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Friday, April 28, 2017


I finally figured out how to scale down this pattern that I have been salivating over for THREE
years or so...BUTTERFLY blocks...

I know ...this from the gal who claims she only does one thing at a time;
well, never say never, I guess.

Ever get that intense feeling that you HAVE to do it 
before you forget; and then try to sleep 
and have it reeling in a loop through your brain???
Over and over and, well you get the idea...

I was up at 2 a.m. cutting and cutting and stash surfing...
not such a great idea, as I had to RE-CUT all the pieces this morning--
talk about wonki-fi-cated...;000


there were 3 really strange and rectangular baby butterflies 
that emerged ;000
they now reside in my parts drawer..

not being a math whiz, it took me a while to figure out how
to re-size them in order to use my 5" charms...along with scraps...

these will go into a "parts" quilt that I am planning--
and the list grows ever long....

Anyway, so this is my 4th ongoing project in process right now....
The wings are a piece of Kaffee fabric that had gotten pushed behind my blue stack; this one has the black body [a leftover bit of Halloween fabric--
don't you love when that happens?]
the pink/yellow-ey skyscape as my background.

Here is the 2nd version with the striped body...

They will FLUTTER in a square formation with the skyscape in the middle...each butterfly is 5" unfinished...a really fun project.  

I am in the process of stash diving to find other "wing-ey" fabrics ...

Julierose, La Blageuse...(aerial flight-euse-ing)lol

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Oasis is a flimsy; it no longer fits on my design wall with Star Rise..so
my "helper" is holding it for me...(measuring 41" wide and 49"+/- long).

It is resting on my dining table right now until I decide whether or not to border it and what to use for the backing...

This morning I finally found an ironing board--just an inexpensive,
 plain, old simple, but metal--
(you know my track record with plastic lol) board from Target.

("Tar-zhay" as Mom always called it ). 

Here is my very favorite  block (they are all nice patterns, but I love this trailing flower viney thing):
I think it is a succulent [something "beads??]--yummy anyway....

And on the Dresden front:
I have hand quilted the first one...using white regular quilting thread for the spokes and perle cotton (Valdani) for the background...

I will need to add more of the perle cotton quilting, but am waiting until I square up all the blocks; for now, three rows of echo quilting...
This is my evening tv project...

And Star Rise is coming along (pray tell, and how did I end up working on
THREE quilts all at the same time?? I think they got together and snuck up on me lol);000

Here is my working area to the right of my machine...
All these strips are leftovers {and a lovely selection from Dawn--thanks hon
;))) }
Here are some of my favorites...
Those Winter-ey branches with silver sparks, clouds, and stylized flowers--

the Asian waves, deep blue roses and batik leaf shadows....

I am trying to take it slowly and enjoy these processes...
Hugs from "mizzling" CT
Julierose, La Blageuse (triple playing-euse)

Thursday, April 20, 2017


        A partial picture of my Oasis quilt for someone special....;)))))

(It's too large for me to get the whole thing from my design wall in my small room
into one photo)
Can you see the lattice work pattern that emerges?

I have set it 5 across and 6 down...
Here is a different view--closer...I really like this pattern and it is so easy...

I had thought perhaps I should add some little type of applique in those big snowballs  like this:
But now, I really don't know if I'd like that or just a quilted pattern
 like a heart maybe...
What do you think?
Now to sew these in rows of 5 each and then quilt to backing in 
Quilt As you Go method...

I have a lot of this Oasis layer cake and some charms left over --probably enough to make another smaller table topper...I do love these fabrics 
a lot; they say Spring/Summer to me--

hugs (on this Rainy Thursday) from
Julierose, La Blageuse (snowball-euse)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Here's the start of my Snowball Four-Patch quilt that I will be gifting to a special
I just love this line of fabric--- "Oasis";)))
the "snowballs are a very pale blue and I haven't decided whether to just quilt them or add some applique flowers...

All the 4-patches are made and I am "snowballing" the blues...the blocks measure 8 1/2" each.  


Our Easter was wonderful here; all my children and grandchildren came for dinner.

these decided to bloom and also
these lovelies...

