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Sunday, March 26, 2017


The "place setting" so far.... this rainy and still cold really, Sunday; I have been working on my Dresden Plates.  

I need to cut more wedges now....but the old shoulder issue has reared its
ugly head again...so I will be using the Corn Bag that the amazing  Colette so kindly made for me to soothe it....;))) it works so well...
thanks again Colette....

AND..... reading, or rather, re-reading, (I do that a lot as I cannot
seem to find many good books lately) a P.D. James book: 
"Death of an Expert Witness". I love her Adam Dalgleish series....

I have also been browsing Missouri Star video tutorials for the 2nd secret
lap quilt I plan on making...I like the "Snowball Four Patch" the best so far and
the "Periwinkle" quilt (but,  this Periwinkle has tons of little pieces...hmmm)

I will be making pork fried rice for my hubby for his dinner with some leftover pork chops...I will be having a S A L A D yet  AGAIN!!  ;((((, 
BUT............ I have lost 3.5 lbs this past week, 
so onward and 
"DOWN"ward I hope..... LOL

Julierose, La Blageuse (Dresden-euse)


  1. Love your Dresden Plates. So pretty! Take care of yourself. I think your Sunday dinner sounds great although I'd probably end up with the salad too!! When is it going to warm up????

  2. Sorry about your shoulder... good luck on your decent. I lose one and gain one... ugh.
    Our weather is icky here, too. Raining and just a tiny bit above freezing. It's always scary to go out, could be sheet ice on the way home.

  3. The Dresden plates are so pretty. I hope your shoulder feels much better soon.

  4. your dresdans are so nice, how many do you need to make the quilt?

  5. Pretty plates. Three and a half pounds! Congrats.

  6. I'm trying to catch up with reading blogs, I seem to have missed some in the past two weeks. Lovely to see your Dresden Plates, especially that they have the pointy ends. Good weight loss for you - what's your secret???

  7. Great! I need to lose but can't get in the grove. You are doing wonderful

  8. Pretty Dresdens. I am sorry your shoulder is acting up again.

  9. Love your Dresdens--so pretty! 3.5 pounds--you go girl!!

  10. The Dresdens look so pretty. I really like the fabrics you are using.

    I thinks 3.5# is great.

  11. I hope your shoulder improves quickly. Your Dresdens are very pretty.


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