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Thursday, February 25, 2016


                             Aren't Willa (Anna) and Fiona (Elsa) cute in their
                                                      FROZEN outfits???

I will be back in a few days after I feel better....hugs
Julierose La Blageuse, (bronchitis-euse)

Friday, February 19, 2016


Here is my strippy piece now named


(sorry for the blur--I cannot fit the entire piece in...)

Here is a filler block as I didn't have enough of that lovely lily fabric...which
is a 10.5" horizontal strip breaking up the long strips on the top 
from the lower lengths.......

I am setting out the bottom strips & as you can see
some are too long and some are too short
Using my new golden rule:

"If it's too long--cut it off and
If it's too short--add to it!!"

I will cut off the longer ones and add those pieces to the shorter strips along
with some filler 2.5" squares....



Tomorrow is: "If it's Saturday it's Scrapbooking" for me..

I will be scrapbooking pictures of our visit (belated Valentine's celebration)
to Jeff and Lin's this past Wednesday....

Julierose, La Blageuse (Le Gypsy Wannabe)

Monday, February 15, 2016


Here's the top 1/3rd of my Test quilt for Cassidy; (it may, in fact, 
turn out to be her quilt--we'll see--it's not purple--but then I could put that color on
the back after all)....hmmmmm

I am finally using a jelly roll (yay) from Moda-- Three Sisters--
 called "Etchings" which I have had for eons....and I love dearly

I have never made a jelly roll quilt before and am using the pattern "Cinched"
from Hydee's  blog (which I absolutely L O V E--and for which she wrote a 
fabulous tutorial).................{thanks Hydeeann;--)) }

AND, of course, being "MOI", I am changing it jut a weensey bit. 

 Her finished quilts--oh yes she made two--amazing!!--are 60 x 70 --
which is too big for my needs--

So, friends,  instead of 30  (2.5" ) strips across, I took off 5 strips which should
yield somewhere around 49-50" in width.
And on the length I am aiming for @ 60" .  

I was looking for a "simple to sew" pattern and after seeing all those
 "Gypsy Wives" around the internet (E N V Y) 
and knowing it's way too complicated for me--I chose this as
one that has a similar look....(stay tuned) .

I am also using my big 9-patches as leader-enders as I sew the strips two by two--

Here is a picture of my Valentine's Card for my honey (that is DH of course...
( heh heh !!)
I used watercolor paper (heavy weight) and I can see (as this is the first card
 I have made===and really just a "test") ....that I wouldn't use that 
again--and perhaps a darker black....

But it was fun using these really cute "Lawn Fawn" stamps (my favorite right now).
Talk about getting ink all over though--I need to practice....for sure....
not as easy as it looks or sounds...

AND, (sigh) it is snowing yet again here and still really cold....AND
tomorrow, (the day we were supposed to go to my son's) they've predicted

freezing rain....so we will go another day sometime this week.


This morning I went to JoAnne's and got a Fiskars Round punch on sale and a cute
sticky words book from the Tim Holtz brand...

plus, I ordered a set of the most darling papers from an online site
with (natch!) roses on them and a lot of B&W--which I love....
I will share them with you when they arrive (can't wait!!)....

I finished scrapbooking all our Christmas photos on Saturday and Sunday and spent time watching some great videos of Tori and Shimelle on YouYube--these gals are such
talented scrappers...

Well, I wish you all a
                                   HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY

Hugs Julierose, La Blageuse (Wannabe A "Gypsy-euse" )

Friday, February 12, 2016


Aren't these two Valentine's Day cards just adorable?
they came in the mail today along with Dove dark chocolate hearts.

Made by Willa (2) and Fiona (4) with
plenty of stickers and sparkles, and love.
What fun!!

Willa made her "W" and Fiona wrote her name....I {heart} my two lovely girls!!

That pix of moi and DH in the background  was snapped by a friend at my daughter's wedding years ago...
                                       A Valentine's moment for sure.  ;--)))

On the sewing front:

Comfort Cloth is resting--it needs something more, but I know not what as yet....
SO i began these two blocks yesterday just for fun--(9 patches seem to be calling me this year)

These are going to be made from maroon/dark brown-mauve favorite scraps.  The nice thing is
that the squares are 3.5"  for which I have a GO!BABY die--FINALLY I get to use it--the only
cutting is that crossbar at 3.5 x 9.5".  I saw this block on Sew Preeti blog....
and immediately loved it!

