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Friday, December 30, 2016


GOAL NO. 1 and first up for me this year:  finish Connor's quilt

Now, why do I always balk at making these--they are so important and as these will be going away to college gifts, I NEED to make them....just sayin' guys....

And this is really stuck--(so stuck it's hanging in my "closet of shame"...calling my name).

Same problem--how to set it...applique or what (are you starting to see a pattern to these
 unfinished pieces....??Hmmmm???)

GOAL FIVE : MY LAST SIX CRAZY QUILT BLOCKS: this will be a Summer-on-the-Deck project (Summer will come----right? ;000)

GOAL SIX: KNITTING; finish my YOWZA shawl for myself--I gifted three so far--
and make some more socks as my two pair are showing wear...

THEN: I'm just not able to open my "drawer of shame" or riffle through my hanging pieces as--
in keeping with
                                    2016 's: "Julierose, the Medical Issues Years"

 (wait for it.................now that my eyes are so much better I....(Aaaaargh):
 I threw my back out yesterday a final insult to end up 2016!!)

But I think you get the idea--After Connor's big quilt, I will be not making any big quilts
this year (now, don't email me --if, well, if I do after all .......hahaha)

This will be the year of table runners, lap quilts, dolly quilts for my two little grandgirls,
small wall hangings and place mats, napkins  etc etc...

I may even learn how to FINALLY put in a zipper (be still my heart!!)

I am joining in with quilting jet girl on 17 finishes in 2017 (even though I don't list 17--figures!!)

hugs and

                                           HAPPY    NEW    YEAR
                     to all of you, my wonderful, generous and faithful followers...
                                           you all give me such JOY

ALSO the biggest thing is to USE UP MY STASH FABRICS!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016


                                      My latest attempt at colorbook shading..

I see her as the Spirit of Peace for all of our world
in the coming year....

hugs and

Julierose, La Blageuse (coloring-euse)

Friday, December 23, 2016


                                 IN SILENCE AND APART,
                                       THE SECRET ANNIVERSARIES OF THE HEART."

                                                      Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Holidays"

It is with a grateful heart that I send you, all my blogging friends, this  warmest of wishes....
thank you for all your commenting, emails, and general uplifting support,
 and helpful---- just "being there" for me.

Hugs from Julierose, your Blageuse
 [now almost "eagle-eyed" ;)))  ]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


              Which is what I am doing these days...waiting for the "seeing eye" little bird....

(FYI: I will be going in for the 2nd eye surgery Dec 5th-- so....
 this is my present to you all....)

                                                              HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse

Sunday, November 13, 2016



                               LOOKING BACK to move forward...

                     SONGS MY MOTHER USED TO SING TO ME --

The quote I used is from a D.H. Lawrence poem called

                         "The Piano"

"Softly, in the dusk,a woman is singing to me;
   Taking me back down the vista of years, til I see
    A child sitting under a piano, in the boom of the tingling strings
    And pressing the small, poised feet of a mother who smiles as she sings.
 Down in the flood of remembrance, I weep like a child for the past."

When I saw this poem it brought back those very things that I did as a child; 
and right there and then, I knew that I had to save this memory . I can 
still hear  my father playing the piano and my mother singing and me under the big black piano...I used to fall asleep listening to them...

I water colored this page and collaged atop of it...

it is still difficult for me to to "SEE" well as my poor brain is distressed with 20/20 vision in one eye and very poor vision in the other, so the doctor tells me...and so...
I'll have to re-glue the ends of those words when I can see better
 (sorry for the blurry photos).

This is not perfect.......just like life itself....
but it reflects my sentiments and the state of my vision 
both literally and figuratively...for now....especially as my Mom's vision really failed at the end....it's been 17 months now that she has gone....

For all of you who have sent good wishes--I have come through my surgery well; and I want to tell you all how grateful I am for your good wishes and prayers...
(the next eye is due to be done December 5th.) 
Thank you all
so much....
See you (better, I hope--no pun intended--after the Holidays)

Hugs all 'round, love you all....
Julierose, La blageuse ( the one-eyed lady for now...)

Saturday, October 29, 2016


          Here are the beginnings of my Christmas greeting cards this year...(sorry for the glare!!)

I have made 6 of them so far ; they will be mounted on cardstock and mailed out in lovely scalloped kraft envelopes....

(For those of you who have asked: Torn pieces of an old French Grammar, stamped with archival black ink for the backgounds; trees from a magazine; and then Heidi Shine gold spray....all affixed with matte medium).  I truly enjoy putting these together each year...