Just in time to greet:

My son, Jeff, his wife Lindsay, and the two girls: Fiona (green dress) and
Willa in pink...

And here are my daughter's four children--my, they are growing up fast!!
they are all taller than their Grand-mere (admittedly not hard to do lol):

(L to R) Steven (17 and college bound this Fall), Connor and Greg ( 14--the twins),
and darling Cassidy...(16 ).

We had such a special day--Thom and I were so happy they all could come and we could spend this Easter together--who knows where we will all be in the next few years....
As you can see we were able to be outside on the deck for a while--until the cold breeze off the ocean sent us back in....

I am thankful for the blessing of such a terrific family...;)))

On my quilt scene.....
The Dresden Plates are coming along well, 5 more to applique before I begin to big stitch
them separately, block by block..
I used Warm and Natural batting squares to ready them for Quilt As You Go

Here are the 1st three all appliqued; I had to take  them down to make room for the Snowball
My design wall seems to be ever-changing lately...
I am enjoying the simple applique on these--it is good practice for an applique-challenged

I would like to make  two seasonal wall pieces depicting Summer and Spring
to alternate with my Fall and Winter ones in my dining room using applique. 

Thinking about some Dresden flower pots (a la Jenny at MSQ)
as I really enjoy this pattern...for Spring --

and, for Summer--perhaps an ocean landscape--I've always wanted to 
make a landscape piece...

Today and tomorrow will be errand days for us; so, probably not much quilting,
although I can most likely sneak in some more applique while watching the Red Sox tonight...(they should be called "Baseball Plates" ROTFLOL!!)

Julierose, La Blageuse (happy that Spring has sprung-euse)

Saturday, April 15, 2017


                                      HAPPY EASTER AND PASSOVER HOLIDAYS


Sunday, April 9, 2017


Time to be making some more of these for my granddaughters. Willa and
Fiona...and getting ready for the family dinner here on Easter Sunday.
Also, I have really strained my RIGHT shoulder blade from too
much rotary cutting, and
then, too much ironing a lot of blocks in a row.  aaargh.. ;0000
I should have known better...
Time to rest up, get the house clean, shop, and did I mention REST???
;000 (I can just barely type tonight....)

I did manage to applique one Plate BEFORE this happened...
I love how it came out, so I hope to be able to continue working on the blocks soon....
In the meantime,

I hope you all who are celebrating Easter or Passover have a wonderful

Julierose, La Blageuse --

{Will I become Julierose--Scissor-Hands???}

Friday, April 7, 2017


I scoured my stash all day yesterday-(my sore back and calves from squatting to reach those lower shelves attest to that! )
and as a last resort looked in my Oriental pile..thinking...
now just how desperate am I to find the right backing???
It surely couldn't be anything in here................ and, and

AND, lo and behold!! Wowzers!  Look at this!! 

YUP--"The Emperor's Garden" by Maywood--a very old
2 yard piece (and I never buy 2 yds--or almost never--of anything!! lol) 
of this yummy fabric...

My gift recipient likes neutrals, nothing raucous or loud...

And so, this is my idea of perfection...Not too busy but with a little 
something going on in the background, and a bit of richness to it...

I had just enough, with maybe a small 2" piece left over,  
to cut (12) fifteen inch squares--
which I will trim and cut down after I hand applique them..AND

then I will add the batting behind and do big stitch in an echo pattern...

PHEW--I was really thinking last night--(getting frantic, actually)
why did I opt to use this charm pack--

NOTHING but nothing goes with it and it is not available ANYMORE!!!

                    Here's a closer look at this pretty fabric

...a really nice cocoa color that blends with all
those hues in my plates...
Can I tell you just how happy this makes me? 

{time out for yet another "Happy Dance Fest!! LOL}

Isn't it funny how you just KNOW when you've discovered the "RIGHT" fabric?
And how it's a true gift to find it in YOUR OWN STASH, calling your name
"Here I am, over here, underneath all these "Oooff" get offa me--
 others that are NOT RIGHT!!"
As my hubster said: "It doesn't take
much to make you happy!" He has NO IDEA!!!;))))

Hugs from your happy
Julierose, La Blageuse (lucky-euse)