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Thursday, September 8, 2016

K A P O W !!!

                                SHA ZAM 
hide thine eyes; danger, danger.....
Yikes!  Here are my two "see if I like it" blocks for Connor's college bound quilt
                                ..............Man oh man--I could never sleep
                                  under this vibrating thing!!  It moves before my eyes....

Hubby (arbiter of all things "Male" with regard to colors, says it gives him a
headache and blurs his eyes!!) ;000000

Back to the drawing board for Connor's favorite "Red" colored quilt...

I only have really ever used reds along with greens for Christmas stuff; (and of course
in all postage stamp quilts), but not as a main color...I really don't know what (E A S Y !!)
pattern to use to make his now...I am SO happy that I made some test blocks instead
of just factory sewing all those squares together in twosies...PHEW!!
(patting me on the back LOL)

Any suggestions for a teen's mainly red quilt??? I was thinking of two options:
9-patches of gray squares with a red center and alternating with a square red block....
or square within a square blocks featuring red centers   I wouldn't use those 2.5" squares
  for the 2nd option, but cut larger ones...(I do have a 5" square die)  Hmmmmm....nothing seems to hit me.
And here, Greg's quilt went together so well colorwise...I guess red is hard for me....

Tonight will be  homemade chicken soup for supper,
 with a side salad (the ever-present salad!!) and
with 1/2 store bought garlic bread--(I buy the Pepperidge Farm one--it is yummy!!) .

I boiled down the chicken carcass yesterday and will skim all the fat off today before using the
chilled broth.  We are trying to eat lighter these days...especially at dinnertime...
Meanwhile, the WEIGHT stays the same (within in 1-2 lb variation)!! :00000

We plan on a walk around 4 before dinner--hopefully it will have cooled down a bit by
then as it is now 80 degrees with a dewpoint of 72--Hot hot hot....ugh!! Isn't it Fall yet???

hugs to you all
I am off to pin baste Greg's opus...
Julierose La blaguse (dizzy-euse) ;~~~~~~000


  1. I'm thinking SNOW! Here it has been in the 80s with really high humidity all summer and I'm tired of it, too. I like the cooler temps... that's one of the reasons we moved back here. Last time we lived here - in the 70s - we always had a cool summer.
    Maybe you are on the right track with the small pieces, you just need some plain strips for the black & white prints you have there. Maybe a plain (or tone on tone) red, or a variety of red print strips across the whole quilt. Since he likes red he may love more red in the color scheme. (BTW he will close his eyes to sleep under the quilt and it won't keep him awake.)
    Hope this helps.

  2. SO gorgeous! Love it ♥


  3. I agree with Terri on using plainer strips between the squares rather than the black/white, it does certainly have a strange effect on the eyes!!

  4. hot here too. rained like crazy last night. how about trying out different things like using the small squares but putting the red color on one side and gray on the other for a "block" of color in the blocks. or a 16 patch of reds and one of grays and one of blacks etc. tone down the black ones with some solid ones have fun with it

  5. I like those blocks, but agree they are kind of bold. What if you used some of those type blocks between some sold calmer blocks?

  6. Love your idea of the gray and red. I love those colors together! The heat was awful today! I got out of work at 3:30 and my car said it was 100! It cooled off to 93! So much cooler! I heard cooler weather is on the way!! YAY!

  7. on the news it said you'll were really hot, hotter than we are but not by much we were 98 yesterday and 97 today. Fall where are you?


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