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I would love for you to join me (a retired senior)in my zany crafting adventures with quilting (waaaaay too much fabric); scrapbooking (will I ever catch up?); redwork; counted cross stitch; crossword puzzles; reading; and cooking.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The "place setting" so far.... this rainy and still cold really, Sunday; I have been working on my Dresden Plates.  

I need to cut more wedges now....but the old shoulder issue has reared its
ugly head again...so I will be using the Corn Bag that the amazing  Colette so kindly made for me to soothe it....;))) it works so well...
thanks again Colette....

AND..... reading, or rather, re-reading, (I do that a lot as I cannot
seem to find many good books lately) a P.D. James book: 
"Death of an Expert Witness". I love her Adam Dalgleish series....

I have also been browsing Missouri Star video tutorials for the 2nd secret
lap quilt I plan on making...I like the "Snowball Four Patch" the best so far and
the "Periwinkle" quilt (but,  this Periwinkle has tons of little pieces...hmmm)

I will be making pork fried rice for my hubby for his dinner with some leftover pork chops...I will be having a S A L A D yet  AGAIN!!  ;((((, 
BUT............ I have lost 3.5 lbs this past week, 
so onward and 
"DOWN"ward I hope..... LOL

Julierose, La Blageuse (Dresden-euse)

Sunday, March 19, 2017


A New project (I know, I said finishes first--but see above: 

I've had this charm pack of Bramblewood (I think it was called that) for a long time and had set up a Plus quilt with the charms, but didn't like it at ALL--

I want to make a surprise quilt for a sweetheart that I know....I LOVE Dresden
Plates and thought that these would be a lovely set of dishes...for someone special...

I have no idea what color 14.5" squares I will use for a background or the centers as yet....just improvising along.  
(As in "No worries, just having fun") 

This plate takes 20 little wedges 5" long; so, I can get 2 
wedges from each square...
and the resultant dish is 12" give or take....I want to do a big stitch by hand on this one...make it really special....

I will need it for later on this year...just sayin' Shhhhhh...........
Each plate will feature 2-3 of each pattern and color in the set.

Here are the rest of the colors in this lovely, low volume charm pack...
(Ya think this board is old??? yikes--) gorgeous lavenders, turquoises, corals and pinks...all flecked with bits of gold--kind of like those gold-rimmed plates 
I would love to have...

And so on this windy and cold Sunday I find myself excited about quilting 

-out of my funk of not liking anything; 
I was cleaning out my stash when I came across this stack and


 It hit me---this  would be a perfect set of Dresden Dishes--


My Mom and I made a Dresden quilt for my cousin, Jeannette, when she found out she had cancer (since sadly departed from my life--she was like a sister to me) and we gifted it to her calling it "Chez Nous" meaning At Home [or really you are always welcome in our house.]  

Because that is how she was--"Oh come on over, stay for dinner with us" Always so happy to see the family...I truly miss her still --she passed way too many
years ago now and way too young....

I think this one will be named Chez Nous " also.......in her honor....

{I am thinking of her as I make my Sunday Dinner "Chez Nous", of pot roast, mashed potatoes and a nice tossed salad...she was the crock pot queen, too; as I have become ......
if you're up there Jeannette-- ma cousine,
I hope you are smiling down at us and enjoying 
seeing my new set of "Dishes" coming together...}

Julierose, La Blageuse-Dresden-euse

Friday, March 17, 2017


the reverse of Christmas on Pipere's Farm table topper --finally got this together...

And the Bossy side LOL

And here are a few close ups...


with this, I have finished what I am going to make from the Farm Girl Vintage set of blocks....

********************     ********************    ***************

Here is my wish for Winter to be O V E R ...

A Summer Breeze for the back of my Spring Pansies in progress...(I am not a fan of hourglass
sewing--again with the triangle challenged-brain...) .but I love these fabrics--;))))
 (Here insert:
"If I could save time in a bottle....la la-la-laaaah, la la laaaah...")
I have come to a complete STOP: ..................with my sewing...and handworks, and paper crafting, embroidery etc...

I am debating whether to make another spider web (I have a lot of papers leftover...)
or wait for my teeny periwinkle tool and papers from MSQC to come in the mail...
so adorable... from Jennie, the enabler...;))))................
OR a log cabin piece....

BUT********I cannot seem to come to any kind of decision**************

which usually means for me, that it is time to take stock, rest and see where I want to go....
nothing jumps out at me....cabin fever strikes again...;0000

hugs and TGIF to you all,
Julierose, La Blageuse      ( Spring Fevered-euse)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Four of these

          Four of these and....

only two of these....
and then this one

Butterflies visiting the pansies...

{I wish I had more of the purple pansy fabrics, but this is it; so we shall see if I can add in other flowers for my pathways....}

These have been my late evening (unable to sleep) project for the past few weeks...they are leftovers...so I really don't know how I will put them together
or in what form....I hate to see leftover hexies....for now, I will put them in my UFO drawer and find another hand work project....for late evening watching of
Hercule Poirot mysteries...

We were lucky in yesterday's snowstorm--we did have about 5" then it all turned to rain...so we had slush, but not the heavy amounts that were predicted. I think we were the only part of CT (here right on the Coastline)
 that got away with it; most schools are still closed while clean ups are in progress--18"-24" most areas!! Yikes!! I can do without that!! I have Spring Fever as it is...;0000
Julierose, La Blageuse (leaving Hexagonia-euse)

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Here is my ironing board--did I press too hard or ...wait, NOoooo, wait wait... it's
No darn wonder....I kept thinking that the board was metal (it came with cover on and , yup, I didn't
check--) and that it had warped from my PRESSING too hard..yikes!!

any suggestions out there for a new board--brand? Type? that doesn't cost
an arm and a leg??? I would be willing to go up to $100....to be sure that it would last --at age 73 I don't need one to last too long, after all hahaha....

so now I am using my Mother's tabletop ironing board--on top of my cutting table...good thing I finished up the 4 big quilts for my grands....
Maybe the Luck O' the Irish --being 3/4's French and 1/4 Irish....hmmmm
Begorra and all that jazz!

Julierose, La Blageuse..(boardless-euse ;(((  )

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


                  Do you remember this reversible hexagon tabletopper from a few years ago?

Well, it turns out that I have a whole lot of extra prepped hexies from it...
Actually all the flower bits...

So, between those and my Monet's garden orts [;)))] I have begun making this little one:

and....since I threw my back out 3 days ago and cannot sit at my machine, I have been reading and sewing hexagons....:00000!!

I love that water-ey blue batik and the pansy fabrics ;(I seem to be on such a pansy kick lately) and have three started
--so my paths are strewn with flowers instead of the other way around...
just for a change--
we'll see how this develops...

The black centers are from Monet's garden;

so, ladies, I am "on the road in Hexagonia" once again, 
enjoying the trip...and
reading--- in between icing my back and moving s l o w l y....
through my days...

{today we are fogbound, gray and rainy....}

hugs to all,
Julierose, La Blageuse (From Hexagonia)
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