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Sunday, March 31, 2013


                                 la blageuse

Friday, March 29, 2013


Here are the RSC13 March pieces I've made this month all blocked out.  They might look sewn together on the length--but they are not because..... I am now thinking that the center big piece should stand alone with a border (maybe even more scrappy orange bits) and the other two panels could be the backside.  Still planning this out. 
 I walk by it and it just doesn't look right to me....must mean that I have to re-think this one...
this Sunday is the last day of our March Challenge--I was hoping to have this together so it could become my hand quilting project.  

And here is another small arcing, snakey piece that I did also...I want to make something out of this, too....ack--too many things going on in my brain!  

And so my date with orange scraps is coming to a close....
I wonder what the April color will be????  

Sewing on ...Julierose, La Blageuse


Here's the little Easter Basket I made for Fiona, close up:

I didn't do the traditional basket, I used a regular cute reed basket from JoAnne's, really cute sheer paper, and a pink/green wired ribbon.  

AND...behind "Peter Rabbit"--isn't he cute?--is a little wristlet (Calvin Klein no less!) with a zipper and little handle (with a little bunny charm) and chock full of York Peppermint patties, her faves!! 

I had such fun picking out all these items and putting them all together....
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter or Passover Holiday...hugs

Julierose, La blageuse

Sunday, March 24, 2013


AND HEEEERE'S "Hello Dolly"!!  All finished up.  Just a little preview until I gift it to some little sweetie...hmmmmm   (her Mom follows my blog!!).

I will have to wash this a few more times to "de-lint" it some more.  

I will keep the whole back a "secret" for now....but 'Kota is definitely having fun here, too.....(hah)...

Hugs to all---  Julierose, La Blageuse (a FINISH!!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

RAINDANCE, LONG AGO (Orange Edition)

Still using up my orange scraps; made four of these" babies"
using my Southwestern theme: (When I started  Sherri-Lyn's (daintytime.net)
Mod Mood tutorial, I had learned how to free-cut wedges and sew them together.  (Note to self--take out that UFQ and get on with it!!) 

Just randomly cut, no templates.

AND:  here I am starting to put all these various pieces together into a small wallhanging:

I plan to applique those head/foot dresses and the background (hard to see here) will be a light peach color....

Think I want warmer weather to come?????(LOL!)
Ai-yai-yai!  Muy, muy caliente!! Hot, Hot, Hot!!

I kind of enjoy figuring out this quilt top (lotsa measuring and trimming!).

I have "Hello Dolly" in the dryer--all snippety-doo-dahed!  Fingers crossed.  Hope it comes out okay...

Longing for Spring (tra-la)  

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Monday, March 18, 2013


As of July 13th Google Reader goes bye-bye!!  We could lose all of our blog friends' links and they would not be able to find us either!!  

I found that Karen in her blog today explains all the ins and outs very clearly.  

I used the Google "Takeout" feature to download all my info to a Zip File in my Downloads folder this morning (This doesn't delete the info there presently--just copies it for future use) and when another Reader Service (hopefully someone will fill that gap!!) appears, you can then upload all that info to it...This Google "Takeout" Service is only available until:

                               March 25th--!!!!

just a note to all my friends in our blogworld....tick-tock, tick-tock...

Gosh, I hate all this stuff!!  Someone ought to start a petition to Google to continue their Reader service--it seems to me that there are enough of us out there !....

Good luck ladies,  Julierose, La Blageuse 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well...here it is, my first ever appliqued star.  Definitely puffy (not laying flat--aaargh!!--will quilt that out--I hope) and the points...not so much....

You can see my squared off points; and puffy center!  

RIGHT HERE....ack!!

HERE and....
HERE are the two best points...this took me about 45 minutes (*&%$######).  As I said .."warts and all" I am keeping this in the little house quilt because it is my first attempt....a little humility is good for us all...(ROTFLOL)

(Madame Rosa doesn't see too many stars in your future!!  )

And Speaking of REAL STARS:

Last night, DH surprised me with an evening at the Eastern CT Symphony to hear my former flute teacher perform a contemporary Concerto for Flute and Orchestra by Rouse.  A fabulous performance of a very difficult piece--very Gaelic which was fitting for St. Patrick's Day Eve.
We  also heard Barber's "School For Scandal"--a really lush and wonderful work (one of my favorites); and Shostakovich's 5th Symphony.  It was so fantastic to hear a "LIVE" performance.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves....

And so it goes...wishing you a restful Sunday afternoon...Hugs     Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, March 15, 2013


Here are the latest of 3 RSC13 orange blocks..

(Don't you love that "tacky" tack on my Wall???)

  the centers are all those "broken dishes" squares I made.....

I have challenged myself to make blocks I've never tried before!  WOW--stars take a bit of time.... 

I have also finished all the sewing on "Hello Dolly"!  It is ready for the snippity-snipping!  And speaking of "Dollies":

Just look who dropped in yesterday....

...bringing her own "dolly"..my little sweetie, Fiona. (Don't you just love those bell bottoms with that cute top???

Hello, hello...this call is for you...

"Orange" you hungry????  
What fun!! 

Toodles, Julierose, La Blageuse, Orange 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


GRAND'MERE'S HOUSE....(No way near perfect, but mine own.....)
.Julierose, La Blageuse Appliqueuse

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Here's Step One of my new handwork project--I retired the hexies for a respite--and am taking a huge, deep breath and starting a Jan Patek applique kit...
Step two:  still okay (breathe...relax your hands....)why does applique make me sooo anxious????

(Sorry for the wonky shot)--ready to baste all the 1/4" turn unders and then apply to the house this afternoon while watching the Red Sox.   

