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Saturday, April 1, 2017


                                    Seven done--- 5 to go... a few centers done, too....

Taking my time on this one as I am enjoying the process; but....
holey moley--

wait a "gol'darned" second, Thelma!!...;0000

Is that the Merry Month of May I spy on our horizon--the month I turn----
G A S P ...
74 ????

how did that happen....???

I guess it really is T E M P U S  F U G I T after all...

and with that in mind --I've re-thought Bonnie Hunter's leader-ender method.
I have never really felt that I HAD to make two quilts at one time....but with my 
L  O  N  G  list of quilts I want to make and my

S  H  O  R  T  amount of years in my future, I have decided to jump on that
bandwagon...{wait for me!!};0000

And so, my new leader-ender is a string star quilt that I spied on Angie's site
yesterday when I was reading posts...it just hit me that I NEEDED to MAKE this one right now, for me  ...hard enough did I get hit that...
I went immediately and pulled out
my blue strips and fat 1/4's stash...yikes--not many in there..

Oh, yeah, blue being my favorite color, I've used most of those 
deep blues up...

I made one more Dresden using my 6" muslin blocks and the 
leader-ender method to sew these two up:

                            Aren't they pretty?? 

Oh my gosh, I am super excited, silly old Grand-mere that I am....6 more to make in blue and then some blue and white and some all white.....

[shamelessly copying Angie's quilt that I am;
 shall I call her an enabler instead???? ROTFLOL????]

 Hi Angie ..

 I hope that I have enough of these deep blues to finish...
or else, OH NOOOOO...I'll have to visit Jenny hahaha

Here's my new iron and set up (remember the sad cracked ironing board saga?)

Am using my June Taylor (veryvery old and stained) cut n' press board....

Here's the next Plate set up, a mix of 
leftovers on this one...

And just because I think it's so cute, I had to show you my under the harp pin cushion...;)))

So, on this extremely windy and rain-soaked day... gray, gray gray...

I am making this for dinner:{ after all, hubster had surgery Thursday...
so and he is doing really well for those of you who 
wanted to know ;))) }

meatloaf [hub's favorite], mashed potatoes, and string beans....

Julierose, La Blageuse (Stringing along-euse)


  1. I have some blues for you all boxed up

  2. Glad to hear about your hubby's progress.
    Pincushion is darling!
    So you are almost exactly 5 years older than me. My BD is May 1. Is the blue quilt for your BD gift? I'd never get one done by that day.

  3. I love those blues! The pin cushion is very cute. I have recently been thinking of trying to make some of those little people.

  4. I am making mini meatloafs for the Ancient aunt, mashed potatoes and a small salad. Your dresdens are lovely.

  5. Love those projects! The idea of a leader-ender project is such a great way to sneak in another quilt! I love that pin cushion. So cute! Did you get snow? I had a hard time getting to work this morning. Hoping the snow is done for the season!!

  6. I love your blog posts - your take on things just makes me grin.

  7. The Dresden Plates are so pretty - I have one that my grandmother started and I am considering how to finish. She only did one block and I have the other eleven that are pre-cut and ready to sew. I am thinking I will do one...then pass it on to my daughters to each do one...and they can pass to their daughters. Eventually it will be completed and the last one to piece it keeps to make the quilt. Of course, I am making a big assumption here they they will want to quilt!

  8. I love those string stars too--can't wait to see yours come together! I think it's a great idea to do them as a leader/ender project!

  9. So fun seeing your pincushion. Years ago I had one and used it to death - loved it.

  10. Love your Dresdens, but string stars with lots of gorgeous dark blue will be wonderful!

  11. I saw Angie's pretty blue string blocks, too. You're quite the busy bee lately.


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