{Last year was the only one that I just wasn't in the mood after Mom passed--but this year I am feeling better }

I have moved Helga to her resting area until after my eye surgery is over;
hung up the front ofConnor's quilt along with the backing fabrics and border pieces
 in my closet ready to be re-started in January;
and will be taking a respite until my eyesight has been taken care of.
I have a lot of glare issues and at this point cannot seem to see much with or without my glasses....ugh!!

I begin my pre-surgery drops on Halloween (my hubster said "Too bad you didn't
 have the surgery that day--you could be a Pirate ---'aaaaargh!!' " --
 he is such a comedian LOL).

 I will go in on Thursday for the op.
At this point I am sick of waiting around....and getting eyestrain headaches...

So, I will be taking a bit of a respite from posting--just a few weeks....
just so you know., guys
I appreciate all of your encouraging comments and lovely messages throughout this year...

Julierose, La Blageuse (impatient-euse!!)

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Here is my 3rd page using a mix of different types of media....
The black is acrylic paint; then i washed her head and dress with watered down lavender acrylic before  coloring the rest in with  all Prismacolor Premium pencil work;  the sparkle-ey parts are Liquid Pearls....

this is a practice page to try out how i like using a mix of acrylics, and colored pencils on top of acrylic washes.  the acrylic gives the paper more "tooth" i.e. it is rougher and so you don't see the white dotty surface showing through...

Here is a little closer view of how the Liquid Pearls sparkles up her headressing.....(It you look closely at the actual brown hair, you can see some of the white dots as i did not use a wash over this part...

I used many light layers of colored pencil to get these effects....this has taken me about a week and one-half off and on....

I am not that happy with Mr. Owl--i think he needs more colors feathered in--
so i may work on him a bit more...

So, this was my Slow Sunday work...
hugs, Julierose (La Blageuse-coloring-euse) 
(Picture from "Enchanted Forest" coloring book)

Saturday, October 15, 2016


The top and the batting are now all "quilted-as-you-go"; 
I quilted only the neutral squares and left the red strips unquilted for now...
thinking that, when I finish the backing I will attach it by working across the reds...

It turned out a lot more graphic than I had envisioned, but I am liking it for

Tomorrow we will be going to Fiona's FIFTH birthday party; how time does fly...

Thom made his Beef Barley soup today to bring along (yum!!);  
and Lin will be making her own chicken soup, roasting a turkey AND a ham for sandwiches...sounds delicious.  This will be the "family" party....

AND, of course,  the "piece de resistance" the CAKE. ;)))) 

Looking forward to doing some leaf peeping on our way up North, too....

hugs, from chilly CT,
Julierose, La Blageuse (excited-euse)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


This afternoon.....

I picked out and water colored  all the Death cap mushrooms..using my own mixture of Cadmium Red and Payne's Gray to get this color...I tried out a color for the leaping bunnies--a bit too yellow-ey--so will try a new mix tomorrow..

I am reading about mixing colors to get the shades I want...this is all using a very small Koi Field Sketch set--the paints are not that good quality--but okay for learning and seeing if I like this and so far I do..I find it fascinating...

 {This drawing is from the coloring book  "Imagimorphia" by Kerby  Rosanes.}

It's kind of like finding Waldos......a very complicated drawing... with little mushrooms and leaves and plants hidden over and under those cute bunnies...such fun....and I love doing this...)

On  Connor's quilt scene..I got both long strips pin basted and ready 
for quilting...

There are two sections one with two rows (shown here) and the other with three rows...I will begin quilting on all the squares and not the strips....we'll see how that looks...

Hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse (water coloring-euse)

Friday, October 7, 2016


                                   My Muse has okayed my new "relaxation" project.....;)))

I treated myself to a set of 72 Prismacolor pencils and have begun working in my trial coloring book...

Here is what I have accomplished so far--working on blending and shading before attempting
a more complicated book of drawings...(This one  is by Selina Fenech--"Enchanted --Magical Forest")--such a nice assemblage of drawings -- very mythical--
this one is entitled "Blodeuwedd"-- which I had to look up--it means literally "Flower Face"  and it comes from an old Welsh myth..
As a child I always loved to color and shade and outline....I never had any art classes when I was in school--jut not in the curriculum then; so I am doing a lot of YouTube video and UStream watching and gleaning what I can about how to learn about colors....
I LOVE color and want to know enough to begin to do some real watercoloring work.