Here is a picture of the kit:--you can see that my "Y-seam (above pix) at the peak got cut off!  (Sigh--only so much fabric...) (never done one of those before...)sooo, it will definitely be a wonky old house, but mine, warts and all.  

What I like best about this picture is the bird on the flower--so cute and primitive...and so it goes.. yours in wonkiness....Julierose, La Blageuse

Friday, March 8, 2013


Here is my orange  block "one" for the RSC13 I've joined.  See those tiny "broken dishes"...well......I have decided to make a block I have never tried before each month--so this is March's...

Ya see, the Easter Bunny (aka darling DH) got me the Accuquilt die for this block.  So, willy-nilly, I began cutting those little triangles; ok so far; then--I sewed them together on the "long" side: uhhhh: uh-oh--now I have hst's--how did this happen (perhaps if I read the instructions?) but no, I soldier on; so I flipped one over the other with diagonals matching and cut them across the seam --voila!  Teeny tiny broken dish pieces--chips, really--talk about your seam allowances...yikes! I pressed them to death!  Steam & all--I wasn't about to throw them out--only had a few small pieces of these fabrics I love...and all that labor....

Here's the SIZE they should have been--only one cut & a lot fewer seams--it seems!!  Ack...well, I am now sewing correctly, but am keeping those lil babies--even though they are not perfect (to say the least!)

I decided to try to balance the saturated oranges by adding this cool Nile Green color...I have four of these babes!  

It feels Southwestern or ancient to me...hmmmm, am trying to come up with a name:  Raindance, Long Ago?, Sacred Visions?, Lost Worlds?, Ceremony of Thanks.... what do you think????

Snow, snow, and more snow--about 6" so far this morning!  Where are you Spring?  Why are you dragging your sandal-clad-tootsies? Not even a tip of a daffodil to be seen...
I'm doing a Raindance myself and hoping for some warmth and melting...

Julierose, La Blageuse

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RED SKY AT MORNING....(Orange Edition)

and here is our early morning Red Sky = "Sailors take warning.." and the rest of us, too!  We are already having 35 mph wind gusts, some rain--so far no snow!  Good deal....(I may have to go and throw myself off the Saybrook Bridge (after getting my hair done, of course) if we get any more snow....)

I am working on RSC13 (Rainbow Scrap Challenge):  the color for March is Orange.  

Here is my pile (messy!) of oranges:  All that I own really; not a big stash of this:

I need to re-charge my camera battery (duh!) so, cannot show you the cute mini-broken dishes blocks I slaved  (Holding hand to brow & big sigh) over this morning...
I really don't know how I will put them together as yet, but I think that the pale peach will be the background, as they are VERY COLOR SATURATED! (Holy Samoley they be smokin' orange!!)
 The plain colored piece on the left is one of my old ( ..er than the hills- haha) hand dyes that I did in the 80's.  I haven't really known what to do with it (just opening, stroking, ironing, re-folding...sigh) so, now I will USE it!!  

I may get to Hello Dolly later, but maybe a day off...cannot decide....
Windy days make me crazed!!  

"Orange" you glad you dropped in...  groan  ??? Julierose, La Blageuse 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


TA-DAH! Blues-ey is finished...tied, bound, and keeping me warm while tv watching at night!  I never ever thought I'd get this finished--really!!  The most pieces ever in any quilt I've made.  Thank you to Bonnie for her Blue Ridge Mountain Pattern which I scaled down to lap quilt size. All of her books are fan-tab-u-lous!    

Here is the back--using up all but a very small piece of this old favorite fabric and a Nancy Crow fabric for binding (click on pix ).

I am doing my happy dance this afternoon--my first (and hopefully not last) finish of 2013.

AND:  I am moving forward with Hello Dolly and have finished Row 6:

and here is another block using that "...That Old Black Fabric that you weave so well...."  a song or every occasion in our house.... ;---))) 

I have also started the RSC13 challenge (better late than never, huh?) from Angela at Superscrappy blog--but I canNOT get her button pasted onto my sidebar---aaargh--it just won't do it.  A little techie-snit here....will keep on tryin'...

More S N O W predicted here for Wed THROUGH Fri...

Well, snow days is sew days (hahaha) I say..

And--now,off to my herbal tea to soothe my very sore mouth after yesterday's ouchy-Crown Challenge at my dentist + a cavity!!  I looked like and felt like a blubber lip..my whole lower jaw was full of Novacaine;.no talkin' for me yesterday...but it's over--yay!  All but the followup..which will be easy..as my dentist said ("Julie, no shots, no drills, just pop it on there!) I have a terrific dentist; I just get soooo anxious.....

See you all soon and a big thank you to Dunkin, the cat , for picking me as a winner of sewyouquilt2's giveaway.  I am purring....Julierose, La Blageuse 

Friday, March 1, 2013


Three rows sewn together on "Hello Dolly" (out of ten):  I have set myself a goal of one row a day...now that I have stacked the fronts, backs and batting squares, labeled them and put them in order. 

 It gets a little confusing on the back as in Row 4 there are alternating blocks (angels/snowflakes).  Will have to keep (what's left of my..)wits about me so as not to mess it up!!  

Here is a view of my cutting table with all those blocks ready to sandwich (hmm, I forgot to eat lunch...) and put in rows.

A pile of sandwiches ready to go....(HAM SALAD SOUNDS GOOD....lol)

We had tons of rainy weather this week and here's what's left of the snow looking out my sewing room window:

We are so looking forward to sitting out on our back deck this year.  Doesn't February seem like the LONGEST month--it's only 28 days, but they seem to stretch on  forever.....
Not a whole lot left (yay!!) -- I am hoping for an early Spring.  I need to see those daff-y-down dillies poking up through the earth...some color to relieve all this grey grayness!

I wish you all a super quilty weekend...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse