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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2nd FILLY, et al

My 2nd filly is about 2/3rds appliqued down...After watching a whole lot of YouTube videos,
I feel better about this kind of work.  For one thing I changed my direction of work and that makes a lot of difference...

And using a chair with arms
and a pillow on my lap...

little by little--learning--I guess
you can teach an olde dog new tricks...lol


And I am working away at my little vinyl- lined snack baggies for my grandgirls--here are the 1st 8:

There are two of:

isn't that kitty adorable???
And two of these:
CAT in the Hat for those upside down days....

and two of:
Russian Nesting Dolls and

only one each of:
 the birds and bunnies:

I have Flower Fairies left--making double of those as I figure they will be sought
after by both girls....;))):

You can see these are all set up to be "velcro-ed" and sewn up....on the right you
can see the vinyl lining...great for fruit and veggie snacks at school.....

Thom and I went out for an early breakfast this morning; and then I worked on our deck
appliqueing. Lovely cool breezes for about one hour--then the heat ramped up....

Tonight I am making Salisbury Steak meatballs in gravy over mashed potatoes with green beans...
A new recipe (NR) . I put the meatballs together this morning and got the taters ready to cook....

Hugs to all, hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday...
Julierose, La Blageuse (poop-ed-euse hahaha)

Sunday, August 13, 2017


                                              A foggy morning in Venice, trying out borders
                                                                  ....led to

..."the sun comes shining through..."

I love this old piece of Japanese cloud fabric
(even the thread doesn't want to let go hahaha)

It blends in so well with the Venice colors and

 I added the rest of my golden leaves for length..

So, my backing is all ready...

I just love this print; I had bought it in 2002 after our trip to Italy and never could find just how to use it as I didn't want to cut it up...and so,
another serendipitous moment..;}}}}}

This brings back so many wonderful memories of our fabulous trip to Italy--
A beautiful country and wonderful people....

(Best Filly Friend)

She is hoping to catch up with her BFF here...
{I can see some appliqued flowers in the borders...}

All corralled and ready to go...

This will be a Medallion block 
(frankly, I cannot believe I even attempted this applique,
and it is by no way, shape or form ;))) perfect--but it's mine own).

And now, for a bit of a different kind of sewing;

My DIL requested some of those waterproof snack bags for Willa and Fiona
 to take to Pre-school (Willa) and Kindergarten (Fiona).
Exciting times......
So, this morning I ran out to JoAnne's and got some iron-on vinyl and 
now am set with 5 different cute fabrics to 
sew 'em up....

Julierose, La Blageuse, (down memory lane-euse)

Thursday, August 10, 2017


                                    And so, my butterflies are soaring over "VENETZIA"   ;)))

Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I worked on the side borders for Venetzia this afternoon--I needed to make this piece wider and decided to add more of the gold leaves -just a small 1" strip--and because this is
in Italy, what else but......--G R A P E S  ;))) (vino, vino, vino) 

Here's a closer look at that luscious fabric...I really will only have about 4" of it leftover...
just enough...(Tonight at cocktail hour, I will celebrate with a glass of Vino...;}}})

I also worked a bit on "Save the Wild Horses":
I have maybe about 1/2 appliqued down...slow going for me....

I do like the prepared applique so that I don't have to think of 5 things to do  before taking
any stitches. ("Chacun a son gout", I guess). 

The idea for this piece comes from a PBS series on our vanishing wild horses--I rarely do
a "political statement" quilt--but this will be my entry for that category. 

These horses are simply the most magnificent creatures...
to see them running wild and free, to me, exemplifies America at its best...
it would be tragic to lose them...:.\-(((

...and so, I think that this Minick and Simpson pattern from their booklet "Sacagawea" really is expressive of their beauty...(I can only hope that my little effort will mirror it...).

And now "for something entirely different"..;)))); 

My "Monsta Mash" blocks are all done in their 1st stages...
now to get them all to play nicely together--not easy when they are 
all so weird....lol ;*>000...

(They do want to just mash about!!  See them all stacked up
there--I found them that way this morning--they are night creatures, after all!)

I am thinking some kind of black/gray/silver fabric...maybe more than one piece...
Stay tuned for the Scarefest.....
Julierose, La Blageuse (En Italia-euse)

Sunday, August 6, 2017


                                 Here is my Slow Sunday Stitching entry this week.

This filly is all ready to be stitched down--it took me hours to turn her under...
;ooo.  that mane is still not perfect, but will have to flow as it is for now...


Filly Number Deux is ready and waiting for her operation..hahaha.

And when I get tired of appliqueing I can pick up Mme Eagle and quilt..

I only did 3 rows around her
as that fabric pattern just keeps moving before my eyes!!  Aaargh...

                                 Rich blue here, that mostly disappears ;000 because of that solidly
                                 textured print--which i would not use again...

I am using DMC No 8 cotton to big stitch on the borders on this one...
I really find that I love to hand quilt this way....

So I will be on our deck stitching away this Sunday....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (slow-Sunday-euse) (linking up with Em 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Orange slabbing in progress on "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night..."

Here are the blocks I've made so far...( 23 more to go--this is going to be a bigger
quilt than I had thought--just because I am having SO MUCH FUN ;}}})

the top one is a new cutting
from that original fabric....

and More work on freaked out kitties....

HERE, I have set up the other blocks in progress by my machine...
                               I found this old batik scrap that I love--so in it will go

Here's a closer look at my scraps....all shades of orange and peach thrown in, too....and that little bit of light mauvey-pink...;*}}} who could have known that these Ghastlie Fabrics would morph into
another Improv quilt...

I am calling this my 4th Improv quilt adventure (of a sort)--because:

although I am setting the centers log cabin style---I have no idea how I will fill in  
in between all these different sized blocks...and they are by no means up to any final size as yet; there are more rounds to go...

I am doing the first round on each one and then will continue around in some fashion...(improving)
I want to add some kind of black/gray/silver: 

maybe more coin strips, maybe some skinny strips...this will also be
some  Improv ...

Thanks to DAWN & JACKIE for suggesting this slabfest...it was the springboard for this piece and a whole lot of fun...
hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse 
(freakin' it up-euse )
["do the mash,.....do the monsta mash..." lol]