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Friday, August 25, 2017


                          Here is where I sit to work on  quilting  my "Pomegranates" wall hanging.....

                     Presently, I am working on the alternate blocks--hand quilting them...
(Don't look too closely at my quilting stitches--I haven't done this type of quilting in a long time--egads!!!! My eye/hand coordination needs practice....;0000)

I am working one- to- two stitches on my needle at a time, trying to make them even...
using my favorite  Guttermann hand quilting thread (which I love) --
in a lovely, soft, pale beige color....so relaxing...

I had big stitched the Pom blocks a while ago....the alternate blocks are a lovely soft batik print...

this was my first foray setting blocks on point...And I love how it looks...with that pointed stem
disappearing into the bottom of the block...I want to make this pattern again..in a different style
and colors....
{I used Alex Anderson's die from accuquilt to cut the pomegranates...}

And here is where I sit on our deck looking up at the clouds drifting by and enjoying the soft breezes....
(N.B. we put up this little barrier to block out the BIG BLUE BUS parked right in our line of sight next door along with their FIVE old cars!!!)
**S I G H **
When seated we cannot see that mess....

This is such a lovely way to spend the early afternoon after spending our morning --;))))
taking a mile walk, then going to the bank, grocery and hardware stores.
                            (Thom's stop--could you guess??lol)

AND, gals... I know that....

I should be inside vacuuming, dusting, and generally cleaning up--BUT....these days are so few and far between that I am scuttling those chores for a few hours anyway,
and enjoying the out-of-doors....

Hugs, from sunny CT
Julierose, La Blageuse. (quilting-euse)


  1. Beautiful work, I don't care what you think of your stitches, LOL! And no you should NOT be doing housework unless absolutely necessary. Life is to enjoy, not to clean up for! xo

  2. Housework will always be there waiting for you, tomorrow or next week, or ... hehe!(Ask me how I know!) Your hand quilting is coming along beautifully!

  3. Gorgeous. Housework can fit around the time spent outside enjoying the lovely weather.

  4. Forget about that sort of housework. So long as you have food to eat and clothes to wear I say enjoy your precious time...

  5. Just beautiful! Love your hand quilting. Enjoy the weather. It has been so hot this summer. Cooled down a little today. But the smoke from wildfires does not allow me to go out much.

  6. BEAUTIFUL STITCHES. love how this is coming along. enjoy the outdoors when you can. gonna be a long cold winter.

  7. I'm so enjoying this wonderful weather. Your housework can wait! Sitting and stitching is so much better! Enjoy!

  8. i like guetterman too. Isn't the weather lovely lately? I had to laugh about your neighbor - there is a lot of that kind of thing in CT
    pretty quiltilng

  9. Housework can wait - the beautiful weather won't. Your photos look so peaceful. We won't mention the bus!

  10. Very nice quilting. I haven't seen the pomegranate dye...going to look it up.

  11. I do like the colours in your Pomegranates quilt, and your hand quilting - know what you mean about the eyes!!


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