After trying the tiling crosses and not liking working on them....I thought these would be a fun project after finishing Steven's quilt saga....;-000..

Mr. weatherman has forecasted "dangerous" wind chills and frigid temps starting tonight....we went to our local Big Y and did our grocery shopping this morning and have plenty of gas on hand for our generator in case of power outages....

Hope all of you in this cold spell stay warm and safe over the weekend....
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (chanteuse d'amour) ;--)))

Monday, February 8, 2016


I have machine sewed my double fold binding onto Steven's Quilt this morning--it took me
 two hours...

Since these QAYG blocks are pre-quilted onto the batting all the way to the edges--I found out pretty quickly that it was going to be a tussle getting this sewn around evenly....very thick --even though I had trimmed the batting out of all the corners....so, I learned something new.....

I used B&W scraps to sew binding strips (except for):

this bit of gold sparking.....I only had two small pieces of this old favorite of mine--then:

A little bit of Grand-mere's accompaniment on the ivories to go with Steven's saxophone....


                         Miss Libby's and Tiger's paw prints to remind him of home....

Now I just have to hand sew it down and add a label.

{Do any of you have any suggestions how to keep your quilt from catching and dragging on the front left side of your sewing machine table when you are pulling it through?--Aaaargh!!}

I need a good title for this one; it  has me stumped...Music, Math and Engineering.....
Colette suggested "Pi" which I like--perhaps "A Piece of Pi"  I just don't know.....
Any suggestions   would be appreciated....;--)))

hugs to you all from Snowy, Windswept, bitterly cold SE CT
P.S.  Hooking up with Moving It forward this afternoon....
Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, February 5, 2016


Gazing out at our first big snow storm....it is wet and heavy and our cedars are bowing in the wind.....

                                             HEARTS OF SNOW
My new hand piece continuing my Comfort Cloth series...I am letting the first one
(Grief cloth) rest a bit on my wall...it needs something else--but I don't know what as yet..............and so......needing to continue with a comforting hand work.....

Here are the floating hearts I appliqued last night...using the fabrics I  tea/metal
appliqued on a nice white linen....
you can see where the darker stain was touching the metal...
this was from a walnut dye pot from long ago--

a Summer simmering in the shimmering heat....

looking out at our white landscape today,
              it doesn't seem possible that Summer will come again....

But we are tucked up inside under lap quilts sipping tea
--not having to go anywhere--so---
it is a gift of beauty in this grey Winter...

I have prepared a roast chicken for a mid afternoon dinner with mashed potatoes and stuffing and cran sauce....warms the cockles of our hearts just thinking about it
 (what are cockles anyway??) LOL

I managed to trim Steven's quilt yesterday and it is resting on the spare bed until I gather enough black and white fabrics to cut for binding.....

I hope you are all warm and safe and able to enjoy this Winter blessing.....
hugs Julierose, La Blageuse (snowed-in-euse)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Phew!!  It's together at last !  And my back/side/shoulder/hand 
are only a bit sore from hauling this through Helga--(she wasn't too thrilled with the seam intersections--uff-dah!!).

I am going to let her rest along with me, after unpinning the basting pins.....

I think that QAYG seam buttings are so thick that they should be trimmed away completely...who knew????

As you can see here, the intersections are wonky (to say the least)--BUT.....
DONE, FINIS, FAIT ACCOMPLI, ....I truly didn't think that I would be able to smoosh this
baby through....

Now, Le Quilt is set up on my mat on the dining table so that I will be able to trim that extra border flush with the quilt and then make the binding. 

Not today though--perhaps this weekend. And,
speaking of this coming weekend....

We will be going to see Steven play lead alto in his High School Band and in his Trio Concert on Saturday.  What fun!!  

I have two more little sections left on my Comfort Cloth--the hand is pretty sore though, so stitching will have to wait--hello...CAN YOU SAY  Epsom Salts anyone???? Plan on soaking it--(I should go and soak my HEAD!! grrrr).

I will not be machine quilting ANYMORE large bed quilts....big stitch hand quilting or tying....is what I see in my future. So, plan waaay ahead will become my 
new Mantra.

Thank you for all your concerns during my absence.  I couldn't even type--and frankly, was quite a "BEAR"...grrrrrr. Not good company--
just ask my DH....;--0000

Julierose, La Blageuse (finished-euse)YAY!!