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Monday, December 17, 2012

I Know, I know, I said Blog Break, BUT......

Just a quick note{  there will be a supris  announcement apres Christmas Day ici......} Le Ouiseau est sur la lune.....Julierose, La Blageuse  

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Taking a short respite...
Thank you to all my followers for their comments and interest--you have made my life so much richer...

Will be back after the Holiday Season


Julierose, La Blageuse

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Here's "Sugar Plum Dolly" all finished.  I just love the way these quilts fluff up when washed.

A little closer view of those fluffed-up seams!  such fun to make. (A definite Peek-a-Boo)

I have to thank Connie, at "Green Apple Orchard "  for her tremendous video tutorial on cutting these seams. I followed her instructions--and VOILA--it came out perfectly.

That finishes up my Christmas sewing--and I have another  TA---DAH---finished all my shopping.  PHEW!  I am so relieved to have figured out what to give everyone.  Some years it is hard to know.
One last photo of the finished big "Sugar Plum Fairy" quilt:

And I am dancin' outta here for this grey Saturday afternoon...see you all later,
Julierose, La Blageuse


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012


I am 1/2 done with this surprise  top--so now you can see that this will be a "rag" comfy little quilt--

You have to just love this fabric--the wings have sparkles on them, too!!

I numbered each left hand block row  (sorry for the blur here) eg: L1, L2 etc and then went very slowly sewing them together so that all the seams are exposed on only ONE side (sigh)...Four more rows to go.

And here is "Honey, Honey":--))---------- we had a super Thanksgiving at my daughter's :

All my wonderful grandchildren--aren't I lucky?  

Mmmwah to all  

Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, November 23, 2012


Sugar Plum Fairies Dancin' into town today...Fa-La-La-Laaaa-
La-La-La--Laaa.  I've been busy sewing these girls into rows today--what fun!!  
This is the "Shhhh" project I'm working on.  Also, making a mini-matching quilt for someone "special".  {Keep it under your hat}

Also, got my Mary Mandala mounted:

The background fabric was a gift from a close friend who got it for me when she visited China last year.  Now, I have to find a frame.....

Here's a closer look at the beading.. and...

here's a good shot of those hands--they are so evocative of my life, Tom's, Mom's and all my musician friends....

Tonight I made my Minestrone zuppa and we munched on garlic bread along with it--yummy. 

 It IS a wonderful life....Julierose, La Blageuse ["...Santa Claus is comin' to Town]

Thursday, November 22, 2012



Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Did you ever have a day where all your stuff looked "BLAH"--why am I making this?  The colors are awful--yuck!! My seams never seem (!) to match--my machine won't do what I want it to....... Etc, etc. aaaargh! (SIGH)

Wellllll, then appears the mailman: AN D this package appears---

I WON!!!  All this:

Stephanie had a give away of (what she calls) SCRAPS:

From Stephanie :  25 Fat quarter Novelty prints--none of which I own....now, that generous gift made my day....WOW--what a windfall!!


I see....... either a "cow" or Spider Web quilt "greening" before my eyes.  A --"For No Reason"--just for fun quilt--to make:  Just because......  Fun sewing--no deadlines....I am a grateful:
 Julierose, La Blageuse  

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have finished the circle part of Mom's Christmas Mandala and now need to mount it--I am happy with the way it's turning out so far...actually, the colors are much more vibrant than this pix shows.  

AND  TA-DAAAAA:  here is the cutest new member of our family:  

LA BELLE MISS LIBERTY (AKA LIBBY)--my daughter's new adopted puppy:

Isn't she just the cutest darling pup?  She is calm, serene and sweet. 
She just loves her new "mommy" and new family... we are looking forward to seeing them all on this upcoming Thanksgiving Saturday, along with our son Jeff and his family &, of course, 'Kota (see pix on my sidebar).  

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you all, mes amies  I am Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here are my two blocks for the Sandy relief quilt.  And here is the website for Erin whose super idea to warm up all those people who were ravaged by "Sandy".  She has instructions for this super easy and fun block on her site...will you help too??? 
 Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Here's the start of my Christmas present for Mom.  It is my FIRST (! don't look too closely LOL!) attempt at beading --and I am loving it!!

I got this idea from my latest book purchase: "Beading For the Soul" by Deborah Cannarella.  The triangle's points are images that are meaningful to the person. The apex is a Holy Card  (laminated) from a close friend's death, the lower right are hands that symbolize all that both of us do with them (music, golf, housewifery things, soothing children etc.), and the lower left is an old button from my mother's mother's (my Grand'mere's) dress....I thought that would be a nice touch.

She resting on a modern mugrug I made with my "almost-blooming: Christmas Cactus-- with my little angel watching over her.  A very sentimental present, I know.

