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Monday, November 25, 2019


                               H a p p y  T h a n k s g i v i n g 
                                 to all my wonderful followers...
                                     I so appreciate you all....💝💝💝

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (celebrating-euse)

Friday, November 22, 2019


Here is my basket in progress...I am struggling with needleturn...;000
I need to push that handle down under more...and try to relax as I go...

My previous post featured a screenshot of Jan Patek's finished block--
                        [See those lovely nails..certainly not mine!! ]

                              Here is her beautiful finish...
                                      "Look Ma--no lumps or bumps"  
                                                Don't I wish.....

Meanwhile, I much prefer the starch and press method so far.....
more time spent prepping, but a breeze to sit and sew....at least 
for me...
I've finished Autumn Dresden...............

                                                     Here it is on our cocktail table....
                                          With a collection of little candles to warm us up..

This morning I have my 6 month 👀 exam...maybe my headaches are
related to my glasses?  We'll find out....

Tonight's dinner will be my crock pot Beef Stew along with the other half of my No Knead bread that I had frozen... a nice comforting dinner on yet
another gray rainy day....

TGIF everyone...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (testing-euse)

Thursday, November 21, 2019


                                          I like: this basket block that I am setting up...
                                               My 1st layered applique project...

I had ordered a kit from Jan Patek a few years ago and have never used it; well now is
the time.....
I am also (Gulp! Gasp!) going to give needle turn another go...
I have been  making cardboard templates and using the starch method
to prep my pieces up til now...

Fingers crossed--oh, wait, Noooo------ not a good idea lol

                                       Love this chunky cross block from Auntie Em's site....
especially that she
used her die cutter to prep all the pieces.....

And I really love this SAL that Lori of " Humble Quilts" plans to do in 2020...
but it looks
difficult.. we'll see.....

As you can tell from the above photos, I've been surfing mostly and not doing a whole lot else:
I do like that:
Today, I actually went OUT and did a few errands, so I am feeling better....(knock on wood).
I like that I actually remembered [hahaha] to
take our  turkey out of the freezer and put it in fridge to thaw....

And finally:
 I LIKE that all my hand quilting on Autumn Dresden is D O N E :

Now just a couple machine quilted straight ones on the side borders
and then she can be

Thanks Lee Anna for hosting these  "I like posts"

...they certainly perk us up in these difficult times....

hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (on-the-men-euse)

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


                    Moving along with hand quilting my Autumn Dresden....
I am truly enjoying my slow big stitch quilting on this one...


I have scaled back my activities and am resting more as I need to feel
better for Thanksgiving...which we are hosting here this year...

I find if I do too much,  the next day I am exhausted all over 
again...;>((( ugh!

So, I will keep this post short....
Hugs, julierose, La blageuse  ( taking it easy-euse)

Friday, November 15, 2019


  I finished embroidering ........................ "Tea Anyone" 
and since before i got sick, I have been searching for borders --
AND---what luck!!
I found a whole box of leftover Kim Diehl jelly roll strips 
in my DEEP stash..;))) 

I picked these two colors to bring out the little blue and pink flowers....

            This will be my next hand quilting project after i finish up--
my Autumn Dresden Plate:
↡↡↡                                    ↡↡↡                                 ↡↡↡

I have been stitching away on this in the early evenings..
 one circle at a time...very soothing.....;))) 

I machine quilted the outer edges of the 
inner and outer circle first to hold its 3 layers in place; and am 
hand quilting the rest....no extra borders on this one....

I made two trays of croutons for our salads while putting the borders on
"Tea Anyone?"
I save all the ends of breads and crusts in a baggy in the fridge until
I've collected enough to make a good batch..
then spray with Virgin olive oil
and add various spices;
 then bake in a slow, 200 degree 
oven for one- to one-and-one-half hours until they crisp up..

Once they are COMPLETELY cooled,, I store them in a plastic container....

I am also boiling down my small chicken carcass from yesterday's dinner
to make soup for tomorrow's meal...I like the rich broth it provides
And that, along with laundry, has just about done me in for today--
PHEW...doesn't take much...
I still tire easily--
So,,,,,Thom as stepped up and will be making 
spaghetti sauce for us for tonight's supper...;))) 
He is such a doll....;)))👫💋

I am having a cup of tea right now and resting up....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (on the road to recovery-euse)

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I LIKE # 21: Memories of Mom

                                                            Welcome to my Home

{note: since I've been sick for a week, I haven't gone out to take photos,
                          So I thought I'd show you my Welcome Banner in my front Hall}
And what it represents for me.....................

[Please join us at Lee Anna's Place to visit our group of positive quilters and
see what we like each week]

I made this a few years ago during an online class with
Jude at Spirit Cloth's blog------ soon after my Mom's passing away.

It is all scissor cut and hand sewn together.
 I used low key scraps and attached it to light weight muslin cloth.

