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I would love for you to join me (a retired senior)in my zany crafting adventures with quilting (waaaaay too much fabric); scrapbooking (will I ever catch up?); redwork; counted cross stitch; crossword puzzles; reading; and cooking.

Thursday, April 30, 2020


                                 "Sailing into the Future" is finally layered up,
                                 on my dining room table ready to be pinned....

[ I am sure a lot of you use and know this method below--so you
                   can skip it all if you want, I won't take offense ;))) ]

For my non-quilting followers here is what I do:

I spent the first part of this morning "frankensewing" those batting
strips I had previously cut  for QAYG; and since I could not see 👀👀 
how I could  do a continuous quilting pattern 
when it was set up that way--
I sewed them with a 3-step zig zag
stitch (thank you Wanda for that tip on your blog--
it worked so much better than the regular z-z stitch)   ;))))

Got it ready to pin                    Using this method:↡↡↡↡ {below}
       I spent the next 1/2 hour on my knees crawling around the batting
to smooth it out and to figure out the center points on either end before
layering (smoothing, shifting etc. still on the knees) the blue top over
the batting....ready to roll up....

Sit down, breathe...👵

(pause for a rest hahaha--that's my Grand-mere's old canning jar 
up there that I use to store my quilting safety pins--
the curved ones--- and I just  LOVE 💓 that Kwik Klip tool--- 
it saves my fingers for sure)

OKAY--now back to work..;)))
I centered the backing, wrong side up, on my dining table over my blocking
pad (left over from my sweater blocking days when I used to knit a lot) 
making sure it was really flat....

Back on the floor (oof-dah) to roll up the now layered batting and front 
before placing
it onto the backing and unrolling it evenly...

PHEW!! Crawling on the floor is for "young folk" for sure!! 👵👾

A cuppa tea is in order and a little square of a brownie..yum
a gal needs some energy food after this!! 
                                            Y U M M Y.....;}}}
I had a request for homemade bread yesterday from the Mr.
                                     Man-oh-man is that good;)))

I am trying to stay busy on this rainy, windswept last
                   day of April...these showers had just better bring 
                                 ðŸ’§ðŸ’§MAY FLOWERS, guys!! 💧💧

Stay safe and sheltered

~ ~ ~ waving from beneath my bumbershoot 
Julierose, La Blageuse (ready to pin it up-euse)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


                                  I 've  Finished the back of Steve's quilt......

                              A lovely, breezy warmish day here....

                         Here is the reverse with all seams ironed open for
                                a really flat look ....good for graphic quilt, I think...
                          [I had to piece the border strips as you can see....]

                       I   am  so  happy  to   have  this   finished....👩
                          [Now to sew up the batting strips--
                             I had originally thought of doing QAYG
                              so  I had pre-cut strips...but in looking at the
                                 zig zag pattern, I couldn't figure out how 
                                   I would have matched up the quilting lines....]
That will be for another session tomorrow-- 
so that by this weekend ----hopefully --
I can
have it layered 
and ready to pin....
                                              I even like how the reverse looks ;))))

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely sewing day....

~ ~ ~ waving with a gentle breeze ruffling my LONG hair ;)))
Julierose, La Blageuse (happy-euse)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


                                                   Magnolia still not fully opened.....

   Bleeding Hearts...coming up despite the fact that we lost our huge hydrangea
                                      that shaded them last year....

     Little Rhodie sheltering in the bud on the windy corner of our house....

            My pink Peony stretching upwards..................

             Daffodils nodding in the winds by my large favorite 
                            moss-covered rock near our front patio.....

                                    Holly showing signs of life now.............

                                                        My first pink Azalea bloom...

                                                          Finally, IRIS .


                                   Latest Courthouse  Steps ⇓⇓⇓

                                           I now have a total of 42 made....

                   I am taking a bit of a break from sewing them; and I am now
                                     working on the SIL's backing--
                                I want/need to get this layered so that
                                        I can begin to tie it...
Shopping during Covid :😷🙏🙍

Early this morning I did my grocery run; the doors open for
Seniors early, so I was up at 6 a.m.-----

I think we now have enough to hold us for 2-3 weeks ...

This is such an un-nerving trip these days....masked, gloved, 6 feet
away from everyone, following one-way arrows up and down the aisles.
Then home to sanitize it all...... and ME, too    ;0000
I am relaxing this afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book:
"An Old Cold, Grave" {a Lane Winslow Mystery series book} 
by Iona Whishaw--set in post-WW2 Canada...if you like mysteries
that are well-written, I would highly recommend this series....;))))

Stay safe all----
                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ waving on our partly sunny day~ ~ ~ 

Julierose, La Blageuse {recuperating-euse} ;)))

Sunday, April 26, 2020


                              See, I CAN follow a pattern ;)) (heh heh heh)
                             {Thanks to my holder-helper-- aka Thom}

My SIL Steve's lap quilt is now in the flimsey stage....
here is a close up
of some of the fabrics--
I used almost two layer cakes....

 This one is Origami↑↑↑

                        ↑↑Whales and Sailing ships....since we live by the
                            Shore this appealed to me to go with the 
                                  darker blues...

                              And this one was just pretty.....;))))↑↑
                               but not too frilly...........for a guy quilt

And here are the fabrics I will use for the backing laid out on top of
the front.....⇊⇊⇊⇊
                        I made extra chevron (Zig- Zags, as I have called them) 
                          in the gold colorway which will run down the
                             center of the back ; next will be a strip of those
                               trees and then the blue/gold dotty and finally that

Tomorrow I will cut and measure for the backing (this part always
makes me nervous--that my math won't be up to par...) 