These drawings are complicated--trying to figure out where the leaves end and the central Flower she sits on begin...

Above I have chosen 4 greens (dk,, med, light + olive), one Siena Brown and one purple-ey maroon.

I thought these leaves kind of resembled Coleuses...so--being "the boss" of my coloring book (LOL)
I am forging ahead with that idea in mind....
                                                                       SUCH FUN!!!! ;))))
On the quilt front...

I have finished all of Connor's blocks--they are pinned on my wall and I will start to sew rows together this weekend...

Tonight we will be meeting with two other couples for our yearly foray out to dinner where they specialize in a yearly October Fest menu..SO, no cooking tonight....
Julierose La Blageuse (Prosit-euse)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Look what came with Smilin' Jack O'Lantern in the mail for me yesterday...

DAWN sent this to me from both her and her quilting buddy Jackie to help out with my
darks for Connor's quilt making...I was running out of dark black print fabrics...as a matter of
fact I had JUST gotten down to the last three 2.5" squares when

                                                        V O I L A !!

                                       these appeared in my mailbox.

Thank you so much Dawn and Jackie--I really
appreciate your timely and generous gifts...it appears that I now have enough to finish up the last eight blocks ...and this has re-energized me to get on the stick and finish these up..... I want to get them done before my cataract
surgeries begin in early November as i don't know how my vision will be
during and just after (don't need to be sewing up my fingers now, do I?)

Aren't quilty folk just wonderful?  and generous to a fault??? :))))

Smilin' Jack is waiting on my front hall table for the little bowl of treats for
all the little witches and goblins on the 31st....

hugs (especially to you two gals)
Julierose, La Blageuse (excited-euse)


Look what came with Smilin' Jack O'Lantern in the mail for me yesterday...

DAWN sent this to me from both her and her quilting buddy Jackie to help out with my
darks for Connor's quilt making...I was running out of dark black print fabrics...as a matter of
fact I had JUST gotten down to the last three 2.5" squares when

                                                        V O I L A !!

                                       these appeared in my mailbox.

Thank you so much Dawn and Jackie--I really
appreciate your timely and generous gifts...it appears that I now have enough to finish up the last eight blocks ...and this has re-energized me to get on the stick and finish these up..... I want to get them done before my cataract
surgeries begin in early November as i don't know how my vision will be
during and just after (don't need to be sewing up my fingers now, do I?)

Aren't quilty folk just wonderful?  and generous to a fault??? :))))

Smilin' Jack is waiting on my front hall table for the little bowl of treats for
all the little witches and goblins on the 31st....

hugs (especially to you two gals)
Julierose, La Blageuse (excited-euse)

Thursday, September 29, 2016


      Naming this one:                       "Red Rhythm for Connor"  
                               One half done as of today....

Three rows pinned up so far.....I cannot get the whole thing in one shot in
my small room...but you get the idea....

This afternoon I will be cutting up some more dark gray/black/taupe squares.

then off for a nap--my head and stomach do not agree today ;0000

hugs on a sunny and windswept Thursday

Julierose, La blageuse...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Gluebook update:  Here are the first two pages of my gluebook journal....

I haven't been able to do much of anything for about 5 days now--both DH and I have come down with a gastro-intestinal bug of some sort--or bad food--we can't decide.  But, at any rate,  NOT FUN, guys!!  Just sayin' ;000

So, as I am feeling a bit more human today, I retrieved my gluebook and images and set to work a bit...

And here's (L) where I'd like to be--hahaha... and a Dreamworld on the right...

I am adding little sayings on each page -- encouraging words...
Oriental style page....

Here is a double page spread..."Tempus Fugit"  live in the "Now"....romantic looking, don't you think?? 

{that lady on the lower right is a stamp I've had for years and try to put somewhere on all of my pages: scrapbooks, gluebooks, etc...kind of my "signature"...}


So far, I have only eaten saltines and a bit of chicken noodle soup, and some yogurt...along with tea...you would think (wouldn't you??) that I'd have lost some weight??? But, NOOOOOOOO!!:000

On the quilting scene:

I had finished 2 and 1/2 rows on Connor's quilt before this hit us; hopefully I can eke out a half hour tomorrow (after taking DH for his 3rd epidural shot) to do another block.  They take about half hour each...not bad. 

