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Monday, May 31, 2021


On this Memorial Day
We Pause 

Hugs, Julierose,
La Blageuse

Saturday, May 29, 2021


Here is my first all crumb block
"Spring Rains".
(click to enlarge).

This took four days to make...
crumbs are not a fast project
for me, 
a really fun and satisfying
way to sew...

I find it so interesting to rifle through
that giant scrap bag and
begin to pull out fabrics that
"call my name"...



slowly, they all seem to
come together...

A whole lot of cutting, trimming
and sewing:
repeat and 
repeat and 
repeat again..

The lovely Iris fabric
(featured in 3 places) 
was the biggest and last 
piece left...
just a couple
narrow string pieces
are still in the bag....

I have no definite plans for this
little mini piece...
we shall see what happens 
during my next 
Won't it be fun to quilt???
And in a similar-- but different
I made
what I call a 
Capturing those tiny snips and
slivers of fabric all encapsulated
in white on white chunks...

I think I am trying to 👀 
just how small
I can go....

[See that teeny-tiny little sliver
of green on the middle left?
{click it}
am so totally smitten 
with that].

Call me CRAZEE and
you wouldn't be wrong.
I find this so rewarding
and relaxing...

Again, not a fast process; 
that one block
took about 4 hours
to make...and I had
the  tiny pieces 
all saved...

I hope you enjoyed this little peek 
into my Saturday playtime
with my tiniest scraps...

Thank you for following my
sewing journeys...
I love to read and 
answer all of your
comments ...

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse

Friday, May 28, 2021


Look what arrived in the mail today
for me....
Thank you SO MUCH
for thinking of me my birthday month...;)))

Plus these two patterns which
I really love...
What a pretty wreath
that's not all--
it includes this 
All these pretty pre-cut
fabrics for the making!!:)))
and this pattern below
A lovely vintage balloon

Thanks so much Barb
for your thoughtful gifts...

I decided on this for hand 
quilting the background of
"The Cherry Thief"
[click to enlarge all images]
Can you make out that repeating
pattern ?

I am following the very light lines 
printed on the cloth...
I like that it's not too dense
and doesn't overwhelm my applique...

Looks like we are in for quite a
heavy rainstorm...coming to us from
the West...it's in Albany NY right now and
moving slowly toward our State
We most likely won't get it until
later on tonight being right on 
the Eastern Seaboard here...

Take care...
Hugs, Julierose,
La Blageuse
(sending out special hugs to you, BARB)
still hand-quilting-euse


Thursday, May 27, 2021


Hand quilting 
"The Cherry Thief"
out on my deck this morning.

It is a beautiful sunny day here....
Working my way slowly around
"The Thief"

{This type of quilting is so different
from the Big Stitcheries I've
been doing lately..
My stitches are not that even 
or small
but, they are what they are...}

and here it is with one row of
quilting around all the
applique pieces...

Now I am in a quandry as
to what to do next..

Should I do another row of 
hand stitches
around the appliques?

I  thought I would do a background
of straight stitche fill ins
but now
I don't know how 
that would look.
I am thinking of tying from the
back so that only the little
stitches would show on the

Stay Tuned....

I was supposed to go food shopping this
Who wants to do that on such
a lovely morning...
cool breezes...
coffee and homemade
banana bread on the
Here are the hollies 
Tom planted along our 
new privacy fence...
(click to enlarge)
These are
"Nellie Stevens" Hollies
that are deer resistant.

The sad looking bush in the center is
a transplanted rose--which looks
Very Unhappy!!😞
I hope it will come back to life....
Time will tell...

I hope you can get out and 
enjoy part of this
lovely day....

Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


These are SOME
of my scraps that
I have weeded out from
my stash and bins..
[I actually have more]
Today I began

{T I C J }

Pieces (smaller than chunks)
and many strips
will be sewn together 
to begin...
I have so many pretty leftover strips
and "cut offs"...
I plan to  

Tomorrow I will pull some more
baggies of scraps to
add to this main 
B A G 
On a side note, I was looking through
my little accessories container that
came with my sewing machine
and found this strange looking foot...

Guess what?
It is a 1/4" foot
It doesn't have a very long guide
but it works and if I click my
needle over 2 stops
I can get a scant 1/4".

Did I buy this and forget about it?
 Y I K E S !!
Did it come with the machine ?
It is not listed in my booklet
on the Foot listing page...

At any rate, I have tested it
and I will have to sew a bit
more slowly, but
I will definitely be using this..


[file under DUH]

I will also be working on a 
for some family members
{who read my blog},
I cannot as yet
show it here...

It involves a panel 
(36" by 40")
for the front...
I have set up the 
back pieces to be cut
for tomorrow....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Monday, May 24, 2021


Girl With Braids
(click to enlarge)

is coming along
really well....

I really love the colorations
in this one,,,
Here is what I have left...

I am really enjoying this larger
diamond painting canvas...

I work on her when I can't 
hand quilt or rotary cut...

A quiet and

Hugs to you all,
Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

FLASHBACK-- String "Along With Me, I'm On My Way To The Stars"

I just put this 
Sea Stars string quilt
out on my dining table 
for the warmer weather...
this was
Such a fun quilt to make...