That is how I am feeling after my last visit in the wake of "Sandy"--we talked over old times together and cried a little at how fast time flies by us--without our even realizing it.  At 93, I don't know how many Holiday Seasons I will have with her...but this helps me to remember the "good times".  As ever, Julierose, La Blageuse

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"I LOVE the SOUND of the GENERATOR in the MORNING"...

Here's a pix of the Amtrak tunnel leading out to our beach after "Sandy" came to visit!!

We are STILL without power and have just gotten tv, phone, cell and internet back late this afternoon.  Luckily, we have a generator which--my darling hubby has been handling so that we have heat and light and refrigeration.  

Let me tell you how DARK-- DARKNESS can be w/o power....talk about a reality check--and we are lucky compared to NY and NJ, I hear.  Our town looks like a bomb hit it; 4 ft of sand on all the roads leading to beaches, trees over wires, downed power lines etc etc.  

LADIES--if EVER there was a time to use your Accuquilt Cutter: TA---DAAAAA!!  Hexagon==mania took over.  Crank that handle--forget the storm raging and cut, cut cut.  Gotta love it!! I have a new "pansey Flower" hexagon thingey in the making.....

To the right of the house (near our beach, not our house) WAS a stairway....this WAS a sandy beach....

I cannot complain tho', our home is 60 feet above sea level and luckily none of our trees came down.  We have a lot of Cedars which were whipping to the ground, but bounced back.  

Today, we can get out of our street (downed trees and wires before now) and actually venture out. We even can use our Keurig Coffee Maker --it's really amazing how much a cup of coffee can mean.....

 I will return to blog about more quilt-related thingeys soon..
.no school until Mon or Tuesday here and there was no Halloween...I am just grateful for what we have......Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, October 19, 2012


Here are two of my mugrugs--Christmas side--that I am making from scrap fabrics.  I decided to make them reversible--

That way, they can be used all year long....and have finally (after making 4 or 5 "practice" ones to try out different methods)--decided to "channel" quilt them.  I love that "feel"....It took a really long (sigh!!) time to sew all those 2" squares together for the reverse sides, but, Stash the Bash I will !! They are VERY scrappy as a result:

I like the way the one on the left turned out--kinda oriental, no?  I got sick of --"twosies-foursies-8-sies etc...ad nauseum!!

I really wish that this year's "Santas" were as cute as this old fabric--this year they all seem sort of scarey...LOL!!  I am collecting for the back of Fiona's "big girl" quilt for when she goes into a twin bed...

And here is  that really cute snow people fabric, too....kinda "Debbie Mum"-ish...

And so I leave you with 13 done and 20 to go...W H Y do I get so intense and do S O (sew) M A N Y?

Because I am Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, October 12, 2012

C O L D : Weather & Me

Here's my setup for finishing my Wall hanging for our living room: {pauvre petit lapin is all blurry }

FINALLY, this cold/flu-like bug has left me; and I was able today to finish this quilting.  The Jason Yenter fabric {In the Beginning from 2010} had been lying in wait for me to do SOMETHING with it.  I just couldn't see cutting it --yup, I have that syndrome, too, mes amies. SO-- It will be the back of Christmas time wall hanging for us --very nostalgic and sentimental.  I love the way the holly curls in diamond shapes--just perfect for use as a quilting shape.  I big-stitched this side and just took lil' bites from the other side...[I think I showed the Good Luck Crane fabric on another post here].

I still like to use that 1/4" tape to mark my quilt path--love this colorway--just a little different for Christmas, I think.  Those little old-timey vignettes are just charming.

Am still struggling with the bindings on my muggle rugs--they just look CLUNKY to me--especially around those corners.  AND....so it goes....

That is all for this time--Bundle up and have a great weekend..Julierose, La Blageuse

Monday, October 1, 2012

MONDAY'S MUGGLE RUGS (Bash That Stash Edition)

I found all these little 2" squares today--and decided to make up a "plethora"of mugrugs .  They are all random  cuts with just a few doubles; I need to make up some items for Mom's Nursing Home Christmas Sale and I thought these might be just the ticket--while bashing my stash--a twofer!!  (LOL)

I LOVE the way that little "Kissy Kitty Face" just peeks out--I didn't fussy cut--it just happened--serendipity!! I get to bash my strip stash, too.  The reverse will be Christmas bits and bobs I have left over from making my grandbabes' Christmas Big Girl and Big Boys' quilts in previous years.

Since my arm/hand/fingers are really sore from Big Stitching my wallhanging, I am workin' ye ol' machine--it's smokin', ladies!! (heh heh)

Your "hip to be squared" Julierose, La blageuse

Friday, September 28, 2012


HERE IS THE" MINI FRIENDSHIP QUILT SWAP"   QUILT THAT MERRILL SENT ME--- all the way from Australia--(she is my secret partner).  The stitching is stunning and the fabrics are just lovely. She added a birdbath and decorated hearts in the four corners--I am so thrilled with it!!  It is so sentimental and sweet.