Just am running out of pre-cut dark black/gray little squares-- will need to dash into the stash and pull some more to cut ....each block uses 9 darks and 9 lights...and three red strips....beginning to get into a rhythm with it now...or i was...

hugs from
Julierose, La blageuse (nauseous-euse) ugh!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


YAHOO has been hacked--all of it~ :0000
you can email me at :

Thanks, Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


                      The first row of Connor's quilt is done
I have been adding a few little pops of interest here and there....

a little bit of Halloween fun....and

Some neighborhood

                                  a horse "rearing" away lol--


an apple " a day"

Here's the STEEPLE....where's the people??? ;))))

It is a beautiful day here in Southern CT; looking forward to the predicted
cold front ushering in Autumn...at long last....

Tonight i am making meatloaf, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes for DH
and brussel sprouts for me...I ate potatoes last night, so am foregoing
them tonight--I am trying to eat carefully and have lost 1.5 pounds in a week,
without foregoing any food group--just cutting out sugary foods and salt.
It is not easy...

hug to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)

Monday, September 19, 2016


          OKAY, guys  WAAAAAY too much "in your face" red for me!! 

And onto the next rial run....:00000 (my poor brain hurts!!)

And this time i am using red more as an ACCENT ----

And I think this will be the one--

It is the same (almost) pattern as  Greg's
except instead of using the main color in the squares (which would be
all reds) .....
I will be using red only in the strips..and lessening its impact 
(KAPOW factor)....
and the strips are only 2" as opposed to  2.5" so they will be more offset...
AND .............
for the squares I have used a combo of gray, taupes and 
perhaps a pop of black and off- white ....

I really have trouble with red--WHO KNEW????

So, I will be sewing many squares together in groups of six once again-
and to tell the truth, I don't mind sewing in this fashion...even though a lot of
them are not really 2.5"--and from that swap two years ago...

Hugs, on a rainy (at last) Monday morning--oh...
 and that's the good news--
the bad news is that it is raining so hard that it's flooding our garage

--I must have done too many rain dances--ya think? 

Hello, you can stop raining down the rain now...
hello? Can you hear me???

Evidently not....we are sweeping water and DH is widening a trench for
the waterflow....

Julierose, La Blageuse (finalement-euse--hopefully )

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Here is my test block for Connor's quilt...I like this one a lot better than the
"eye-straining" first ones....LOL

I am using the Quilt As You Go method (QAYG) and setting the 2" strips onto
a rough cut 13.5" piece of batting; I quilt each strip with 3 rows--and will true them up to one size after all 24 are done....

I must confess that i HAD (Ohhh too bad-- LOL) to buy light gray fabric for the remaining 23 blocks......
This was the ONLY small piece of light gray I had in my stash--I bought gray skies and bare branches in grays...will have to await their arrival before making any other blocks.

In the meantime (".....in between time, ain't we got fun!") I am cutting 2" red strips using my AQ cutter aafter washing all the reds in hot water and then ironing ....today will be an ironing day....my secret is that I have always LOVED to iron....it just is so relaxing ....

                               Here is my Lil GO!BABY at the ready....

              And here are two of the fabrics i have picked for the backing...

This morning I awakened to this sight:

Autumn has begun--this is always the first tree to turn in our yard...right
off our deck...so lovely....

                         such brilliant colors....warms your heart....

Tonight hubster will be making his beef barley soup--so no cooking for me--
a day off...;)))) 

hugs, on a warm and humid Sunday morning--(doing my rain dance)
hoping for some kind of rain....it is so dry here...severe drought...

Julierose, La Blageuse (iron-euse)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Blues For Greg" is finished--as of this evening.... (the front)

And the reverse (Christmas/Winter ) side...

I did a scrappy binding with many different blues....

Here are the Christmas Santa Doggies--sooo cute!!
And here are the other two fabrics:

this one makes up the bulk of the back


these blue trees fill out the bottom and a bit of the side areas....

I have to tell you that, just pulling this one (over my shoulder) through Helga 
for both the final quilting and the binding...scraped my neck skin raw...

And I have begun to find that I am tearing up and sniffling more and more as I work with ANY fabric--washed or not...
Hopefully, this will calm down as I take a bit of a break from quilting...will hold off on Connor's quilt for a bit....

I will be doing scrapbooking, glue work and watercoloring in a Color Book to relax for the next few weeks.

 And debating about more de-stashing of fabrics...

