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Thursday, February 23, 2017


                                                              A FLIMSY--FINALLY

I finished cutting the sides this morning and pulling off the last of the 
papers and all the threads...(phew!!);))) BUT--done-zo!!

Then came the riffling through the stash to try out borders....
I tried a lot of prints of all sizes, but they were all just too busy 
and then an 
moment...this turquoise linen/cotton blend has been languishing in my
stash along with my meager amounts of solids...

I love the way it blends with the other water-ey prints...
the text is En Francais...

In my mind's eye:

Night is coming on--- little by little (left side); 
and tiny reflections are mirrored across the pond...
along with a few specks of the rising moon....on the still waters...

"C'est toute" today...
Julierose, La Blageuse (wishing she were in France-euse)
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is how far I got on my Monet's Garden...and got stuck.  Just didn't know where i wanted to go with it....so, into the closet about a year ago or more...

I took it out last night, laid it out here, and then re-folded it and put it back....
Hmmm, then this morning I re-considered and now am adding some more of the white text fabric on the two opposite sides...

Something like this...I will need to cut and baste some half-hexagons for the sides, too.  
I have it next to my seat in our tv room ready to be worked on in the evenings...


 here is the 2nd hexagon project that has been languishing for about 6 years!!!
                                     "Snow Flowers"...

this one has to be appliqued onto the all white background--and then
I will figure out what appliques should be added around the edges....

That one is in the wings...they are both on my 2017 list of WIPS...

Look what emerged today??? spring must be coming for sure....
and finally .....

Christmas on the Farm update:  my canning jars--I wish I had made those
covers darker (I may end up darkening them with a fabric pen), but I like the fruits inside--good for Christmas pies....

("Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy, 
can she bake a cherry pie, charming Billy")

Julierose, La Blageuse  ( back in Hexagonia-euse)

Saturday, February 18, 2017


This afternoon I made chicken soup for our dinner tonight...
sounds yummy, right???
I didn't have a leftover cooked chicken carcass --which is my preferred way to make this soup,
so, I used some boned, skinned breasts; and  as usual,  I covered them with water, added a bay leaf and a pinch of salt and let them simmer, skimming off the foam as it appeared, until they were cooked.
when I lifted them out of my pan they were covered with this white gel-like, gooey stuff--in bits and blobs.
UGH..so I rinsed them, but ended up having to scrape the stuff off and rinse again..

Now the chicken breasts were good--they hadn't gone bad or anything
 (they passed the smell test just fine LOL) .

SO, my questions are:  Has this ever happened to you soup makers out there?

Is this something new they are using on the chickens that I should know about?

Is it harmful?

Or is this yet just another step we soup makers have to go through to make soup??

Hugs, from
Julierose, La Blageuse (un )happy little soup-maker..;000


A little stamping, a little watercoloring, some collaging using my hand dyed papers and "la belle chouette", Cassidy--using old and doubles of her photos...

My sentiments, exactly ;))))

And she certainly does that....

Here are a few of the other pages from my collage journaling....

If and when you can....

Have an open heart for sure...hard sometimes, but definitely worth the while...

"It's a lovely day today...." humming on this sunshiney day..hope we have a
lot of snow melt...
hugs, Julierose (collage-euse)

Friday, February 17, 2017


                              "OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS
                                 TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO..."
                                  AKA Crossroad block in my Christmas on
                                                        Pipere's Farm
 (".....And another one bites the dust,"......lol--songs keep rambling
   around my head lately;)))))

If you look closely (bottom and right side) --in the interest of "honesty"--
you can see that this one didn't  make it  to the 6.5" size
 BUT rather, is  only 6". AAARGH!! &*%#@ (censored)...hah!!

 I forGOT to set my needle over to get that scant 1/4"--this is my special bugaboo for sure...
seam allowance and I have NEVER seen eye-to-eye...ack!!

(I will fudge a few strips when I put these all together...I am a good fudger..ROTFLOL).

I hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend...I am not going to say a single,
solitary word about celebrating "President's Day"...ahem....;0000

I FOUND aNOther long, lost project--this one from before I had Helga and was working
on my old Pfaff that was (obviously) very sick at the time--the stitching is horrible. But
I am rescuing it and sewed a few little blocks together this afternoon...
stay tuned....
Julierose, La Blageuse (Farming-euse)

Thursday, February 16, 2017


                           "I'M AS RESTLESS AS A WILLOW IN A WINDSTORM,
                                      I'M AS JUMPY AS A PUPPET ON A STRING....

                                    I HAVEN'T SEEN A CROCUS OR A ROSEBUD
                                                  OR A ROBIN ON THE WING...".....

Pansy update--just plunked up on my wall --waiting for Spring...working slowly on these
trying to pull fabrics that won't look different....

See this mess:
A pile of greens, purples and a few bright yellows and maroons...

the yellow ones ended up in itty-bitty blocks

I don't know if they will be incorporated in with the bigger ones or not yet....but I love their
Spring-like cheeriness...

enough with the snow and cold...it is raw and windy here AGAIN....especially in our
supermarket parking lot!!


Julierose, La blageuse (dreaming of Spring-euse)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My newest Farm Girl Christmas block--the bears are asleep under the haystacks....

This is my latest block--an easier one--as still nursing Mr. Pirate (;/0000) 
after his 2nd eye op....I've been looking for a spot for that really "cutie
patootie" bear to rest. And so....
I envision: 
Snow laden farms lying quiet under the moon covered with snow.  
My little bear crawled in there to stay warm...
[this was a fun block to put together ]
Next for me will be Crossroads I think....
so far four little 6" blocks and the big Mama Bovine...mooovin' slowly
(oh, this never gets old for me lol).

Hugs from cold snow-laden CT stay warm and safe
Julierose (Farm Gal-euse)

Thursday, February 9, 2017


 On this SNOW-ey Thursday I'm sharing a few stops on the road of my Collage Journey...

I just love how this one emerged....

Here's a closer look

AND then....
Perfect for today, snowing and dreaming of Spring blooms

It is amazing to me how my choosing random --or what I think are
random- pictures, how they come together to illustrate my daily feelings.....

This was definitely an "UP" day....

And here, I am cheering myself on...

These are just a few of my collages that i have made since last summer--
I am scouring old magazines for images...these are just my "girls"; but
I also have a lot of nature ones also...

hugs from windy, frigid, and snowing like crazee (!) CT ;0000
Julierose, La Blageuse (collage-euse)

Sunday, February 5, 2017


                                                             PANSY GARDEN

Looking through my UFO's I found this project I had started a few years ago --
it was folded INSIDE of another UFO..all the muslin bases were cut and so....

I sewed this block today:

It does look very different than the other two--many of the fabrics I had used are gone...

.so, I will begin to incorporate different greens, purples and will add some yellow and maroon pansies, too..

the first block is very plain with a bit of
sky peeping through on the top left--but
I think I can add embroidery and
beading and some free form darker leaves.

This block:

on the other hand, is SO totally different--much darker--that I am now
thinking that I was just trying out different combinations of fabrics -- I
wish I had left myself some notes....quelle dommage!!
but, we'll see where this goes...
I just love pansies--they are so rich and velvet-looking...harbingers of
S P R I N G....

Julierose, La blageuse (thinking of Spring-euse)