving myself crazee really) trying to figure out
how to piece this block:↓↓↓

And finally said: 
(well, I won't repeat what I really said!! lol)
I will  free draw my own leafy top..
and machine applique it on....
I'm happy, hubster's happy ;0000
We "is" all happy....


My little Vera Bradley pouch came out last night
It holds:

All my hand quilting necessities...
I worked on the pink legos blocks
while watching the Red Sox game...

Saturday supper will be bb-qued
cheeseburgers with
and french fries...
Le Chef Thom 
is in charge...;))))

I hope your weather is as glorious as ours is right now..
70's and low humidity...
a deck day....

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (pineapple flimsey-euse)

Friday, August 9, 2019


                                                    Here's Looking At You...

I am making progress on Nefertiti; I have about 1/4 left on the bottom


I am back to hand quilting--as my finger has healed --thankfully--
enough for me to stitch; 
Last evening I flicked between Red Sox and Patriots games while 
hand quilting my legos...

I have two of those little rubbery thimbles; and one went over my sore
finger just in case...the green center vertical quilting is finished; and
I have set up the horizontal first middle row for the two
surrounding pink blocks for tonight...

So great to be able to do this once again...
maybe Helga will be allowed
out of her "time out" this weekend..much chastened, I think (lol)!!

On my pineapple quest, I've received many wonderful 
sources from you fabulous readers--thanks so much...

My first attempt at a free-form pineapple a la Lori's "Sweet Land of Liberty" (from Cheri Payne's unavailable pattern) is this set up of scrappy 
strips --all gleaned from my sorting this week: 

It was meant to be a Prim style piece I think, 
I am more of a flower-ey type gal;
So, I am making a Hawaiian 
Flowering pineapple...lol

{thanks Jacky (no blog)for that description of my choices}

I have yet to figure out the top green shoots....

And speaking of flowering
Look what is still going strong...

I've been hand watering her most mornings as it has been 
mostly dry here..
a bit of rain day before yesterday, but still very dry everywhere...

I love love LOVE this deep rose/peach/cheddar/green combo on the petals...

Just cannot seem to get enough of it...  
            especially with that
                                       ruffle-ey edge...💕💕💕💖

This morning is much much cooler with low humidity so I will be retiring
 to our back deck to relax and 
perhaps stitch on my legos a bit more...;))) or just maybe look at
the skies and wool-gather about that pineapple topping..
Hmmmmmm.... (Makes me think of my Grand-mere's Pineapple Upside Down Cake--so sugary and yummy with real whipped cream on top
..funny how the mind hops here and there, huh?)

Friday night supper will be leftover sirloin steak sliced over a big green
salad...yum [while hubs will put his steak sliced into gravy over some
kind of carb --he never gains an ounce--not fair, is it??]
No cooking pour moi...;)))))))))).

I hope you all have a terrific weekend...
hugs, Julierose (back to stitching-euse)

Thursday, August 8, 2019


I have been doing a lot of this

since Helga's wayward needle did this↡↡↡
Sorting all the scraps I could find in various boxes, bags etc.--
I like that at least I was able to get something done!! 

But I have put HELGA in the corner for a "time out"!!! ;000
I love this little pineapple block from Lori's  (Humble Quilts
sew a long last year.

                               I'd like to try to make one (w/o stars);


And speaking of pineapples--here is another one from Audrey at
Quilty Folk--I really love that bottom swag-type u-shape....

for some reason I am wanting to make some kind of pineapple--

Not much going on here this week, but I am surely grateful for our
AC...hot and very muggy once again...
I am doing my rain dance;000 hoping to get that moisture that
used to fall readily from our skies....

Joining Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color for her weekly party of

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (healing-euse)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Guess what?  
the sewing machine needle is faster than the hsnd-- D U H !!!
Later, Julieroze 

Sunday, August 4, 2019


            Summer Snowballs decided to become Christmas Snowballs...
                [this pink border is washed out in the bright sun
                        it's actually a rosier pink more like the
                                mauve colors in the snowballs]

When I was rifling searching through my scrap baskets to make the
Tulip yesterday, I found these two strips of old Christmas birdhouses
and I thought: Well, why not--use it up...;))) so I sewed the strips 
on with raw edge applique and the change-up is complete...
                                    A FLIMSY--yay;)))

         IN THE SHADE....

                       It fits my dining table nicely...48" x 25".........

And now I will pin muslin onto it--for hand quilting; and then 
I will tie on a Christmas backing fabric... 

And.............this goes into the "to be hand quilted pile.."

This was my sewing for this Sunday morning.. it is still 
                                    HOT HOT HOT
                                with a high dewpoint--

What happened to the "cool-down
weekend we were predicted?? 
We are in AC still 👀↓↓
                 [ohmygosh!!! our bill will be enormous$$$$]

I hope you are staying cool and having a joyful Sunday

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (making-do-euse)