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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


All 12 plates are done...I'll need to re-arrange them, of course, but my shoulders would not allow me to reach up to do it this morning..;000.
Now I can remove them and work on cutting the backing squares and centers....

In the meantime, my leader-ender Star is coming along too;)))
                    They are just rising and you can see swathes of pinks from the sunsetting..

All of these fabrics are LEFTOVERS...strips and strings, bits and bobs...I have separated them into two baskets and am
cutting as I go...
I think you can see the star points in this smaller picture....so loving this type of sewing...
                     ("String along with me, I'm on my way to the Stars...") .
{File under Songs for All Occasions....}lol

Rain, rain and more rain here; our chimney is leaking a little onto my little bookcase that houses all my "STUFF" in our tv room...we will have to call our guy to come and re-caulk it...not too bad though, and nothing damaged as I was up early and able to put out a bowl to catch the drips...
But, it's always something, right?? could be worse....;))))

Hugs to all of you,
Julierose, La Blageuse (Star shine-euse)


  1. I'm in love with those Dresden plates and your string blocks are nice too. Good luck with the leak, I'm glad it isn't too bad.

  2. love your Dresden, I made me a Christmas quilt from those and then made Kim a Christmas quilt from Dresden to a few years ago

  3. love your dresdans and your string is pretty too. glad your leak isnt bad. hope you get it fixed soon.

  4. Love your plates! The blues are coming along beautifully, too.

  5. Your dresdens are beautiful! Glad those drips didn't cause any damage.

  6. what great blocks! love the plates

  7. Love me some dresdens! Yours are lovely. I can't believe you know that song! LOL. Perry Como maybe? String quilts are so rewarding!

  8. Love the dresdens. I have a mini hand pieced that I guess falls into the category of UFO! The plates are done. Just need to put on background and assemble. You have inspired me! Think I will pick it back up and finish it. Good luck with the leak. Hope you get it fixed soon. Hugs, Karen

  9. Wow--you are really going to town on those string blocks! They look great, as do the beautiful Dresden plates!

  10. I love the blues! Rainy here too.

  11. the blues are so nice- remind me of the ocean...


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