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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


                      The first row of Connor's quilt is done
I have been adding a few little pops of interest here and there....

a little bit of Halloween fun....and

Some neighborhood

                                  a horse "rearing" away lol--


an apple " a day"

Here's the STEEPLE....where's the people??? ;))))

It is a beautiful day here in Southern CT; looking forward to the predicted
cold front ushering in Autumn...at long last....

Tonight i am making meatloaf, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes for DH
and brussel sprouts for me...I ate potatoes last night, so am foregoing
them tonight--I am trying to eat carefully and have lost 1.5 pounds in a week,
without foregoing any food group--just cutting out sugary foods and salt.
It is not easy...

hug to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)


  1. I'm liking the way this is shaping up -- a bit of "I Spy" for the young adult set! I like the grey/black/tan neutrals against the red.

    "Connor's is red,
    Greg's is blue,
    and both quilts will be a hug from you!"

  2. Such cute little additions to the quilt. Makes it fun.

    Dinner sounds delish! Congrats on your weight loss...a little at a time :)

  3. It's looking good! The red and neutrals are a great combination. I love all the special little fabrics you have added here and there.

  4. I really like this!

    I just noticed you are in Shoreline CT. Many years ago I worked for the Branford Recreation Department.

  5. You always have such fun fabrics! Love those little surprises when you take a closer look!

  6. Beautiful palette (I love red!) and I love the little "pops!"

  7. Love the row! And you lost some, good for you!

  8. Your row looks great! Love the surprises in there! You're doing great with your diet. I'm still doing Paleo. Lost a little more weight than I intended. Not a bad thing!

  9. great blocks , we had fried potato's and corn from the garden by way of the freezer for supper


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