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Friday, March 29, 2013


Here are the RSC13 March pieces I've made this month all blocked out.  They might look sewn together on the length--but they are not because..... I am now thinking that the center big piece should stand alone with a border (maybe even more scrappy orange bits) and the other two panels could be the backside.  Still planning this out. 
 I walk by it and it just doesn't look right to me....must mean that I have to re-think this one...
this Sunday is the last day of our March Challenge--I was hoping to have this together so it could become my hand quilting project.  

And here is another small arcing, snakey piece that I did also...I want to make something out of this, too....ack--too many things going on in my brain!  

And so my date with orange scraps is coming to a close....
I wonder what the April color will be????  

Sewing on ...Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I love those fan blocks - they're so pretty!

  2. I love all the curves you have going on in those arcs. Very pretty. I know how the brain goes on overload with all the ideas. I hope you can get them to a point for hand quilting soon. A beautiful project to smile down on as you work.

  3. I think the next colour will be green if the colour of Soscrappy's blog is any give away ;)
    I look forward with interest at how your design with your orange blocks developes. It looks very challenging. Pretty colours! :)

  4. You've certainly had an interesting (and challenging?) time with Orange Julierose. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with these! Happy Holidays to you as well :-)

  5. Pretty orange fabrics. Looking forward to seeing how you use them later.
    I think we will be playing with green scraps in April : )

  6. The central section is quite Aztec looking, love it, and the snakey crappy is really interesting, is it foundation stitched?

  7. Too many good ideas sounds like a nice problem to have. Great collection of orange.


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