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Sunday, August 13, 2017


                                              A foggy morning in Venice, trying out borders
                                                                  ....led to

..."the sun comes shining through..."

I love this old piece of Japanese cloud fabric
(even the thread doesn't want to let go hahaha)

It blends in so well with the Venice colors and

 I added the rest of my golden leaves for length..

So, my backing is all ready...

I just love this print; I had bought it in 2002 after our trip to Italy and never could find just how to use it as I didn't want to cut it up...and so,
another serendipitous moment..;}}}}}

This brings back so many wonderful memories of our fabulous trip to Italy--
A beautiful country and wonderful people....

(Best Filly Friend)

She is hoping to catch up with her BFF here...
{I can see some appliqued flowers in the borders...}

All corralled and ready to go...

This will be a Medallion block 
(frankly, I cannot believe I even attempted this applique,
and it is by no way, shape or form ;))) perfect--but it's mine own).

And now, for a bit of a different kind of sewing;

My DIL requested some of those waterproof snack bags for Willa and Fiona
 to take to Pre-school (Willa) and Kindergarten (Fiona).
Exciting times......
So, this morning I ran out to JoAnne's and got some iron-on vinyl and 
now am set with 5 different cute fabrics to 
sew 'em up....

Julierose, La Blageuse, (down memory lane-euse)


  1. The back of your quilt is as gorgeous as the front. Your BFF is looking good.

  2. I'm glad you got to use that special Venice fabric without cutting it up.

    The background fabric for your horses looks a lot like a fabric I've used in my current project - it is an old Jinny Beyer from (I think) the early 1990s. Is yours of a similar vintage?

  3. I agree, the back is as gorgeous as the front!

  4. pretty quilt back and great use of the fabric you love. love your horses. they look great lucky Willa and Fiona to get some of those bags from you!

  5. I did a blue horse block quite some time ago for a quilt. I like your fabric choice for your horses.

  6. That Japanese cloud fabric is perfect with the Venice fabric and the gold is just the crowning touch.

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  8. That is a lovely quilt to remind you of your trip. The fillies are looking mighty fine as well.

  9. Love that Italian fabric! So nice you don't have to cut it up. The horses look perfect to me! More great projects, as usual!!


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