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Monday, February 15, 2016


Here's the top 1/3rd of my Test quilt for Cassidy; (it may, in fact, 
turn out to be her quilt--we'll see--it's not purple--but then I could put that color on
the back after all)....hmmmmm

I am finally using a jelly roll (yay) from Moda-- Three Sisters--
 called "Etchings" which I have had for eons....and I love dearly

I have never made a jelly roll quilt before and am using the pattern "Cinched"
from Hydee's  blog (which I absolutely L O V E--and for which she wrote a 
fabulous tutorial).................{thanks Hydeeann;--)) }

AND, of course, being "MOI", I am changing it jut a weensey bit. 

 Her finished quilts--oh yes she made two--amazing!!--are 60 x 70 --
which is too big for my needs--

So, friends,  instead of 30  (2.5" ) strips across, I took off 5 strips which should
yield somewhere around 49-50" in width.
And on the length I am aiming for @ 60" .  

I was looking for a "simple to sew" pattern and after seeing all those
 "Gypsy Wives" around the internet (E N V Y) 
and knowing it's way too complicated for me--I chose this as
one that has a similar look....(stay tuned) .

I am also using my big 9-patches as leader-enders as I sew the strips two by two--

Here is a picture of my Valentine's Card for my honey (that is DH of course...
( heh heh !!)
I used watercolor paper (heavy weight) and I can see (as this is the first card
 I have made===and really just a "test") ....that I wouldn't use that 
again--and perhaps a darker black....

But it was fun using these really cute "Lawn Fawn" stamps (my favorite right now).
Talk about getting ink all over though--I need to practice....for sure....
not as easy as it looks or sounds...

AND, (sigh) it is snowing yet again here and still really cold....AND
tomorrow, (the day we were supposed to go to my son's) they've predicted

freezing rain....so we will go another day sometime this week.


This morning I went to JoAnne's and got a Fiskars Round punch on sale and a cute
sticky words book from the Tim Holtz brand...

plus, I ordered a set of the most darling papers from an online site
with (natch!) roses on them and a lot of B&W--which I love....
I will share them with you when they arrive (can't wait!!)....

I finished scrapbooking all our Christmas photos on Saturday and Sunday and spent time watching some great videos of Tori and Shimelle on YouYube--these gals are such
talented scrappers...

Well, I wish you all a
                                   HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY

Hugs Julierose, La Blageuse (Wannabe A "Gypsy-euse" )


  1. I love the jelly roll strips sewn together. I think I have some of that line of fabric. I'm wondering what you are going to do with the round punch.

  2. Hello JulieRose !
    Ta carte de Saint Valentin est ...too much ! Trop belle !
    Et j'adore les tissus de ton Jelly Roll.... le quilt va etre beau....

  3. what a cute card! nice string piece too


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