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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Four of these

          Four of these and....

only two of these....
and then this one

Butterflies visiting the pansies...

{I wish I had more of the purple pansy fabrics, but this is it; so we shall see if I can add in other flowers for my pathways....}

These have been my late evening (unable to sleep) project for the past few weeks...they are leftovers...so I really don't know how I will put them together
or in what form....I hate to see leftover hexies....for now, I will put them in my UFO drawer and find another hand work project....for late evening watching of
Hercule Poirot mysteries...

We were lucky in yesterday's snowstorm--we did have about 5" then it all turned to rain...so we had slush, but not the heavy amounts that were predicted. I think we were the only part of CT (here right on the Coastline)
 that got away with it; most schools are still closed while clean ups are in progress--18"-24" most areas!! Yikes!! I can do without that!! I have Spring Fever as it is...;0000
Julierose, La Blageuse (leaving Hexagonia-euse)


  1. Your hexie garden is looking great! I love the fabrics you used...hope you find more.

    You escaped the deep stuff but it still sounds very cold!

  2. Great flowers - I love the blue and the flowers. I enjoy watching Poirot also.

  3. We can see the spring fever in your hexies. You are yearning for flowers and butterflies. What's great about hexies is you can always add in other motifs and make more to make up a quilt and sprinkle the pansies around with the other flowers and butterflies.
    Glad the weather didn't get you down.

  4. Beautiful flowers, maybe the snow is over for thius year. I want spring to. They are saying we are going to have a pollen explosion next weeks with Hugh's in 7o

  5. Beautiful flowers. We are suppose to have a pollen next week

  6. Love your hexies! I think we got over a foot of snow. So sick of this. I want the spring!!

  7. Gorgeous hexies. Glad the snow was light. Yesterday we had snow, a couple of inches, the kids ran out with their shovels to clear the driveway before our Celebration of life for Jeff. They did a great job, all the little boys taking care of things.


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