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Friday, March 1, 2013


Three rows sewn together on "Hello Dolly" (out of ten):  I have set myself a goal of one row a day...now that I have stacked the fronts, backs and batting squares, labeled them and put them in order. 

 It gets a little confusing on the back as in Row 4 there are alternating blocks (angels/snowflakes).  Will have to keep (what's left of my..)wits about me so as not to mess it up!!  

Here is a view of my cutting table with all those blocks ready to sandwich (hmm, I forgot to eat lunch...) and put in rows.

A pile of sandwiches ready to go....(HAM SALAD SOUNDS GOOD....lol)

We had tons of rainy weather this week and here's what's left of the snow looking out my sewing room window:

We are so looking forward to sitting out on our back deck this year.  Doesn't February seem like the LONGEST month--it's only 28 days, but they seem to stretch on  forever.....
Not a whole lot left (yay!!) -- I am hoping for an early Spring.  I need to see those daff-y-down dillies poking up through the earth...some color to relieve all this grey grayness!

I wish you all a super quilty weekend...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I'm so looking forward to spring too! I've had it with all this snow! You are so organized! I can't wait to see the finished quilt! I try and set daily goals also. I'm sure it will be done in no time!

  2. Hello Julierose,
    it's wonderful to see the results of your daily goals. It'll be a beautiful quilt.
    Today we've spring, the sun is shinning and I'm gardening.
    Have a nice weekend and take care

  3. Hi, Julierose. Cute quilt. Nothing like a daily goal to be able to finish. Brrrr for the snow!
    best, nadia

  4. Our snow is coming Wednesday. I think March feels like the longest month!
    I think having a plan always gets things done!

  5. Looks like some good sandwiches in the making..... Very cute fabrics. Green grass means spring flowers are not too far behind.

    1. Hi Deb A--yep! another row today; I'm afraid that green grass of Spring will be snow covered as of tomorrow--waaah--another coastal storm brewing for us. Thanks for your kind comment hugs, Julierose


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