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Thursday, March 26, 2015


I stuck these finished lozenges (my leader-enders) up on my design wall after taking
down the surprise flimsy (just have to add borders on that one) to see how many more 
I will need to make a lap quilt.  

I have another whole pile cut with one corner on so far.....

Love these Cranes trying to bite
those leaves above....

and love this Autumn stroll

Here is Geisha Lady watching Crane eating Lotus blossom....

I sew just a few at a time....FOR FUN...

Hugs from Foggy New England (yaya!!!! fog gets rid of snow...hopefully!!) Hoping for a sunnier and warmer weekend to come.....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015




Anyone else with issues???

Julierose, La blageuse

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


SEE what I finished making today??? I am SOOOO psyched!

THIS  is my new knitting bag; I sent for this pattern from JENI and I have to tell you
it is so well written, easy to follow (even I can do it!--I who have just been moaning about not being able to follow patterns lol)
You can find this fantastic pattern on her website (linked above).

Here is the lining I chose (fun to use fabric you love)
In addition I learned how to box out corners and make drawstring cords neatly (!!) 
all from this pattern.  I can see that I will be making so many more of these beauties.....

Thank you Jeni for such wonderful writing and illustrations......

AND now I can start my next knitting project 

Isn't this cute?? I may make it a bit longer--we'll see....

AND my bag matches my YARN (oh be still my heart!!)
the yarn  is Cascade's Eco 2 and has such a lovely "hand"...

here is the bottom with the boxed out corners.  

(I know I am gushing--but "ME is SO Proud!!) ;--)))

{Fabrics are Joel Dewberry (birds) and I don't know what the lining is--but I like it...}

So Big Happy Hugs, from
Julierose, La Blageuse 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Block No. 1 of Tula Pink City's 100.............................
I have to say that I am not really a pictorial person after looking at this block for what seems
FOREVER!! I found it difficult to put together .(duh!! being a super "Verbal"  person--not to mention my verbosity*, lol).

If you peek across the very top of the right hand page you can see that I taped little pieces of "MY" fabric choices in order to keep it straight!

At the very beginning we are told that the blocks will finish at 6.5" when put together--WELL,
so much for THAT! Mine are just able to be trimmed to 6".
  Now either my cutting AND/OR
that danged 1/4" thingey are off or....or.....well--who knows--So, 99 others will have to be 6"
I am not repeating this one.  Most likely it's something i did--surely it is....

I am challenging myself to figure the cutting instructions and the "putting together visuals" for the entire book's blocks. What would you do?

Stay tuned to see if I just shelve this into the UFO drawer or "MAKE" myself do it!! LOL

My Monet's City will be making a comeback during the Summer months--as I like to do hand sewing on our deck (now ice covered to the depth of about 6"!!) and sip iced tea and kind of wool gather....
the hexagons allow me to do that.  Whereas, I can see that these blocks take intense concentration.
at least pour moi!! ;--000
(*No "MUTE MONDAY" here....)

hugs julierose, La Blageuse
P.S.  what is it they say?  "Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there...???"

Saturday, March 21, 2015


THESE ARE : part of my "Geisha Gals" fun blocks that i started earlier  this month...

As you can see 
there will be a lot of 
repeats to 
try to pull them 
they all are Asian

Presiding over them all is my "yellow" Geisha Gal....

and here is her friend ...........

These are about the only yellows I have left in my stash....so, I am using them
up this month on RSC15  
hop on over and see what other mellow yellows are being made.....

Julierose, La Blageuse 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Since I  cannot show you my progress on the surprise quilt, (you know who you are who reads this blog!! lol)
I thought I'd show you just where..........................
I'd love to be right now--lolling in a hammock gently swaying in the breeze, sippin'
pina coladas...listening to the quiet lap of the oceans.......


OH! wake up self!!!! --still here in Snow World...WINDY WORLD, FRIGID WORLD!!

but:  I was able to sew the first 3rd of this baby this morning.....I am anxious to show it
off, but well....hold on,
 NOT  til August YOU SAY?????!!  YIKES ;--000

Just how patient are you????? I may be hand quilting this one after machine
quilting the seams....I certainly will have the time.....

On the "Sock it To Me"  Front: one sock finished and the cuff almost done on the 2nd---
Loving this.....


I had to go BACK to the dentist re my temp Crown--something was hanging off of it and flopping
around in my mouth--ugh!! Dentists= no fun!! but all set now ....

I figured that I deserve a good,cold beer in a frosted glass this afternoon after that one!!
Sittin' and sippin' ...I am TGIT-in' on this Thursday afternoon...

Julierose, La blageuse

Monday, March 16, 2015


Sock No 1 finished!  A few rows a day and it is done!!  The top of the cuff is nice and loose--no elastic to cut into my leg....;--)))

I made the cuff nice and long--8 1/4" so i can roll it over my ankles which always get cold
at night.  That's what's so wonderful about knitting your own socks--you can customize them so that they are just right for your foot.  I was able to slip them right onto my foot as I was knitting along....

this is the simplest pattern and i just love how soft and cushy they are...

and now, on to Sock deux

Hugs, on a sunny Monday from
Julierose, La Blageuse knit-euse  

Friday, March 13, 2015


This was from RSC13--I made one in each of that year's colors..
.a UFO that I hope to (attempt to) put together this year.  

