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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Remember me? From Last Year???? 
These Nouveau Ladies are hanging in my entrance hall welcoming guests...

Mom's basket-- crammed full of my fancies...
(she lined it all and painted it for me to use....) and what could be inside
this time??

Here is next group of crazy-quilt blocks waiting for a sunny Spring afternoon's sewing on our
deck.........aaaaah Spring...where are you hiding???

(or for now, evenings by the tv and fireside as it is still awfully cold and windy out there!!)
This is the latest block I am embellishing --she is looking to the future....moving on....

I am linking up with slow Sunday stitching and Kathy's friends--
all slow stitching away on this windy, cold April (??really) Sunday:

Here are the last 5 --that I had sewn in the Autumn last year...
            all awaiting their turn to be "fancified;))) 

hugs to all you hand workers out there
Julierose, La Blageuse (Belles Dames-euse)


  1. The project continues. I love your fabric choices and the way they go together. You have the eye!

  2. What fun ... the embellishing is my favorite part of crazy quilting. Watching to see what takes shape! Your blocks are coming along quite sweetly -- nicely done! :)

  3. That basket is full of "lovelies". Looking forward to seeing how they all end up.

  4. Such fun blocks... and guess what? I have the exact same pretty blue basket! Must take a photo of it someday!

  5. Good to see the Nouveau Ladies on the wall and your crazy blocks are looking so good!

  6. your ladies look lovely. handwork is relaxing......if you can see

  7. Embellishing is my favorite part too!

  8. How lovely that you have that sweet basket made especially for you by your Mother. And that it is filled with your loved projects -- even better!

  9. Those blocks are so pretty. I hope the weather warms up for you soon.

  10. Pretty blocks. Great hand project for the cold nights by the fire, or sunny days on the deck.


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