{I like}💝 how
three little houses
in the woods--are sitting in front of those
trees...with the little one sheltering behind...

I used precious remnants
I had been hoarding...
then I hand stitched
freely...leaving some
edges raw...
                                              Which {I like} 💗...................

                 I tried to depict the deep darkness of the woods at night with those owls....
                                       and the BIG MOON radiating shafts of light:

                           A sort of kantha stitching trial....using perle cottons.....

As this was a memory piece also,
                              I included my Grand-mere's crocheted lace on top and
this one
shade pull

                                                          for "nighty-night" darkness

                                        { I like 💓} how the lace adds to that Olde World effect I was
                                                           hoping to achieve.....and times gone by...

                               Mom's little house wind chime for her window in her Nursing home
                                                      added another remembrance...
                                                  I Suspended it on a twisted branch cut from
                                          the Home's garden on one of our last walks together;

 and finally................................I added ....................................

          One of the broken shells we so often would gather after our walks to the beach,,,
        {I like}💔 how now, every time I walk by, I remember our times together...

I think that when you are sick, you want your Mom...I know I do///even at 76....💕

Hugs to you all; and thanks for bearing with me during my absence last week

Hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (Remembering-euse  💗💗💗)

                                                    A surprise from hubster.....

                             This:      gorgeous cast iron enameled dutch oven
                                I think I'll keep him....... lol
                       I see many no-knead oven baked breads 
                                         in our future ;))))))))))

Thursday, November 7, 2019


I like/love this stained glass piece made by our leader of the Thursday
"I like" group....Lee Anna of Not Afraid of Color..isn't it glorious??

We like Asian cuisine and this looks really good...
Another winner from "Yellow Bliss Road" blog

I enjoy watching "Agatha Raisin" 
late at night when I cannot sleep....
She is funny and quirky...
[Oh...and I like her haircut, too;)))]

This shot is from 
A small sample of her wonderful decorating prowess...
I just love that little quilt in those Fall colors..

I am trying to make-up a few little quilts for seasonal decorating myself...
I hope you are all enjoying these few days of lingering Autumn--
I think Winter will soon be upon us...

Thanks Lee Anna for another great week of finding positivity
in our lives...
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (waiting-euse)

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


                         Reading the next volume in the Mary Russell and
                               Sherlock Homes series...which I am loving...
Not sewing,,,,
And then there's this:↓↓
20-25 minutes while watching
    Father Brown's adventures

We love our recumbent bike

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (antsey-euse)
P.S.  for some reason my comments are not going to my mailbox now--
yet another glitch?  So I will be answering you on my blog--not the best, I
know, but I do appreciate all your comments...;)))

Monday, November 4, 2019


                     Here is my new Scrappy project waiting to be hand quilted...

                       I used the leftovers from Turkey-Lurkey for my dresden plate
                     and leftover 4 patches from a long ago squares-scrap swap I participated in...

As soon as my left hand/thumb recovers from pulling my Autumn Snowballs through
Helga (!!), (Now wearing my hand brace again until it simmers down....I tried to
buckle my seat belt this morning with my left hand and it really finished it off!!)
I will start hand quilting this small piece as soon as my hand permits..

Anyone else having issues uploading images on their blogs?? It has taken me 30 minutes
of clicking this and that over and over to get this one up....S I G H ....
Blogger is not user-friendly...;(((
I ended up RIGHT-clicking the image loader just on the
off chance it might work and it did...finally..

This morning Thom drove me to Big Y (driving being an issue with that hand in the
brace) and we purchased our 21 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving.  This year both my
son and daughter and their children will be coming here....so that will be 12 of us...
I am really looking forward to it...;)))
Here is my latest foray into embroidery...
                                           This cute little teapot flower holder ;)))
                            The colors are a bit more vibrant in person, but still low key...

                     [My stitches are a bit rusty as I haven't done any for quite a while ...]

I will take a little break from posting as the typing probably doesn't help my hand issue
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse
(waiting-euse--- tap tap tapping my foot ;))) )

Saturday, November 2, 2019


                                                   AUTUMN SNOWBALLS
                               I was able to finish-- finally-
 and after some fiddling around with blogger, 
I was able to post pictures--there is still some
gremlin in there....???? 
Anyone else having that problem???

                                        Here is the back 
                              (sorry for the upside down shot ;00)
I could just about reach up to hang the quilt as my shoulders 
and hands are really sore....

I used up what's left in my B & W stash scraps for the binding...
I had used almost all my B&W stash when I made Steven's 
(my eldest grandson's) quilt for his going away to college
quilt...and I hadn't replaced it since...

I do have some B&W's coming from MSQuilt Co.  this week....a
little stash enhancement....just a few 1/2 yds...

And so ends the final B I G quilt saga/journey for me.....

[I won't say "never again" 'cause you know what happens 
when you do that lol]. 
But I hope to keep most of my projects
on the small size from now on...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (finished-euse)