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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is how far I got on my Monet's Garden...and got stuck.  Just didn't know where i wanted to go with it....so, into the closet about a year ago or more...

I took it out last night, laid it out here, and then re-folded it and put it back....
Hmmm, then this morning I re-considered and now am adding some more of the white text fabric on the two opposite sides...

Something like this...I will need to cut and baste some half-hexagons for the sides, too.  
I have it next to my seat in our tv room ready to be worked on in the evenings...


 here is the 2nd hexagon project that has been languishing for about 6 years!!!
                                     "Snow Flowers"...

this one has to be appliqued onto the all white background--and then
I will figure out what appliques should be added around the edges....

That one is in the wings...they are both on my 2017 list of WIPS...

Look what emerged today??? spring must be coming for sure....
and finally .....

Christmas on the Farm update:  my canning jars--I wish I had made those
covers darker (I may end up darkening them with a fabric pen), but I like the fruits inside--good for Christmas pies....

("Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy, 
can she bake a cherry pie, charming Billy")

Julierose, La Blageuse  ( back in Hexagonia-euse)


  1. Great job pulling out old projects they are gorgeous. Love your canning jars.

  2. love your found projects. and LOVE your canning jars. so so fun

    1. Oh thanks Dawn...since i am a bit under the weather, I'll be traveling in "Hexagonia" today lol

  3. I have a few "stalled" projects too--lol! It sounds like you have some good ideas to move forward--they are going to be lovely! Your canning jars are so fun!

  4. sometimes when you sleep on it something will come to you over night. I have done that many times , just wake up during the night and know what my next step will be

  5. Love your Monet - the subtle colors are beautiful... and the other hexi quilt is great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. So glad you're working on Monet again! It's so pretty! I also have a hexie quilt that's been hanging around for years! I don't know if I'll ever finish it!!

  7. Oh I'm pleased you're back working on the hexies!!

  8. Love you two hexie projects! sometimes we all need some timeout, I do it all the time, a couple of months later with fresh eyes can make all the difference :)

  9. All these hexies - you must be very patient! I like your canning jars a lot too.


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