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Friday, March 15, 2013


Here are the latest of 3 RSC13 orange blocks..

(Don't you love that "tacky" tack on my Wall???)

  the centers are all those "broken dishes" squares I made.....

I have challenged myself to make blocks I've never tried before!  WOW--stars take a bit of time.... 

I have also finished all the sewing on "Hello Dolly"!  It is ready for the snippity-snipping!  And speaking of "Dollies":

Just look who dropped in yesterday....

...bringing her own "dolly"..my little sweetie, Fiona. (Don't you just love those bell bottoms with that cute top???

Hello, hello...this call is for you...

"Orange" you hungry????  
What fun!! 

Toodles, Julierose, La Blageuse, Orange 


  1. Love your blocks! Fiona is so big! When did that happen?!

  2. Hello Julie,
    wonderful orange blocks. I love them all and I think your know, I love stars too. Fiona is such a cute little girl.
    Have a nice weekend and take care

  3. Such a fun idea to try new blocks. Great looking stars. What a sweet little visitor you had.

  4. Love your star blocks. They do take a bit of time but they are well worth the effort. Cute little one too!

  5. I love broken dishes blocks and never thought of using them for a star center. Funny....I think stars are one of the quickest blocks to make!

  6. Orange, purple and turquoise stars - wonderful!

  7. Nice stars, looks like you've brought all the colours of the RSC so far this year into them. Cute little dolly who visits you.

  8. I love star blocks and yours turned out great. Such an adorable little visitor!

  9. Who can get any sewing done with cutie pies like her to distact?!?! LOL

  10. Love your yummy stars. Sweet baby girl looks like she is having a good time at grandmother's house :D


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