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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Oasis is a flimsy; it no longer fits on my design wall with Star Rise..so
my "helper" is holding it for me...(measuring 41" wide and 49"+/- long).

It is resting on my dining table right now until I decide whether or not to border it and what to use for the backing...

This morning I finally found an ironing board--just an inexpensive,
 plain, old simple, but metal--
(you know my track record with plastic lol) board from Target.

("Tar-zhay" as Mom always called it ). 

Here is my very favorite  block (they are all nice patterns, but I love this trailing flower viney thing):
I think it is a succulent [something "beads??]--yummy anyway....

And on the Dresden front:
I have hand quilted the first one...using white regular quilting thread for the spokes and perle cotton (Valdani) for the background...

I will need to add more of the perle cotton quilting, but am waiting until I square up all the blocks; for now, three rows of echo quilting...
This is my evening tv project...

And Star Rise is coming along (pray tell, and how did I end up working on
THREE quilts all at the same time?? I think they got together and snuck up on me lol);000

Here is my working area to the right of my machine...
All these strips are leftovers {and a lovely selection from Dawn--thanks hon
;))) }
Here are some of my favorites...
Those Winter-ey branches with silver sparks, clouds, and stylized flowers--

the Asian waves, deep blue roses and batik leaf shadows....

I am trying to take it slowly and enjoy these processes...
Hugs from "mizzling" CT
Julierose, La Blageuse (triple playing-euse)


  1. Your quilts are all beautiful! And now I'm thinking of doing a blue string quilt.

  2. You sure have a lot going on. Oasis is a beauty as are the Dresdens and string blocks.

  3. Great quilts! Glad you found an ironing board!

  4. love them all. so so fun and pretty
    I too want to make a blue string quilt......hmmm are you rubbing off on me?

  5. beautiful oasis
    I finally signed up to get your posts by email since my rememberer is off. LeeAnna

  6. Three lovely projects! I think they do sneak up on us! Same thing happens to me. So fun!

  7. Oh your quilts are turning out gorgeous. Oasis is gorgeous. Your hand quilting is going well, and Star rising......lovely beyond words.

  8. You have a lot going on at the moment! I love how Oasis has turned out and really like your stitching on the Dresdens (nice touch to use different threads on the background). As for the blues - I especially love that wintery section you picked out - all icy and sparkly.


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