                         ["The little train that could", hopefully...;))))]

                          The quilt is 64" x 51"...he is a tall guy....😎

                       I am calling this one: "Sailing into the Future"

Be safe and secure at home 
~ ~ ~ waving on another GRAY day here 
Julierose, La Blageuse (measuring-euse)

P.S.  Sunday night supper will be 
scrambled eggs, bacon and homefries...
good for a rainy night--comfort food...

Saturday, April 25, 2020


     Two Ojos...One Doorway to Spring... and one hourglass strippy
                     that's all
                          that's left of my light blue scraps....;)))

Plus, of course, my continuing work on this ↧↧↧↧
                   I have almost finished stitching the blades on
                                   this 2nd Dresden,,....
                     And I have one more Dresden left to work on.
Here I was thinking that I would be watching the Red Sox 
games and stitching away...
I guess not....]

Come over and visit Angela at (click) super scrappy to take a peek
at what we have all been doing this April of the light blues...

Here are the latest four Courthouse blocks...
My long term project...

                         I have been slowly adding some Old Golds
                            and a few peaches, too.

It has been slow going as I have been down with a little cold, but am
feeling much better today (thank you for all your good wishes).

Here are some close ups for those who asked to see the fabrics
larger--(you can double click to get really close)

I had to cut more muslin squares this week; and I will have to 
order more
muslin for the backings...

These are definitely so, so 
                                      "S C R A P P Y"
Stay safe 
Enjoy the weekend as much as you can....

Julierose, La Blageuse (~ ~ ~ waving from my shelter-euse)

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


                                             Fabric choices are getting less varied
                                 these two are quite similar...............

I've added that  bit of warm brown calico I found..... and that
leaf-ey batik....and the narrow music fabric that I love....

       You can see how narrow that lovely ↟↟↟ Japanese iris print is 
                             I am using 
                                             E V E R Y   B I T up ;))))
The sun came out this morning and although it is still cold, it
is heartening to see sunshine...;)))--- even if it is only peeking out
now and then among the scudding clouds...

I have developed a little cold here; and so, 
I will be resting more today...👫😷 

Stay safe and sheltered:
~ ~ ~ ~ waving 'neath the sun  Julierose ;)))

Monday, April 20, 2020


                         As I make these every day from the same 
                             pile of 
                        (pretty much, though a few additions 
                                            get thrown in as needed ), 

I am noticing how my ideas of 
"light" and "dark" change  every day....
and what goes [or doesn't go] with what....



                         Here I added that tannish-print as a light 
                            Playing off of that brighter peach...

                               I now have 33 blocks made...

These are all randomly sewn--
i am not trying to "match" up to any previous blocks I've made, 
as a matter of fact, I have stacked the finished ones in a box 
away from my sewing station...
~ ~ ~ ~ waving 'neath cloudy and gray skies 

SO...........................{"wrap your troubles in dreams, 
                                  and dream your troubles away"}
Julierose, La Blageuse (sheltering in place-euse)

Saturday, April 18, 2020


                                      Early Spring Chronicle--bordered....

                                                                   Doorway Ojos↑↑↑

                                                                    "H" 's  bordered.....↥↥↥

These plus my hand quilting ↡↡↡↡↡
I am working on this in the evenings....

Using the blue for the jellyfish center and white for the dresden blades....

Join us at angela's superscrappy,. to see what other Rainbow Scrap 
challengers are making this week....
Stay safe
~ ~ ~ ~ waving under my umbrella
Julierose, La Blageuse (inside-euse)

Friday, April 17, 2020


                                  Next two Courthouse blocks      (night shot)

                  Some really old and vintage looking fabrics in here...
                           I love those faded roses and the paisley...
and ↴↴↴↴

   Here is a good example of fabrics I wish  had more of...but still have
a few strips left to use up...
I love that blue floral and the beige and the blue calicoes...
I am trying to sprinkle a few into each block along with my newer fabrics.

So, it seems, some blocks tend toward the more purple-y and 
others blue-ish and
yet others peachy and maroon-ish and 
pinks also...so VERY scrappy all over
 and in each block, too...

I have 27 blocks made so far...they are 9" unfinished...so I will now measure
the bed (it is king size) and try to figure out how many I will need...using
8.5" measurement...(that's right, right???);000
[Math-challenged moi]

That's all I made today-- there is a lot of thread
trimming and fabric trimming in making these-- 
so time consuming -- but fun, too...

Here is my table set up with cut strips:↡↡↡↡ I keep adding new ones...

I was so tired--I slept for over 3 hours this afternoon--
and that is after 8 hrs last night!!   :'000.  
Did some catching up on "Zzzz's" for sure...

Hope this finds you all taking care and healthy

~ ~ ~ still waving --with mittens this time--it's cold--brrrr
Julierose, La Blageuse (Strip-sewing-euse)

Thursday, April 16, 2020


                                             Thursday's two Courthouse Steps.....

This one ranges towards


This one is more muted  and vintage-y looking I think..
These two were started actually 
ON the 9" 
muslin square;
the last 22 were made and THEN 
put onto the muslin squares
with the last two rounds...
(if you understand?)

So today's take longer to make as 
I am really starting from the center
and working around.


This is the 2nd year of our new Magnolia
that I got for my birthday last year..

I thought I'd better get a couple pictures before
the deer eat all the blossoms---
like they did last year ;0000
[It is about 5' 5" tall]
Thom just sprayed it with a deer/rabbit repellent.
Fingers crossed that will work...

I also worked on my RSC blues today, but will hold off
until Saturday to post them...
Hope this finds you all safe and sheltering in place
as much as you can...

~ ~ ~ ~ 
from Julierose, La Blageuse ( hanging in there-euse)