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Saturday, February 18, 2017


This afternoon I made chicken soup for our dinner tonight...
sounds yummy, right???
I didn't have a leftover cooked chicken carcass --which is my preferred way to make this soup,
so, I used some boned, skinned breasts; and  as usual,  I covered them with water, added a bay leaf and a pinch of salt and let them simmer, skimming off the foam as it appeared, until they were cooked.
when I lifted them out of my pan they were covered with this white gel-like, gooey stuff--in bits and blobs.
UGH..so I rinsed them, but ended up having to scrape the stuff off and rinse again..

Now the chicken breasts were good--they hadn't gone bad or anything
 (they passed the smell test just fine LOL) .

SO, my questions are:  Has this ever happened to you soup makers out there?

Is this something new they are using on the chickens that I should know about?

Is it harmful?

Or is this yet just another step we soup makers have to go through to make soup??

Hugs, from
Julierose, La Blageuse (un )happy little soup-maker..;000


  1. Dear Happy, I don't know the answers, but I always use a new chicken. I like to get the cheaper whole ones, because the dark meat always makes better tasting soup. When I pick off the meat I save the breasts for sandwiches.
    Just one more trait we have in common. I love making chicken soup. Do you ever make any other kind of soup?

  2. I bet it was a thin layer of fat over the breast. I know that we get chicken by the case and we do a huge clean up before we use it. Lots of fat and stuff on the breasts.

  3. I make big vats of chicken soup at a time, and I use legs, backs and wings. The soup does get a scummy kind of layer, but I strain that out. And by the time I'm done cooking the soup, the chicken has no taste at all. I toss it because all the flavor has gone into the soup/

  4. I don't know either but it makes me wonder too. My husband was a meat cutter all his working life so I'll ask him if he can explain it.

  5. I buy a whole chicken. The wings and body go in the soup pan. The breast and legs in the oven! Yummy, with garlic, lemon and oregano! The Greek way.

  6. By the way, the Greek word for chicken is Kota!!!

  7. Maybe be something harmful, they wouldn't tell you but I've noticed to, I just put lots of water in and them pour it outside when I get finished. It may be something to make it weigh more so you pay more! Like on hams they says water added!

  8. Unfortunately, I'm not a soup maker. My mom makes soup all the time and always gives me some! I can ask her if she's ever had this happen. Sounds like some sort of additive to me.

  9. That just doesn't sound good. I've never used just breasts, so I agree with the others here. Something must have been added to the chicken breast. I need to make soup. Haven't done it in awhile. Thanks for the post! mary in Az


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