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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

AND SO....

Since that marking debacle and losing heart about it, I've been in my little 
diamond painting spot...I prepared a new canvas and have begun to calm
myself down doing this...it is very serene work ...(aaaahhh...)

This one uses little square drills...

42 colors...all in the
lovely pinks and 
salmons family

                                     Here are the ROSES! Aren't they

                                     and I have a start...

 placing all those little square drills is very slow work
and takes concentration--takes my mind off of....well.....that other

Here is my dining room; now housing all my living room furniture,
too. See that exhausted hubby there?  At least we had piano
movers take care of my piano....that would have been just
too much...
He really did the bulk of that moving...at 80, he is
still very strong....but neither of us wants to do this again
We feel as if we are just moving in;0000.

And here is my almost emptied living room awaiting the 
carpet installers tomorrow...

We've just left two chairs so we can sit and have our 4 o'clock 
cocktails....we really needed one yesterday....
[you can see the 3rd quilt I ever made--the bargello-style 
on the far wall] 
Tomorrow will be my final eye exam after my laser surgery...

🙆🙈😺 I can see so much better, it is amazing...;)))

That's it for today, 
Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (DP-ing -euse)

Monday, April 29, 2019


                            Here are the latest Spring Strings blocks.....

Today, I sorted what is left  of my string scraps into colors:
                                     (sort of) ;)))

                                       these are the only ones left...

                                     these little corner triangles
                                            what was going to be
                                                   a broken dishes piece]
                                BUT: every time I sewed them together
                                       they wonkified on me....(sigh)

                                       So I am using these for block corners..

When all (or most of )these strings are gone 
                      the piece will be deemed finished......

As I am pretty much randomly picking strings for each block, this
is turning out to be a 
                              "String Vortex"...or (string vomit!!) --piece

I am:
not over-thinking anything...

I am not {obviously}
doing matchey-matchey 
taking too long to pick and choose either.......
And as,
I am in love with any kind of scrappy quilts-
the clashings .......just are what happens...

(I am sure some of you out there are gnashing your teeth! 
and thinking to yourselves: " Wow" does that go with
THAT?????? What is she thinking???)

See, that is the point, I am not thinking...just pulling

I don't want to see A N Y of these
                           S C R A P S 
                              hanging around...
                        **somehow I cannot bear  
                                                  to throw them out...**
Now for a very sad tale of woe....

Remember this piece I finished [from Lori at Humble Quilts] ?

                                Look what happened when I tried a 
                             "so-called" wash out pen to begin marking
                                   for quilting.....aaargh--oooh noooo...

I have washed and washed and put white vinegar on it--BUT 
it keeps on coming back.... (S I G H )

I guess I will just  have to just remove the triangle 
and put a new one on it...😒😢😡😠😟---if i can find the same fabric--
or as Cathy says take all four off and replace them all....
No more marking pens for this gal....
Has this ever happened to any of you??? 

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (scrubbing away-euse);((((

Saturday, April 27, 2019


I have had this Sashiko kit for "yonks"; I don't even recall where I got it...

I do remember reading a book about it by Roberta Horton--she did a lot
of Japanese quilting quite a while ago...

It is a relaxing and easy running stitch on a doubled cloth...
love how it looks..

I am doing this while watching the Red Sox games at night; it is easy to
see 👀  👀 ----so, that makes it perfect for lamplight sewing...
Making it easier to
                Keep my hands OFF of food and busy ( hahaha ).

As I am really trying
                              hard to drop lb-age (!!) 
I am only allowing myself tea at night--
[Tough when the hubster is eating beside me....and not gaining
any weight!!!!! ] How fair is that??????????

The sun is trying hard to come out this morning; will we have a 
decent Saturday?  Oops, in again....no ...out again...etc etc...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (sashaying with Sashiko-euse) ;)))

P.S.  visiting kathy's quilts for Sunday's Slow Slothful ;)))

Thursday, April 25, 2019


          I like--no LOVE--💜💜 this little Jan Patek applique mini....I really
                                        want to make this one.

                Bunny came for a visit--I think he/she wants me to make
                                      that JP quilt--ya think??

           I finally got myself a new purse for my May birthday this year...
                I usually choose my own presents from Thom...easy peasy
            for him and  +++++I get what I really want...;)) win win....
              this is also a backpack.....

                         Here is the new haircut I am pondering...
                            I really like it a lot--looks like blow and
                                              Go--just my style...
AND , but of course....

L O V E my Two Grandgirls' outfits for Easter Sunday

Aren't they just so cute in their matching outfits????

             I have this pattern and want to begin working on it....
thanks to LeeAnna for the linky that I FINALLY got to post to....
hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (loving life-euse)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


              We Hexagonians are busy preparing for Christmas ;)))

Cutting ironing, basting...making a couple snowflakes....

These fabrics are from a jelly roll I had purchased a while ago ...
I had had other plans for it, but it decided to morph into hexagons...

This is such calming and portable handwork....
even after eye laser surgery....
what is amazing,  is that I can SEE to thread my needle once more...

And after 3 more days of drops, I should be good to go...

The sun is actually making a long awaited appearance here this morning....
("Here comes the sun....da da dah daaah...")

I am hoping that hubster will drive me to JoAnne's--our local store closed,
 :>000 sad to say, at the end of last December--
it was only about 15 minutes away; the next closest one is 
about 40 minutes from here; down I95--which we call
"The Killing Fields" because of all the traffic and accidents...

 I need to pick up pillow forms, quilting thread..and to just, well, 
you know, look around....;}}}...
I am thinking of making smaller projects for a while...
take a break from big quilts...

