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Friday, April 28, 2017


I finally figured out how to scale down this pattern that I have been salivating over for THREE
years or so...BUTTERFLY blocks...

I know ...this from the gal who claims she only does one thing at a time;
well, never say never, I guess.

Ever get that intense feeling that you HAVE to do it 
before you forget; and then try to sleep 
and have it reeling in a loop through your brain???
Over and over and, well you get the idea...

I was up at 2 a.m. cutting and cutting and stash surfing...
not such a great idea, as I had to RE-CUT all the pieces this morning--
talk about wonki-fi-cated...;000


there were 3 really strange and rectangular baby butterflies 
that emerged ;000
they now reside in my parts drawer..

not being a math whiz, it took me a while to figure out how
to re-size them in order to use my 5" charms...along with scraps...

these will go into a "parts" quilt that I am planning--
and the list grows ever long....

Anyway, so this is my 4th ongoing project in process right now....
The wings are a piece of Kaffee fabric that had gotten pushed behind my blue stack; this one has the black body [a leftover bit of Halloween fabric--
don't you love when that happens?]
the pink/yellow-ey skyscape as my background.

Here is the 2nd version with the striped body...

They will FLUTTER in a square formation with the skyscape in the middle...each butterfly is 5" unfinished...a really fun project.  

I am in the process of stash diving to find other "wing-ey" fabrics ...

Julierose, La Blageuse...(aerial flight-euse-ing)lol


  1. They look great. I can relate to that feeling!

  2. Love your butterflies. LOL I try to avoid sewing if I am tired. I make way too many mistakes.

  3. I like your butterflies! Probably not the best idea at 2.00am in the morning I agree but sometimes it pays just to do it!!

  4. Hehe you did well, salivating for THREE years!! What fun butterflies - and a good idea to resize them to be able to use your charm squares.

  5. love your little butterflies. write down what you did so if this gets put aside you remember how you resized them. ask me how I know THAT trick LOL

  6. Those are wingy - I know you will find some more.
    Hugs from a fellow butterfly maker.

  7. I Love those butterflies. The fabric is beautiful!

  8. Love your blocks! I get my best ideas in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Unfortunately, I tend to forget them by morning!!

  9. What pretty colors and fabrics used in these blocks. Sort of like sunset skies.

  10. Wonderful use of prints. Those butterfly wings are just amazing!!

  11. The fabrics you are using for the butterflies are really nice. These blocks are going to make a nice quilt.

  12. And when the urge strikes...go with it because those butterflies are sure fun. And what's the fun of having only one project going on at a time? Do you only have one plant growing at a time in your garden???


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