I have a ready-made postage stamp quilt top with a lot of red in it and bordered in a lovely gold--I think this will become the front of Connor's quilt and I will make just the back...I am a bit concerned about this allergic reaction....

I hope you are cooler where you are--the humidity came in with a vengeance
this afternoon Our dewpoint is in the 70's AGAIN!  UGH!!
 Julierose, La Blageuse (Benito-finito-euse ;)))  )

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Working in my "Glue Book" Journal today...Images cut from magazines mostly, but also from junk mail; a few pieces of fabric, and some scrapbook quotes, stamping....just randomness...and slow
S L O W work....this way, that way, trimming, placing....to make a collage of places in my mind....

Here, my love of buildings..how they reach up into trees and skies...two of these (on the
right hand side ) are from a Bennington Pottery (in Vermont) catalog.........

When we first married, we used to travel up there of a Sunday afternoon; wander through the potters shed and pick up bits and bobs,,,,then,  sit out under the big old trees in their yard
 and have herbal tea,
                                             cool breezes and quietness.........
                           I still love their cups and mugs--all glazed and lovely

                 My desire for cooler weather and lower dew points (lol) is showing up in this page....

I have always found this kind of work/play relaxing....gathering, sorting, choosing, gluing
all playing as in childhood....Perhaps I am in my second childhood....

hugs on this quiet day, our 51st Wedding Anniversary....
Julierose, La Blageuse (paperie-euse)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

K A P O W !!!

                                SHA ZAM 
hide thine eyes; danger, danger.....
Yikes!  Here are my two "see if I like it" blocks for Connor's college bound quilt
                                ..............Man oh man--I could never sleep
                                  under this vibrating thing!!  It moves before my eyes....

Hubby (arbiter of all things "Male" with regard to colors, says it gives him a
headache and blurs his eyes!!) ;000000

Back to the drawing board for Connor's favorite "Red" colored quilt...

I only have really ever used reds along with greens for Christmas stuff; (and of course
in all postage stamp quilts), but not as a main color...I really don't know what (E A S Y !!)
pattern to use to make his now...I am SO happy that I made some test blocks instead
of just factory sewing all those squares together in twosies...PHEW!!
(patting me on the back LOL)

Any suggestions for a teen's mainly red quilt??? I was thinking of two options:
9-patches of gray squares with a red center and alternating with a square red block....
or square within a square blocks featuring red centers   I wouldn't use those 2.5" squares
  for the 2nd option, but cut larger ones...(I do have a 5" square die)  Hmmmmm....nothing seems to hit me.
And here, Greg's quilt went together so well colorwise...I guess red is hard for me....

Tonight will be  homemade chicken soup for supper,
 with a side salad (the ever-present salad!!) and
with 1/2 store bought garlic bread--(I buy the Pepperidge Farm one--it is yummy!!) .

I boiled down the chicken carcass yesterday and will skim all the fat off today before using the
chilled broth.  We are trying to eat lighter these days...especially at dinnertime...
Meanwhile, the WEIGHT stays the same (within in 1-2 lb variation)!! :00000

We plan on a walk around 4 before dinner--hopefully it will have cooled down a bit by
then as it is now 80 degrees with a dewpoint of 72--Hot hot hot....ugh!! Isn't it Fall yet???

hugs to you all
I am off to pin baste Greg's opus...
Julierose La blaguse (dizzy-euse) ;~~~~~~000

Monday, September 5, 2016

BLUES FOR GREG (Backing Edition)

Her is the untrimmed backing for Greg's college bound quilt....

Hermine was not cooperating--getting pretty windy here..{I'm sewing
as fast as I can lol}

Greg loves dogs and I thought this was just the ticket for the top border....

(Woof, woof, Libby and Kota agree ;)))  ) 

All my grandchildren have gotten Christmassy backings on their quilts--the challenge for my older ones is to find those kinds of prints that are not baby-ish.  
(You realize that each quilt then becomes=2 tops??--what was i thinking...or not???) :0000

And here is the bottom border and the sides--very Wintry  :
                                A snowy scene...to curl up under...

And here is what I could get of the center with the winds whipping around....

I L O V E this print...Wintry trees decorated in white....

Blue is Greg's favorite, so both the front and back should be have a bounty of
                                               B L U E S

Hermine thought she'd take a look at this and send it for a whirling ride....

                              And here was our sky last night.....so beautiful....and calm....

hugs to everyone on this LABOR DAY holiday....I hope you are getting some
sewing time in.... 
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)