[kudos to my DH who 
is the quilt holder
for me!!]

Here are my Early Spring
blocks that I am presently
working on...
Nothing has seemed to be going well
with my quilt projects lately

So, when all else fails...
Go To The Strings...

They are just placed
any which way up
on my design wall...
as I make them...

I began them when I was  trying to follow
Ann's "Fret Not Yourself" [blogspot]
quilt along for string tulips and
string blocks-- 
The Tulips did not want to come out for me...

So, instead--
I am continuing with these 
early spring colored blocks
to use up my low volume

I have 12 more to make and am
totally enjoying this journey
I L O V E 
stringing on
telephone papers

We are having a spate of gorgeous weather
here and despite my allergies 
I am able to sit out a bit...

I hope this finds you enjoying Springtime
Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse

Monday, May 17, 2021

STAR WARS, et al

I have begun work on my new
applique piece...
It took me a WHOLE  day just to
turn the seams on 6 stars...

Boy-oh-boyo !!
Those points are surely challenging!!

[For the past 2 weeks I have been
preparing the templates ahead of time]

Next I will make the circles
"Circular" hahaha

This is from a Jan Patek pattern
"Moon Garden Stars"
I just love how whimsical it is..!!

it certainly has a lot of challenges
for my newbie appliqueing 
All those 
POINTS to be turned...😰😰😰

It is finally a glorious, warm and sunny 
day-- so I am out on our deck
working on this
I have begun hand quilting
my first applique piece:

"Basket of Flowers" 
[another Jan Patek pattern] 

I started out with a 
little, short "quilting needle"
 I could not grasp it well
enough to continue--

So, I am now using a Milliner's
it has quite a different feel 
and I will have to
get myself used to 
stitching with it..

I have made us potato salad
for dinner to go along
with our Chicken Tenders...
a real "Summer-y" feeling

I hope your day is a restful one...

OOPS--spoke too soon..👀😱😲😰
NOTE:  Our Air Handler just died on us..
it made the most horrendous 
So, we are awaiting
a repair person..
hoping it doesn't get really
hot and humid until
this is fixed
[or s i g h...replaced!! $$$]

Maintaining a house 
is never dull, is it???

La blageuse
(on pins and 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

OLDEN ROSES- A special quilt


My Spring covering for our
spare room bed...

This quilt was made by my 
Grand-mere and 
appliqued and embroidered
by my Mom and her sister...

Here are the three embroidered colorways...


I just love the feel of this
well-loved quilt...

Grand-mere did the Baptist Fan quilting
on her chair frame...

Can you see the Baptist Fan quilting???

[you can click on all the pix
for a bigger view]

One of my two treasured old quilts
from my Grand-mere...
I had this on my twin bed
while I was growing up...

The colors have stayed pretty bright...
despite many many washings...

I love taking this out and airing it and 
seeing it as I walk by 
the room...💝💝💝

hugs from sunny climes today
Julierose, La blageuse


Monday, May 10, 2021


The afternoon mail 
brought me these 3 packages 
wrapped so beautifully in that
buffalo plaid paper...

[for my upcoming

{you can click on all the pix
to enlarge for better viewing}

The adorable snail fabric 
zipper pouch (L);

(she knows how zipper 
I am!!);

and this little fold up 
Carryall pocket tote (front)

See the little pockets?
Just so adorable...;))

Dawn, you are so clever 
making these beautiful projects...
Also included was a cute notepad that we
surely all can use...
and here you can see the cute
HST's on the outside of the carryall..

What thoughtful and lovely
thanks you so much

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse
(thankful-euse--even if
I am to be another 
year older hahaha)

Friday, May 7, 2021

BAG O'BITS, et al

I have a lot of these bags
of bits and pieces
taking up space in my closet....
Today I took out the yellows,
I am making these....

On my "bits" of
cut-off telephone
long strips...
leaving the papers on for now...

[I will tear off the papers
when I decide what to
make of them...]

This week I made these colors:

Multi, blues, and reds...

Just 3-4 per day...
at the same time, 
culling out those pieces that
 I will not use.

I am not emptying the 
bags at one sitting, 
but making a dent...

I don't know how I 
ended up with 

I am not calling this a new project...
just a way to do some mindless
sewing and to try to 
"use it up" to free up more
space for my growing stash...

I am calling the rest of my year
"No Buy"
We shall see how that goes...
My track record is not so
good --I think the 
longest I went was
four months a few years
Wish me luck--

Tonight I have prepared
a meatloaf, 
peeled potatoes
and plan on grilled corn...
for our dinner.

Then for our weekend treat--
I made a cherry pie...
I haven't done one of those
in a really long time...
We are having new carpet installed
in our tv room, so I am sitting 
in the midst
of all the 
stuff and furniture we hauled
into the living room...

I say "we"-- but Tom did most of 
the heavy pieces and I only moved
the lighter items out...

Still and all my shoulder
did get a bit sore...
so this will be a resting weekend...

I hope your weekend will prove to 
be a wonderful one...
Stay safe still...

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse