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Sunday, March 19, 2017


A New project (I know, I said finishes first--but see above: 

I've had this charm pack of Bramblewood (I think it was called that) for a long time and had set up a Plus quilt with the charms, but didn't like it at ALL--

I want to make a surprise quilt for a sweetheart that I know....I LOVE Dresden
Plates and thought that these would be a lovely set of dishes...for someone special...

I have no idea what color 14.5" squares I will use for a background or the centers as yet....just improvising along.  
(As in "No worries, just having fun") 

This plate takes 20 little wedges 5" long; so, I can get 2 
wedges from each square...
and the resultant dish is 12" give or take....I want to do a big stitch by hand on this one...make it really special....

I will need it for later on this year...just sayin' Shhhhhh...........
Each plate will feature 2-3 of each pattern and color in the set.

Here are the rest of the colors in this lovely, low volume charm pack...
(Ya think this board is old??? yikes--) gorgeous lavenders, turquoises, corals and pinks...all flecked with bits of gold--kind of like those gold-rimmed plates 
I would love to have...

And so on this windy and cold Sunday I find myself excited about quilting 

-out of my funk of not liking anything; 
I was cleaning out my stash when I came across this stack and


 It hit me---this  would be a perfect set of Dresden Dishes--


My Mom and I made a Dresden quilt for my cousin, Jeannette, when she found out she had cancer (since sadly departed from my life--she was like a sister to me) and we gifted it to her calling it "Chez Nous" meaning At Home [or really you are always welcome in our house.]  

Because that is how she was--"Oh come on over, stay for dinner with us" Always so happy to see the family...I truly miss her still --she passed way too many
years ago now and way too young....

I think this one will be named Chez Nous " also.......in her honor....

{I am thinking of her as I make my Sunday Dinner "Chez Nous", of pot roast, mashed potatoes and a nice tossed salad...she was the crock pot queen, too; as I have become ......
if you're up there Jeannette-- ma cousine,
I hope you are smiling down at us and enjoying 
seeing my new set of "Dishes" coming together...}

Julierose, La Blageuse-Dresden-euse


  1. Very pretty. Can't wait to see the next blocks.

  2. This is such a pretty, interesting pattern, and the colors are beautiful. I definitely need to learn how to hand-quilt.

  3. Lovely blocks. Thanks for the lovely story.

  4. I must make a Dresden one of these days...

  5. some of my favorite projects were ones that were designed as i worked along. and as you say, it's just fun that way.

  6. Beautiful post. I have a new Dresden ruler and look forward to having time to make a quilt.

    I like the fabrics you are using and can't wait to see it finished.

  7. I love Dresden Plate quilts. I've made one but have thought about making another. I'm sure Jeannette is looking down on you and helping you with your dinner!

  8. Dresden plates are my favorite. Even half Dresdens. I really like that stack of fabrics too. Great idea of the gold touch.
    This was such a sweet post of memories too. thank you. mary in Az

  9. Love Dresden plate quilts, your low volume will be so pretty, I am sure.


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