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Friday, February 12, 2016


Aren't these two Valentine's Day cards just adorable?
they came in the mail today along with Dove dark chocolate hearts.

Made by Willa (2) and Fiona (4) with
plenty of stickers and sparkles, and love.
What fun!!

Willa made her "W" and Fiona wrote her name....I {heart} my two lovely girls!!

That pix of moi and DH in the background  was snapped by a friend at my daughter's wedding years ago...
                                       A Valentine's moment for sure.  ;--)))

On the sewing front:

Comfort Cloth is resting--it needs something more, but I know not what as yet....
SO i began these two blocks yesterday just for fun--(9 patches seem to be calling me this year)

These are going to be made from maroon/dark brown-mauve favorite scraps.  The nice thing is
that the squares are 3.5"  for which I have a GO!BABY die--FINALLY I get to use it--the only
cutting is that crossbar at 3.5 x 9.5".  I saw this block on Sew Preeti blog....
and immediately loved it!

After trying the tiling crosses and not liking working on them....I thought these would be a fun project after finishing Steven's quilt saga....;-000..

Mr. weatherman has forecasted "dangerous" wind chills and frigid temps starting tonight....we went to our local Big Y and did our grocery shopping this morning and have plenty of gas on hand for our generator in case of power outages....

Hope all of you in this cold spell stay warm and safe over the weekend....
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (chanteuse d'amour) ;--)))


  1. Ugh for the approaching bad weather. With the love & fun sewing projects, you should stay warm & cozy.
    (After our last hurricane, I got a hand-crank sewing machine -- so I can stitch even when the power is gone!)

  2. Grandbaby valentines are the best! Stay warm! We're predicted to have a high of 1 degree tomorrow, yuck!

  3. Lovely fabrics in these new blocks, hope you can sew more whilst you're sheltering indoors, and what lovely Valentine cards from your grandchildren.

  4. What sweet valentines. Stay warm and hope the power stays on.

  5. Winter has arrived...ugh! What sweet gifties from the little girls. Maybe you are almost done with your comfort clothe, it will be something to put aside and take out on more rare occasions.

  6. Cute valentines cards and a lovely photo. Nice blocks, I like the richness of the maroon colour.

  7. Such cute Valentine's! I love your projects! You're so creative! Keep out of that cold. I have to go to work and I'm hoping I don't freeze on the way!

  8. stay warm. supposed to be 20 below here. brrr...did someone move Alaska??? LOL love your Valentines and yes that pic of you and hubs is perfect. loving your crosses.

  9. Happy Valentine's day... such adorable cards you received!

  10. Those sweet Valentine cards will be treasured a long time, I'm sure stay warm!

  11. What sweet valentines and I LOVE your stained glass lamp.
    crazy cold, eh?


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