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Monday, September 19, 2016


          OKAY, guys  WAAAAAY too much "in your face" red for me!! 

And onto the next rial run....:00000 (my poor brain hurts!!)

And this time i am using red more as an ACCENT ----

And I think this will be the one--

It is the same (almost) pattern as  Greg's
except instead of using the main color in the squares (which would be
all reds) .....
I will be using red only in the strips..and lessening its impact 
(KAPOW factor)....
and the strips are only 2" as opposed to  2.5" so they will be more offset...
AND .............
for the squares I have used a combo of gray, taupes and 
perhaps a pop of black and off- white ....

I really have trouble with red--WHO KNEW????

So, I will be sewing many squares together in groups of six once again-
and to tell the truth, I don't mind sewing in this fashion...even though a lot of
them are not really 2.5"--and from that swap two years ago...

Hugs, on a rainy (at last) Monday morning--oh...
 and that's the good news--
the bad news is that it is raining so hard that it's flooding our garage

--I must have done too many rain dances--ya think? 

Hello, you can stop raining down the rain now...
hello? Can you hear me???

Evidently not....we are sweeping water and DH is widening a trench for
the waterflow....

Julierose, La Blageuse (finalement-euse--hopefully )


  1. I like your red with the neutrals. It'll be more manly. Sorry about the extra rain. It's always a fine line, isn't it?

  2. Nice blocks. In this layout it looks like you won't have to exactly match seams.

    Good luck with the flooding...YIKES! Sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good.

  3. I used to struggle with red too, but Audrey at quiltyfolk uses it all the time and her quilts converted me. I like your red with the neutrals - seems a good balance.

  4. I liked them all so far LOL. I would make the bright ones for a center medalion, add the ones like Gregs around and then the top one make for a border. but thats just me LOL sorry about your flooding. that stinks. I will tell those rain Gods to stop right now!

  5. I do like your idea of using the strip of red as the accent here, and it's nice that it's a similar style to the one you made for Greg. Hope all your rain has stopped and excess water drained away.

  6. I like the red! I think it looks great. The rain was a little too much yesterday. We haven't had any in ages. But it's still hot and sticky!!

  7. Keeping reds manly can be hard! It seems easier to go into pinks or purples if you were sewing for a girl! Also it can be hard to avoid Christmassy images when using red! Good luck to you :)


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