Hugs, from Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing in Hexagonia-euse)

Friday, April 19, 2019


                        My smallest Azalea bush turns out to be the 1st
                               to bloom this year...last year, the deer
                                           herd ate them all ---
                                                  the flowers, new stems  and buds!!!!

                                          I thought, well,
                                       Good-bye pretty bush...

                                        But it has sprung back
                                             into life....
                                         How apropos for 

    And my daffodils--ever faithful...have given us a wonderful showing....
                           Nodding in front of my lichened rock....

                 They are just so pretty and mood enhancing...

                             "SPRING IS HERE, I HEAR..."


                       You all are the flowers in my life....
                                   thank you all...;))))

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (Springing-forward-euse)

Thursday, April 18, 2019


                                                                       TERRI'S BUTTERFLY

I've finished hand quilting this piece and...............
I feel that, for me,
there's way too much quilting going on...
I am not much for the overall "wrinkly" look...
I am much more used to tying my quilts and quilting sparsely....

Well...here is the back anyway....

And here is a view of each oriental-themed string blocks:


with the partial geisha

                              Did you find all the faces?? ;)))

This very last one only has a piece of a geisha's headdress
peeking out....

This was the absolute last little corner of my geisha fabric, but..
I went on etsy-- and on the very last page of my search 
                                  GUESS WHAT?????
I found another yard of it...and snapped that baby right up....

                   That really made my day....;*}}}}

And here is my progress on Spring Strings:

I have 10 and 1/2 big blocks so far......
that is 42 separate quarter blocks 
and YET>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

LOOK at my scraps! 

                                   HOW can this be......?????

I don't think they've been whittled down very much at all...;0000

but, I will say that  the range of available colors has been cut
a lot--

so, each little block is a bit harder to put together
and takes more "thinking" .

More blues have been added and there are
fewer yellows or greens in my pile...

I am not planning, so to speak; 
still pulling semi-randomly; 

and, not thinking of the "Big" 4-part blocks or trying to 
coordinate those...just each smaller quarter....

We'll see how it comes together...
So far the Nine Big (4-part) blocks are sewn together--
[but not to each other as yet--]

I am trying not to shuffle too much--
as that way lies madness....;000 
they are pretty much in the order as I finished them.

I am still doing 2/day ...
amazing how fast they are mounting up..

I don't usually make lists, but when I looked in my
spare closet this morning I saw this array:

Many, many small and medium and-- 3 large projects 
either to be layered, quilted and/or bound 
hanging there:

12 here

                                            Eight more here 
                that makes :TWENTY finishes ahead of me....(ack)

.....SOOOOOO, why am I working on new ones, I ask???
?Quien Sabe? 

One of the mysteries of my life....;))) and
quilting, I guess...

Hugs from rainy CT on a dark afternoon, 
Julierose, La Blageuse (wondering-euse)

Saturday, April 13, 2019


                 Hand Quilting Terri's Butterfly in the evenings--
I decided on "big stitching" those border segments....
love how "handmade"it appears....;)))

          Here is the Prescenzia (sp?) thread color--a real Spring Green...
You can see I am watching the Red Sox on tv..................

 I have this draped over a pillow on my lap so that I can maneuver it easily...

Hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (hand working-euse)and 

I will be hooking up with Kathy's Slow Sunday stitchers

Thursday, April 11, 2019


                                                  the reverse of

All grays and pinks...
                                Cute Spring bicycles...in light pink
                                                  and aquas
                                          Yummy cupcakes...
[note: since I am trying to lose weight, I won't be eating any cupcakes
in the near future, so at least I can dream and pat them lol]

AND an old favorite:
                                       Japanese Ocean Waves...

I am going to iron them today, sew them up tomorrow and then have
to choose more of one of the cupcakes or bicycles for side borders to
make the backing wide enough for Snowballs....
Today was Big Y shopping and a (dumb) decision to walk outside--that
darn ole  wind was really blowing,
 and so FRIGID right off the Sound...
it has taken me an hour to warm up....and a nice cuppa hot tea...

I am really trying to watch my food intake--
and so far I have dropped 1.2 lbs...

so at least I am moving in the right direction for a change!!;000

My first goal is 5 lbs....I am not on any specific diet plan; just more
protein , less fatty and sugary foods and smaller portions .  It will
definitely take a longer time, 
but hopefully it will STAY OFF...

oh---- and some form of exercise each day...oof-dah...

Hugs from chilly CT;000,
Julierose, La blageuse {still backing-euse}


Tuesday, April 9, 2019


                                                      "Terri's Butterfly Garden"
                  Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (hand quilting-euse):))))

Sunday, April 7, 2019


                I worked on the backing for top No 2--Plum Postage,
                          yesterday and this morning.

And, I have decided to call it "UME" (Japanese for plum--for the strip
color throughout ) and also for the Japanese backing I've used....

             I have had this fabric for ages and never 
                                  wanted to cut into it.

So I used my one yard of it; 
and then bordered it with a newer pinky-roses fabric...
to give it a more vintage look...

                        I love this scene by a faraway shore...
                  in flight..........
                                  under the sailing moon.........
                                             Very romantic, I feel....

            Here is a closer look at the borders, top, bottom and sides...

and finally another scenic view :

So the 2nd top is readied to be layered...

And onto my third and last big top:

Tomorrow I will be stash diving once
again to find just the right
backing fabric(s) for
this one...
it measures 46.5" wide and 

These tops are all big ones...;-0000
I must say I am getting used to working with big pieces of fabric 
YA THINK????:)))

On the hand quilting front, since I've finished the hand quilting part of
Stone Soup
I took this out to work on
for Spring...

My little center butterfly gift from 
that I surrounded with garden fabrics...

I am psyched to begin working on this one

Hugs, from SUNNY (YAY) CT,
Julierose, La blageuse (backing-euse)