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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Working in my "Glue Book" Journal today...Images cut from magazines mostly, but also from junk mail; a few pieces of fabric, and some scrapbook quotes, stamping....just randomness...and slow
S L O W work....this way, that way, trimming, placing....to make a collage of places in my mind....

Here, my love of buildings..how they reach up into trees and skies...two of these (on the
right hand side ) are from a Bennington Pottery (in Vermont) catalog.........

When we first married, we used to travel up there of a Sunday afternoon; wander through the potters shed and pick up bits and bobs,,,,then,  sit out under the big old trees in their yard
 and have herbal tea,
                                             cool breezes and quietness.........
                           I still love their cups and mugs--all glazed and lovely

                 My desire for cooler weather and lower dew points (lol) is showing up in this page....

I have always found this kind of work/play relaxing....gathering, sorting, choosing, gluing
all playing as in childhood....Perhaps I am in my second childhood....

hugs on this quiet day, our 51st Wedding Anniversary....
Julierose, La Blageuse (paperie-euse)


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Love your scrapbook. I have one somewhere... still haven't unpacked everything. Mine is mostly quilts I admire - for the pattern or the color choices.
    I love old buildings for their architecture and history. Old mansions have such grace and elegance.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I love your phrase "a collage of places in mind". How wonderful to sit and look back with these memories - I think we should follow your example with this, I know I would have lots of photos, pieces from magazines etc. to place in a Journal - maybe I should think about this!!
    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary. I love your architectural pictures.

  4. Happy anniversary. Congratulations on 51 years!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You have some great pictures in your collection. Gorgeous!

  6. happy anniversary you two kiddos! many more

  7. Happy anniversary sweetie, may you'll have many more


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