SHOWCASING A LOVELY bird fabric and a sweet label...AND, that's not all......

LOOK AT all these extra goodies:  A needlecase she made and embroidered (how did she get those stitches so even???) at a Lynette Anderson sew-in, a notebook for ideas, 2 of the cutest little sticky notepads and 2 pieces of Australian fabric:  one with Koala Bears saying Merry Christmas and one with Kangaroos jumping Merry Christmas, too.  On this rainy grey day here in the S. Eastern USA, a bit of sunny Down Under to brighten my day.  

I have to decide how to showcase that fabric--perhaps for an ABC or I SPY quilt for Fiona--where else  could you find Koalas and Roos singing "Merry Christmas"???  I am a lucky girl...Thank you so much Merrill for your generosity....Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ya know what I did this afternoon ? WHAT WONDERS AWAITED ME?????

 I FUSED my little red baskets to my ironing board cover!! 

 Oooh noooo!  What a doofus!!  I haven't fused in so long, that I FORGOT about the UNDERneath part!!  

Ya know, you are rolling along and doing fun stuff and then...BOOM you do something so stupid that you cannot believe it. Huh? ( Not to mention the mess on my iron...). Perhaps too many things going on at the same time??? I'd like to believe that:

BUT ---Even Henri Le Chat fell over when he heard about it--all the way up on Cape Cod...(HE LOOKS PRETTY DISGUSTED WITH MOI).

AND here is Fiona's reaction.....even she could not believe it!!  

"Oh Grand'mere--where was your brain???"

I certainly came back to earth in a big hurry...With a THUMP, BUMP...PHOOEY!! For heaven's sake-- I just GOT that new cover!!  So tomorrow after my flu shots--(perhaps that will wake my brain up?)  I will go searching for a new cover.....and I remain

 Julierose La Blageuse ridicu-leuse!!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night, I was gazing at one of my all-time favorite applique pattern books (and drooling as usual):  
"When the Cold Wind Blows" by Barb Adams and Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs--and remembered that I had prepped their basket block called "Trick or Treat" to try out a new applique method.  After unearthing the tin I had them stored in, I looked at the 1st block I did and saw just how LOUSY the applique was!  But, I really, really love this little basket block--Whaaaa!! I just love that little diamond in the middle...aaaargh....

Well, allright then:  So, right then and there, I decided to try out my old standby favorite "blanket stitch" applique with No. 8 perle cotton...and...

Here they are: I don't know if the stitching shows, but the perle No 8 cotton thread is a warm honey golden color:

I had made a dresden plate quilt (called "Chez Nous"--which means "at home" in French) yrs ago for my cousin, Jeannette, as a housewarming gift; and used that stitch then....and loved doing it! 

 Soooo, why not try that--since it seems that I am absolutely, congenitally unable to do a good blind stitch--even with prepped pieces ---and just forget needleturn--I just make a 
H U G E mess of that!! And. It makes me very nervous....

Phew! I am really enjoying this and I like the old fashioned look it gives--just a teeny bit primitive.  The background blocks are a "white on white" muslin that I coffee dyed...(Maybe I shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee this morning LOL)

I guess I have a lot in the works--YA THINK?  But, right now, the plans and ideas keep on popping into my head.....so here I sit in the rain and wind working my little baskets--I took out the first one and am now BS-ing it also uh-oh--now THAT didn't look right BS= blanket stitching :--))))  Julierose, La Blageuse on coffee...

Sunday, September 16, 2012


HERE--what's hanging on my living room wall right now:

I made this using Anita Gross Solomon's Book: (which is really fabulous)

And:  Don't you have to love that Geisha fabric?  

Well, it's been up for a while now and my colorways have changed (new sofa, chairs etc):  SOoooooo:

HERE is the new panel pin-basted and ready to hand quilt:

I just love the dancing cranes from Kona Bay and the irridescent moons over the waves:

No fuss, no muss, just find a backing (I will show you that later after quilting is done--A lovely Jason Yenter Christmas print so I can reverse it for the Holidays:  A TWO-FER!)

And here are the indispensable items used so far:

The Sulky re-positionable spray, my favorite "Kwik Klip", pins and an old sweater blocking board I had bought when I was doing so much knitting.   It is just perfect to put on my dining room table (the back is felt--yes!!) and the measurement lines really help to get everything straight.  

So, this has been my Sunday Special--now for a sundae (ahem--the ice cream one--certainment) special --YUUUM!!

Avec Amities  Julierose, La Blageuse