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Thursday, March 5, 2015


My "Eye of God" {Ojo Di Dios} are done for March 

AND THESE ARE LEFTOVERS FROM Monsieur Georgie Peorgie...that I couldn't bear to put in a drawer  3.5 inch squares.. into 4-patches....

See why....

And This:

One of my all time
favorite prints...
love those big flowers....

Just so pretty!

My Yellow Geisha girls are craning their necks to get a glimpse of them lol

and i can't blame them!

Here are the White Crosses for the month....

All these "Mellow yellows"  are a LOT BETTER THAN this:!!!!

WHITE FRIGHT -- snowing 3 days in a row now!!

It just keeps on coming....we are having "White Out" conditions --no view from our tv room--just
                                                       W H I T E N E S S

I was able to play my piano for 15 minutes this morning--so that is really helpful....
Hanging in here and hoping for a warm-up soon....hugs
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Those are sweet little blocks. What will you make with them? Love your yellow blocks... and your stories that go with them. You make me smile.

  2. Yellows are such a welcome sight these days - yours are LOVELY!

  3. All of your blocks are gorgeous. Love your fabrics.

    This weather you are getting is beyond crazy. I hope it gets much better for you soon.

  4. Those are pretty fabrics! Great blocks. Soon it will be gone (the white stuff) and we will be complaining it is too hot. But I agree I am done with it and the cold.

  5. The snow is pretty ... but it's time for it to move on ... time for spring!

    I love those mellow yellows ... pretty!

  6. Quel hiver qui n'en fini pas.......courage Julie !!
    J'aime beaucoup tes tissus jaunes oranges !! Tu as fait de beaux panneaux !
    Saurais-tu me dire par hasard de quelle collection est tiré le tissu ou il y a le visage de Georgie Porgie ? Merci !

  7. Love your peeping G. Girls and your eye of God blocks

  8. I'd be inside sewing too if it was so cold and snowy outside. Love the white in the center of those crosses, so cheerful.

  9. I'd be okay if you could send a little (just a little) snow our way. We'd love a snow day or two and are desperate for more moisture! ;)

    Your yellows are so cheerful!

  10. Love the yellows you've used. Great job!

  11. Teal, rose and gold. Awesome! Our snow is slipping away fast...expect it will all be gone by tomorrow.

  12. Lots of sunny yellows to warm up your sewing room. Hope you get a warm up soon,

  13. Great looking Yellow blocks you have. I love doing string blocks.

  14. Oh my - look at all that snow! Those cherry yellows would make anyone smile. Hope you get some warmer weather so the sidewalks melt and you can enjoy some outside time.

    1. Hi Deb--your comment never showed on my email..aaargh--thanks so much for your kind words. at last today we are having some sun melting....hugs, Julierose

  15. Wow you have certainly been keeping the sewing machine ovine long!
    Love your yellows for the beginning of the month.

  16. Your yellow cross blocks are awesome!

  17. Nice start for the yellow month. Stay warm!

  18. Loving your yellows! May take a cue from you with those cute cross blocks! And I feel for you with all that snow on the east coast. Will you send some to Utah??

  19. Love your yellow prints and blocks. Happy to hear that you can play the piano again : )

  20. lovely yellow offerings!! Now we need the real sun!!

  21. I actually came for the yellow post but ended up looking at and commenting on a few others. I like big flower prints too. And your Ojos...and back in my day a slang term for speed was white crosses! (No, never experienced any...just knew people in college who did!)


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