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Saturday, February 18, 2017


A little stamping, a little watercoloring, some collaging using my hand dyed papers and "la belle chouette", Cassidy--using old and doubles of her photos...

My sentiments, exactly ;))))

And she certainly does that....

Here are a few of the other pages from my collage journaling....

If and when you can....

Have an open heart for sure...hard sometimes, but definitely worth the while...

"It's a lovely day today...." humming on this sunshiney day..hope we have a
lot of snow melt...
hugs, Julierose (collage-euse)


  1. Fun collaging! You are so multitalented. I haven't done any of that in 50 years! (I do save magazine pictures for it though.)

  2. So fun! I admire people who can do this.

  3. Very pretty. We had all the ice melt off the pool. Which probably means some leaf cleaning tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful collages of Cassidy and lovely printed words!


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