I love those chili peppers--looks like Mr. tiger wants to try 
eating one lol......

and here is the ( pretty much ) last bit of Mr. Crow stealing those

and really old little flowers next to  the last of my Asian Ginko leaves....
loving those colors: maroon, yellow, cheddar, lime green, golds together....

As i am working steadily on my surprise quilt, I didn't make any yellows for this week, so
I thought that I would pull all of these out and think on how to put them together--as they snake all around ...hoping to finish another UFO....

Today is my DH's birthday: so far we went out for breakfast after I gave him a box of his fave cookies --Lorna Doones--as he had gotten his big present earlier--a portable  radio for
 DX-ing; then off to the booze store, BJ's and home where he is moving his antenna. 

Tomorrow we are off to my daughter's for his celebration--dinner, cake, all our grandchildren and children...and grandogs, too...so looking forward to our get together.  

Another wonderful day chez nous....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse Sneakey-Snake-euse...;--))))

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Are your feet always C O L D?  Mine sure are.  So this afternoon, in honor of Slow Stitching Sunday, I have cast on for a pair of socks for myself. 

 It took me a while to recall just how to work on DPN's (double pointed needles) so that my stitches weren't all twisted but resulted in knitting in the round -- been many years...but it came back to me!!  YAY!! 

I love this variegated yarn..browns, blues, turquoises,,,and I am making them roomy so that 
my tootsies can breathe in bed.  These will be bed socks....

and isn't this an adorable Ditty Bag?? I purchased it from Lowland Originals...online. 

I want to make some bigger ones for my knitting projects.  I like the drawstring because there are no zips, snaps or straps to get in the way of pulling your yarn to knit....

I am now watching the first televised RED SOX  (hah, socks  knitting while watching the SOX!!) Spring-Training  game on tv. ;--)))

that MUST mean that Spring is coming right??? Couple with "Springing" Ahead for Daylight
Savings time last night--we can at least hold out hope for warmer weather....
hugs from Julierose La Blageuse knit - euse

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Here's the start of a Secret project for Someone Special...these are the reverse sides of the
fabrics I have chosen... 

This is the cutest fabric.....

very "girlie"

And here are two coordinating fabrics--one:   the 
dotty flower is very old from when I first
began quilting and the other:   is a swirly coudy

I wish I could show you all just how pretty and vibrant these are, but ....soon, keep tuned for a reveal down the road.

I finally finished my Shawlette: And I love how it drapes over my shoulder tops and
the curly front:
"Miss Babs" yarn has got to be the softest thing I have knit with ever!!  
Now I have to pick another project....although I would like to make another for 
someone special's birthday...more on that later.....

We are off to try to find a cleared space to take a walk.........................OUTSIDE!!!

Hugs to all--have a great weekend....I guess this is a "SECRET" post, huh.....
Julierose, La blageuse (start-euse and finish-euse);--))))

Thursday, March 5, 2015


My "Eye of God" {Ojo Di Dios} are done for March 

AND THESE ARE LEFTOVERS FROM Monsieur Georgie Peorgie...that I couldn't bear to put in a drawer  3.5 inch squares.. into 4-patches....

See why....

And This:

One of my all time
favorite prints...
love those big flowers....

Just so pretty!

My Yellow Geisha girls are craning their necks to get a glimpse of them lol

and i can't blame them!

Here are the White Crosses for the month....

All these "Mellow yellows"  are a LOT BETTER THAN this:!!!!

WHITE FRIGHT -- snowing 3 days in a row now!!

It just keeps on coming....we are having "White Out" conditions --no view from our tv room--just
                                                       W H I T E N E S S

I was able to play my piano for 15 minutes this morning--so that is really helpful....
Hanging in here and hoping for a warm-up soon....hugs
Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


                             HERE'S GEORGIE!!!!

I finally finished Georgie Peorgie --my SECOND finish for 2015--
I am on a ROLL, gals!!  

He will have the place of honor in our bedroom bath....  the colors are perfect
for that space.  (And we cannot hear his mumbling from that spot).

He was to be finished in time for President's Day (see title above--"a month late") and his bill is a "dollar"....hahaha....

I did learn a lot making this piece, and altho it is definitely not my best work,
I am still happy he's finished, finito, over, done, fini!! 

I don't have anything else ready to be bound, so I will have "boundless time" (groan...) to work on whatever strikes my fancy.  Now all I need is boundless energy.....

hugs from Julierose, La Blageuse (waiting for the snow to start..YET AGAIN!!)

Monday, March 2, 2015



Soooooo....I did this :

SLEIGH BELLS RING!! Bound in snowy March........................

I even did the little label  .............

Old World Santas galore.............(they look like they're saying.."and about time!! lol)

Too cold and windy and snow up to my "ying-yang"  yikes!! To take a full pix outside....
But you get the idea....all 2.5" squares. And quilted on Helga with red thread.....

And next time (oh, there will be another)--love, love love, postage squares--I will put a border  all around ---because catching all those seam endings in the binding was a NIGHTMARE!!  

Even my piano is impressed hahaha.........................
Here you can see the off white, low volume double row border that goes all around.....and 
my lovely spider plant--that likes my living room window a lot....

And so mesdames,  I have my first finish of 2015  YAY!!!!

hugs to all, from
Julierose, La Blageuse fini-euse!! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Frozen trees at dawn; more snow on the way--and so March comes in like a LION>....

It is really freezing outside, but couldn't resist these  shots.

AND the color for March turns out to be YELLOW.....................

hugs Julierose, La Blageuse