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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I worked on the side borders for Venetzia this afternoon--I needed to make this piece wider and decided to add more of the gold leaves -just a small 1" strip--and because this is
in Italy, what else but......--G R A P E S  ;))) (vino, vino, vino) 

Here's a closer look at that luscious fabric...I really will only have about 4" of it leftover...
just enough...(Tonight at cocktail hour, I will celebrate with a glass of Vino...;}}})

I also worked a bit on "Save the Wild Horses":
I have maybe about 1/2 appliqued down...slow going for me....

I do like the prepared applique so that I don't have to think of 5 things to do  before taking
any stitches. ("Chacun a son gout", I guess). 

The idea for this piece comes from a PBS series on our vanishing wild horses--I rarely do
a "political statement" quilt--but this will be my entry for that category. 

These horses are simply the most magnificent creatures...
to see them running wild and free, to me, exemplifies America at its best...
it would be tragic to lose them...:.\-(((

...and so, I think that this Minick and Simpson pattern from their booklet "Sacagawea" really is expressive of their beauty...(I can only hope that my little effort will mirror it...).

And now "for something entirely different"..;)))); 

My "Monsta Mash" blocks are all done in their 1st stages...
now to get them all to play nicely together--not easy when they are 
all so weird....lol ;*>000...

(They do want to just mash about!!  See them all stacked up
there--I found them that way this morning--they are night creatures, after all!)

I am thinking some kind of black/gray/silver fabric...maybe more than one piece...
Stay tuned for the Scarefest.....
Julierose, La Blageuse (En Italia-euse)


  1. Your Monster Mash is going to be a fun Halloween quilt. Great way to play with orange slabs.

  2. Wild horse(s) is coming along beautifully, as is Venetzia. It'll be most interesting to see what you do with the Monstas, that's about the point in a project like this that I'd be pulling my hair out trying to figure out "what was I thinking?!"

  3. The horse quilt is coming out beautifully! Love it! I also love that grape fabric on Venetzia. Fits in perfect! I think Monster Mash will be great for Halloween! You're having such fun!

  4. Venetzia is so colorfully rich. It looks like it belongs in hanging in an expensive hotel or castle. It's beautiful. All your quilts are fantastic. It's fun to see those Monster Mash blocks accumulating. Happy sewing! Andrea

  5. Love the butterfly borders! Great progress on all.

  6. I hadn't seen your wild horses before. Good fabric choice for this one. Enjoy your Venetzia, too.

  7. I love the meaning behind your horse quilt--makes it so special! Those Halloween blocks are too fun!

  8. I love your horses and the Venetzia looks great with it's grape border :)

  9. What beautiful appliqué! Love the horse and the grapes were the perfect border. Enjoy that wine as you toast the quilts.

  10. Your butterfly quilt is lovely. You are doing a great job on your horse, and love your monster quilt.


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